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One Piece - Romance Dawn Story (2008)

One Piece - Romance Dawn Story (2008)

This is One Piece as it should be! Pure, well-animated, fun; straight-forward. Intense when it needs to be, but never too much. It's got it all right. I also liked the older, softer style of drawing better.

The story? The Strawhat's run out of food (after a certain someone ate through the pantry!), and Luffy (the culprit) is sent out on the Mini-Merry to fetch more. He arrives at a small town by the sea, and runs into a girl named Silk just as the Crescent-Moon Galley attack the town. He's only there for the food, but Silk mistakes him for one of the attackers, as do the village people, but no matter: everything is cleared up eventually when he has a run-in with the Galley gang he ends up punching them far off the island, and saving the town that Silk lives in and loves so much. It's a not a spoiler since there's really no other way it could end, but there's a bit more backstory than that, for those of you planning to watch. ;)

It's a feelgood story, and watching this I'm reminded of how I felt when I started watching One Piece, and how far from its roots it's reached over the years. Although things are bound to get more serious as they battle fiercer and fiercer opponents, and gain all the more attention from the law, I miss the light-hearted adventures of old, and the romantic part of it all. That's really all Luffy is: one big romantic with the guts to live out those dreams, and maybe even the stubbornness required to fulfill them.

This took me back, to the good old days of old and gold: the real treasure, One Piece. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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