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One Punch Man Season 2 IS HERE!!!

The first episode of the second season is finally out! :D I just watched it and... I can't say I don't like it. I can't really say if it compares to the last season or not. The one from three years ago. The one and only. The original. The one that raised the hype for this one so incredibly high.

I'm hoping the new studio delivers.

Quality-wise it feels similar, but script-wise I'm not so certain... it seems less streamlined somehow. Not that the first one ever was, but so far it feels more like Space Dandy than OPM - if you know what I'm saying?

This first episode also has more of a harem anime element to it than the entire last season combined, which might not necessarily be a bad thing, but it might take away from the essentials...

Then again the essentials are bound to have changed regardless.

The last season didn't end in a finite way, so I'm happy they chose to continue the saga, and expand upon those mysterious characters from the first that were never truly revealed. I just hope they keep it classy. Hope it doesn't turn into an Ikkitousen or similar, where to make up for the main character not being a voluptuous, visually appealing female, they surround him with plenty of specimens of the sort.

That'd be for good or bad of course. Voluptuous, visually appealing females mmm...

Either way I just hope they keep it classy. I'm still hopeful. The first episode doesn't have me convinced this is going to all go as well as last time, but it doesn't have me disappointed either.

I'm skeptically looking forward to keeping up with this.

Time to pick up my first new show in... however long it was exactly since the last season. Might be a few years at least. Finna be interesting/fun/if nothing else a great waste of time. But I'm thinking it'll probably be two of those three. I'm not hard to please. A meal and cheese. At lease.



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