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One Shot (2021)

One Shot (2021)

They really got me with this one.

Tension from the start. Action when it counts. Feelings from the heart.

It may be about terrorism, it may feel like propaganda, but certain moments still really hit you in the feels. Scott Adkins is great, the girl is great, well everybody is great, and they got one hell of a villain too.
Almost looks like John Travolta did in From Paris With Love.

Just a few things irk me here.

One of them how the bad guy had to explain why his man could kill the woman even if he couldn't (we're not dumb are we?).

Two that it just gets a bit too monotone occasionally, when they're moving in and out of corridors and shooting bad guys like there's an endless supply of them, and some of the searches just seem to drag on too long.

Plus there sure is a lot of first-person shaky cam footage, and it doesn't feel like they always capture the angles or the action the best way they could. At the same time though the style definitely amplifies certain scenes.

Feels a little Hardcore Henry inspired sometimes. Or The Raid-like.

I listened to an older Adkins interview where he talked fondly about Tony Jaa's one-take staircase scene in The Protector, so it makes sense if he wanted to try things a similar way. The action scenes here are definitely consistent, and good, but not always choreographed flawlessly.

If they are one take though that would make them all the more impressive.

And that's all.

The rest is emotional, intense, savage and indiscriminate action, where each hero gets the death they deserve, and not always the most expected one. And it ends just perfectly.

I didn't expect it to, but when you don't know what to believe anymore... well then you know it's a GOOD MOVIE. Really good.

Almost perfect.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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