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Open Windows (2014)

Open Windows (2014)

Though I appreciate the fresh approach to the classic stalker thriller genre - using surveillance cameras and ping pong cameras, and showing most of the movie through computers within the movie itself - it also feels like this gets in the way of the visual experience. Visuals enforce the mood, they build up an atmosphere, the techniques behind each motion are what build up fear: and though Eliah Wood is great at showing emotion (soon as he opens his eyes!) I feel the movie could've been much more emotional if they didn't constantly use this newfound approach to film it. There are a lot of facial close-ups, and a lot of focus on cameras and footage rather than actual action.

Though then again, if they didn't do this maybe this movie wouldn't have been much more than one in the masses, and the technique is also at times a major part in the plot. The plot... it's clever in it's simplicity: A jilted fan is pulled into a a world of cat-and-mouse danger after accepting an invitation to spy on his favorite actress via computer. I wouldn't say jilted, he seems sincere enough, but then again he's never the actual fan himself, so who knows, maybe the real Nick Chambers is pretty jilted. Prepare for plot twists!

The movie features three main characters: Eliah Wood as the fan, Sasha Grey as the actress and an unknown entity as the unknown villain. But it's not really that simple. I like the fact that Sasha's appearing in real movies all of a sudden, and as an ironic bonus she plays herself as someone else, dealing with her controversial past where she doesn't really have one. Interesting way to introduce her; here's hoping for a promising future! One that deems, that maybe they can make a hit with her without sensual scenes. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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  1. S3C
    Monday Mar/6/2017

    well i must say I prefer Sasha Grey's work pre 2010 the most

  2. Cyber
    Monday Mar/6/2017

    Mmm she sure was different back then! Wonder how she'd tackle sex scenes if she ever gets a blockbuster offer where they're a requirement. Or maybe she has already...

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