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The time has come for a long-planned trip to the less Northernly, more Easterly - even if it's not yet Easter, somewhat warmer, cobblestone-clad, castellar, somewhat-coastal, cozy, small but seventh largest city in Sweden: Örebro! To spend a day of spontaneous endeavors and sight-seeing in and around the city center, just a bit less than two hours away from Stockholm! To nowhere in particular, just to get a day away, as me and a buddy decided months ago... before it was made clear the surrounding stretch of days might just be the busiest seven day stretch in like... ever.

All the more reason to take a day off and relax though, right? With some aimless plights, bites, sights and strolls. Four hours by train to drain the brain and one long day away, I'm off: early morn after today.


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