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Organ Trail (2023)

Organ Trail (2023)

Witty title for a roundabout trip on the trail with the same name, but for what you could assume was just a typo. But it's not a typo.

It's brutal this one. Cold and lonesome - a story of a family on the hunt for greener pastures, who stumbles upon a woman nailed to a board, and take her in... and then all goes haywire.

The blood looks real, the snow looks cold, the times feel harsh as I've been told they were, and the good people who eventually gather together are one unlikely family, as only they could be on this brave new sea of freedom... but freedom comes with certain tolls, too.

I was starting to lose hope in newer Westerns until this came along, and it's definitely not your traditional Western. Not of the gunslingers you'd expect, but more so of family, and foes, and a land where all fend for themselves... or the friends they hold closest.

Maybe I make it seem like more than it was, but it really was appreciably different, and brutal, for the times.

The title may mislead though. It's no horror movie - it's action/drama/thriller, with one wild flame, one reminder that bullets can do damage regardless of how you shoot them, and one that you can make a friggin' good movie with not much at all.

This is about as real as it gets. Of the people who prevail, on the toughest of the toughest, the Oregon Trail.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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