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Outro (0:37)

Goddammit, my ears hurt from these goddamn earphones
My throat is goddamn sore from all this vocal torture
My butt is goddamn sore from this crappy wooden chair
My eyes are friggin' holes from staring at this screen for a friggin' DAY
My fingers are cold and numb and my feet are cold and my neck is sore
And I'm tired! Goddammit, yeah, it's really been a great recording session.
I couldn't move an inch from this room even if I wanted to, cause I never wanted to.

Project Jenkees was a whole lot of fun doin', cheers, greetings, whatever.
And a great future to the master-synther RJ. Now I'll sleep for like twelve hours until
The next day. It was Super Fun, so let’s go. Flow slow and let rhymes grow. YEAH!


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