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#365 March 21

I missed one poem! On March 21. That's why the count is wrong. But that's alright, right? I'm not sure what happened that one day. Maybe I forgot about it entirely. Maybe I lost the poem. Whatever it was, it was a long time ago now. As for the count: this is the original count. I probably didn't realize I'd missed a day until the very end of 2009.

It was a blast though. So many poems. So much creativity. One full year of writing every... single... day! Just like 2014. Though I didn't write any of this in advance. Taking into consideration also the amount of time I spent on each particular poem - and how I sometimes posted more than one for each day (and still have leftovers unposted that just weren´t good enough... or suitable), this was a much more ambitious project. I guess that's why it took a few years before I had the energy to do it again.

All the poems below were originally posted on a separate platform that I've since then taken down, but as of today they've all been migrated to this one. It was a lot of work; a lot of typos! :) I also had a habit of putting words together, even when they weren't supposed to be put together. Words like nightsky or goldenbolder (I just made those up, but that´s the type of words I sometimes combined). I haven't changed most of those, since they´re kinda part of the poems by now. They make things different. Typos in titles may also remain since it's no longer certain what´s a typo and what´s a word I made up. After all, titles are wor(l)ds of their own.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip! Time for the next big project.

#364(3) Two Thousand Ten

A new year starts, the old year parts
An era, fresh. A digit, less

The old sun sets, a new one flies
Through the gunsmoke, up to skies

Blue and ready, the year now new
So am I, and so are you

We yearn to be, as numbers shift
An equal part, slow and swift

Up to date, a higher grade
Future here, fate is made

Secrets sealed, within our shade
As we live, the game is played

Our views new, as the sky
The clouds that drift, pass us by

The sun that rises, that sets again
In the year, of two thousand ten

#364(2) Mitters

I like cartoons
I like scars and dunes
I like explosives
I like cars and prunes

I like carts too
And versatile arts too
I like to play darts too
I like to be smart too

For I know that Rhinos have two horns so lie low
Smile for a while though when you stay idle
Beside your life a liable idol
Contain, be sane, remain

#364 Brave New World

It's a new world out there
So be brave, for it's a new world our there
A brave new world without
News is the world

#363 Truthfact

Truth is
There is no truth
Fact is
Truth is no fact

Truth is
Fact of truth
In truth
Fact not that

#362(2) Flitter

I stepped up the stairs
Compelled by desire
To step up these stairs
And therein rise higher

I strive to survive
I thrive when I reach
The violent desire
To rise off my feet

Fly to the skies
Abide with the blue
Blend and in sense
Repel all my views

Perspectives all new
Adjectives can't tell
The subject that flew
In entry, farewell

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