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#319 Future Come

Is our future bright and dusty
Must it rust and bust our trust it
Seems so fragile I could crush it
With a single blow

Is our future still in route here
Will it come with boots of root beer
Let us drink and quell our tears
And say farewell to the past of horror

Is our future still a time to
Climb to new heights and to find truth
That we found before but then ignored
In the time passed when we lived for

The future of tomorrow
That would take us from all sorrow
Let us live on wings of hope
Let us fly down over open slopes


#318 Since Since

I don't believe in misery
I don't blame you for trying
To live wishfully, undying

Hopes and dreams


A notion to portray

As an artist those were days
Long gone from this earths face
The surface of a race, worthless

Betrayed by itself


This ocean still does say

That we sink if we don't float
That with sound there is a note
That it quotes us when we fight

Our emotion opens and closes
Like the vases our wifes throw
And the hives of bees that swarm

Sworn to a life, and then reborn


Into life by itself, keeps us warm

Like a blanket when days are cold
Some of malice, some of gold
Some shine brighter than written envy

Some of sunshine some of rain
Some of love and some of pain
Some return and some refrain

From letting us set sail


Prevail, into the eons of another

#317 Snim

If it doesn't go right
It might go wrong
I won't take a step
Somewhere I don't belong

If it doesn't go quite
As I like I might
Abort the mission
And distort on sight

The face of danger
The range of strangers
Deranged teenager
On a mission now

To comprehend my pager
It beeps and major
Disturbance brings
Amongst so many things

#316 By Myself

My cause is one you will never
Understand, comprehend, disband
My cause is one you will never
See as yours, be at ease, have at hand

So stand up and don't you never
Seize to be, who you are, be a man
Cause I am and will be so forever
A king, uncompromised, and I stand

By Myself

#315 Mindblow

I wrote a poem
I wrote today
A poem to blow
Your mind away


I wouldn't want
Your mind to be blown
So I think I'll keep
This poem my own


#314 The Sign

I see a sign
And I say woah
Because the sign
Is on my toe

Held by a stranger
He smiles with gold
Teeth in a row
I feel the danger

I see the sign
It says "Stop"
But if I do
Will I get shot?

Though it hurts
It hurts a lot
I keep on fighting
Keep going strong

Striving to
Reach my own kind
Striving to
Cleanse worlds of sin

Striving to
Help humankind
Trying to
Drive pain out of mind

But the sign
It has a point
And my toe
Has a joint

And I am jointly
Both in my mind
And soul

So the guy
Stays in control
Symbolic as
The holy grail

But once the sign
Does drift away
I know my hopes
Will then set sail


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