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#313 Ibft

Dive down in
Through the surface thin
To the depths below
All you think you know

They are thoughts you will
Claim to always fill
Your existent sin
It's a life + thing

That will disappear
Some week some new year
Some month it will be
It will be so clear

So clear to you
What is two and true
What you know you win
Life has just begun

It doesn't mean much in
Another century

#312 Sprinklad

I was sinking
Into the world
And endless parole
I did not care
I could not find
My sense or trust
I could not

So thus we went
Astray as stars
And grouped apart
Into our shambles
Ashes stirred
We strayed from earth
Into the space
The star spangled

We flew like doves
We loved the flight
With all our hearts
And all our might
we flew away
Right out of sight
And we were lost
In an endless blaze
And that was
The end
Of our

#311 Sft 1

If the sun is endless
We are even more weak
Than we were before

#310 Reach

The truth is overwhelming
It brings me out of line
The thoughts don't seem to help me
And I can't quite define

How horrifying life is
When life is at its prime
And something snaps like a pun
This ancient soul of mine

Won't move another step
Till there are no bullets left
Won't try to feel regret
Even when the friction is killing

I'd rather die on my next step
Than know with certainty that I've done wrong
In this world were the certain flee
I don't quite belong

But I'll still exert myself to be
Someone who lives justly and free
In the mountains where clouds do form
And people stray from the common norm

Where kindness exists and peace is now
And war is a when and where and how
In the temple I will cleanse my mind and soul
And live there fully, a life, a whole.

#309 Thinkdeeps

It was as I thought
I thought at it was
And that was all
It was all because

I thought

#308(2) Thus I Seek

I seek a shelter
I seek refuge
But you won't let me

I seek a savior
To take me to
The waiting world
A mentor

I seek a someone
To in confide
I seek a soul
On which to rely

And give me guidance
When times are tough
I do less, and seek
Too much

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