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#358 We Create, Demise

Hold me now
The rain is sniveling
I hear them cry
The heavens yearning

We learn our place
We stay - creation
Burned and faceless
Rename our nation

Call this earth?
Uncalled for, wail
Defy our law
Deny our name!

Humans lost
The war So great
I think I'll call
This outcome fate

#357(2) Alternative Route

Christmas! Today!
Presents! Yay!
Everything! All!
I walk in! Wall!
Ow - chie.


Christmas is here
No need for despair
No need to shed tears
For Christmas is great

The same time each year
Love only, no hate
Christmas is great
A Great time to crate

Presents and gifts
The world which we lift
Up up and up
And up, and away

Christmas is here
It's Christmas, today!
Christmas is here
So let us partake!

In the cake, and
This party

#357 Christmas

Morning rises, so slowly, so slowly
The light does settle, a snowfall gathers
We wear our coats and tread out lightly
Upon the blanket, so easy to tear
We hear the silence, we see the light
We wake this morning, after night
When dawn is rising, a tender fright
Like goosebumps, shivers, down our spine
All in due time, all percussion clears
The start begins, the end is near
The lonewolf wanders without a clue
Of the warmth inside our home

He sits in shadows, amidst them, alone
Prepares for battle, his minions, outgrown
We steer our cattle, into their crate
Gain great fat and pile our plates
The pig it smiles, a spark in eye
As if the life that passed it by
Was not at all a tragedy
This death was just a phase
Not everything is lost
Life regains it's pace
Spirits blossom

The evening fades the sun does set
We tread upon the frail ground yet
The snow is white the ground is brown
The brown is hidden beneath white mounds

Is our life perfect? Is it divine?
I send a smile with each sunshine
A small grin sprouts with each rainfall
Each snow, each spring, each wake up call

Sprout, a blossom, spring - in view
Shout and linger and grin at you

Streams of tears pour out the skull
Of the dead, the dying, dull
As withered flowers in a vase
In this asylum filled with craze

Scream, yell, stories to tell
Tell and be told, grow wise and hold
Silence, speak, in words small and bleak
Yet they hold a fortune inside
A spectrum no heaven could reap or defy
The truth - our humanity
It burns, ablaze

The snowflakes coat, the frost like icing
The ice it floats, on darkness rising
Our castle, haven, fort, in the storm
We gather, and speak, distort, deform
The world, the view, perspective, true
The face, the lie, objective, die

Santa falls and breaks his neck
Down the chimney, down, down

A tunnel crawling creeping leaping
Never ending, steeper, thinner
The fire purges, cleanses, consumes
The ashes gather, the smoke resumes
Seeps through the devils nostrils
Warming our world, our shelter

#356(2) Untitled 53

Fortune is
All we call for
Hope is
Still at hand

#356 Remberse

I remember one day
I remember one hour
I remember one minute
I remember it well

The first one I counted
A minute, an hour, a day
I'll remember... but after that?

I don't notice the seconds!
They just fly buy
The minutes they are fuzzy!
As clouds in the sky

The hours pass quickly!
I have done my time
Yet the day will always be
A good friend of mine

#355 Timeson

The day it will come
The day will arrive
When we will no longer
Strive to survive

When we can with ease
Do as we please
Live for a decade
Centuries lease

The day it will come
It is coming soon
The day when the sun
Will fall and a moon

Created by man
Raised to the sky
It will shine so divine
It will lie in our time

We are blessed we are trapped
We are wrapped in a mat
We cannot move our arms
Or send out an alarm

We are caught in the tide
And on this tide we ride
We cannot step aside
We cannot change it's route

And we know not about
All the anguish and doubt
That we bring us upon
And in the coming dawn

The fires will burn
And our ashes will fall
On the world and we'll learn
That the future's not all

That the life that we live
Now is truth and a fact
And the past that we granted
We will not get back

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