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#354 Story Betold

Let go of the past
Let go of your dream
Let me show you wrath
Let me hear you scream

Listen to the future
Hear it sorl away
Hear the children laughing
Hear the cello play

Strings so low they endure
No matter and no thirst
They know all that came for
The lore of universe

#353 The World As We Know It

The world as we know it
Will always be here
The world as we know it
Drenched it despair

Pestered by warfare
Obscured by our share
Of violence and fear
Each year after year

The world as we know it
Will always be damned
We cloud our fair skies
And damn our own land

Pierced by our spears
This haven of spheres
Is clear as our tears
An ending appears

The world as we know it
Will always exist
But we will not know it
We will not be missed

#352 Starbrokes

Everything starts with a beat
It all begins with a sound
Everything starts to defeat
The purpose when it spins around

Everything starts with a chance
Everything starts with new hope
But if you no longer have money
Than it all ends when you're broke

#351 A Day Before

I remember one day, so long ago
When the light shone in sky, on the ground sparkled snow
And all was alright, everything fine
That was a day, before our time

#350 Panel

I'd like to know, If I let go
Will you still be able to reach me

Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow
At times this life is peachy

But at times sad, at times oppressive
Over emotion I am obsessive

It sweeps over me, and I breath in deep
So deep my senses fall asleep

It dulls me, dims me, makes me cry
It casts me out and blinds my eye

It washes, cleanses, contorts my soul
Deformed I am, yet human, whole

#349 Wif

You are not my wife
You won't dare to psyche me
You don't deserve to be

Get out of my life
You won't dare to bite me
You don't deserve the right
You don't dare to smite me

I reserve my sight
If you might hear my lightning
You don't dare to fight
You don't deserve to like me

I reserve my life
You are not my spouse
Hear my good advice
And get out of my house

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