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#348 Death And Life

Let me tell you about this dog I knew
Who barked when I came into his view
He was deaf as hell, so I had to yell
His name to calm him down

Now his name was Death so people thought
I was insane until I bought
A voice distorter to call him by name
But since that day things weren't the same

For he didn't know the new voice was me
One day he attacked me suddenly
He bit my arm right out of the blue
And on it he proceeded to chew

Thankfully his teeth were old and dull
And they pierced the cloth as I pierced his skull
Not at all, for I was too kind
And though the dog was both deaf and blind

I let him on my arm chew some more
The years they passed just like before
But thanks to the exercise on my arm
His teeth grew sharper to my alarm

But it was not really worth the fright
For as his teeth sharpened he regained sight
And hearing, and smell, and now he can tell
Who I am without me having to yell

Still my arm has become a tradition in life
To chew every day so that Death feels alright
I will not let him shred my arm thus the task
Is to have my arm wrapped always in cast

And he who was old now runs and basks
In sunshine, laughs, and crunches cats
A week ago we had a big buffé
Been twenty years since he was old and gray

I seem to age much faster than him
And he chews with frenzy at my casted limb
I wonder if I will outlive my death
But I live now each day without regret

With death in life, and life in death
I'll live gladly the years I have left
For death was life and it is my call
To live with him or not at all

#347 G Old

Do you know

Do you know

Who do you know

That you told

All that's cold

Shines in soul

#346 Pimples

The truth it was ugly
Like the old lady living on the first floor
With a face full of pimples
And a cat, and a dirt floor
And dirt on the cat
And dirt on her pimples
And cat hair on the dirt
And pimples in her face

The lie it was charming
Like the young girl on the second floor
With a face without pimples
And no cat, on no dirt floor
And no dirt on the cat
And no dirt on her pimples
And no pimples or dirt
Or cat hair on the dirt
Or wrinkles or cat

The lie I remembered
The truth I forgot
I hated the lady
I loved her a lot
The girl every second
The floor above first
With no cat or dirt
Or pimples that hurt
I took her to heart
Though in rooms too dark

I see the lady with pimples
And a cat, and a dirt floor
And cat hair on pimples
And pimples by dirt
And I scream and I thrash
And I scare the girl away
As I see her flee the window
I laugh and it's okay
Like the cat on the dirt floor
By the lady with the pimples

#345 Dragonfoam

Over and under
Through and above
It smells like my thunder
The sound that you love

Lift me through the passage
A needle in hay
I'm swindled by masses
They die and decay

I live in the ocean
The fish they don't see
My net when I lay it
Around them and scream

They move with the moonlight
They know when I tell
Them to reach the sky
They swim when I yell

I confronted my anger
My rage, and I thought
My anger and rage
And I thought, and I thought

The plague had long ended
It was dead and done
Then caught by regret
I started to run

Till time ends I stray by
Like rocks in the sand
The grains they all quiver
As we walk with hands

Tied behind our backs
A fair trade of pain
Remember to tell me
That I am insane

The rain falls down swiftly
It rains! It rains!
What else can I tell them?
Why do I complain?

When I can't change gardens
Or plant plants in pots
I like this world dearly
I like it, a lot

#344 Time And A Star

I sprained my knee long time ago
What time it was then I don't know
And frankly I don't think I care
All I know is what and where

And that is all I need to know
Cause time goes fast, and time goes slow
Time is made, of what we say
Time is weak, time is day

Night is timeless, so sleep tight
The stars they always shine so bright
Yet you don't see them, when it is light
The stars that shine, through time, so bright

#343 Carousel

I rest beneath the lantern
All scattered stars in sky
Wave to me on planet earth
As we pass them by

We must look a bit humorous
To them, those who don't die
As we spin around around
The sun inside our sky

A carousel where some fall off
Then fall back down again
We sent small specks of dust to spot
New lifeforms just like men

If they are green or left unseen
We do not comprehend
For we just spin around around
And spin until the end

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