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#26(2) Commence

If only the daylight
Would come before dawn
Then I wouldn't need to
Restlessly yawn

And say to myself
"get up, get up fast!"
Because I feel so damn tired
Today will, be a blast

#26 Rise By Routine

Today I rise
And then I fall
And Understand
Not much at all

The world is large
And I so small
I can't keep up
Thus I fall

I fall down
Down to regret
Down in myself
Doubt too in depth

I rise again
The day before
This plain routine
That I live for

#25(3) When Nothing Ever Seems Worth Doing

What do I do
When I don't feel like writing
When I have four books
To write
What do I do
When I don't feel like fighting
Even though I've never fought once
In my entire life!

What do I do
When I don't feel like biting
Even though my teeth are withering
And falling out my mouth
What do I do
When I see the strike of lightning
Should I go east? Should I go west?
Or just keep on going south

What do I do
With these thoughts that keep on coming
Rising as faint whispers
Proceeding to blare with rage
What do I do
With these words that keep on delighting
Filling paragraphs and phrases
Turning page after page

I haven't had a nightmare
In oh so many years
I haven't had a fight fair
In lifetimes to dispense

All of this it makes no sense
But yet again, maybe it might
If you just read the words I write

All of this it's all past tense
But then again, maybe not
If you just read the rows I phrased
In another time, in another place

But time is ours
We created days
We created weeks
We created pace

We created the seas
We created rage
We are gods to be
We are friends with age

We are hopes of nothing
We are bluffs if tall
We rise when death comes
Or do we fall?

We have facts we write down
But we can't see truth
We grow old and wonder
Over our past youth

We see trees in bloom
And we cut them down
The earth is rich and green
So we make it brown

We make it run away
From us and finds its way
Far away from us
And let the world decay

What do I do
When I don't feel like seeing
All of which comes with, just
Being a human being
What do I do
When I can't keep from breathing
Even though I think I might be taking
Somebody else's air

What do I do
When I fall down in the realms of despair
Or the depths of depression, and make my confessions
And regret it in another year
What do I do
When I can't seem to find the facts
When I can't look at the blue sky and sit back
And think about myself, and ponder about the days

When nothing ever seems worth doing.

#25(2) Haiker

Let me travel far
Far away from this planet
Where we all just die

Guide me to a
Star up there in the dark
With hope and maybe

A future in grasp
With lemon trees in purple
And a sky of green

To me this world seems
Broken out of hidden dreams
Strange and obscene

But to all of you
This earth is all you have and
All that you will see

I just can not say
I just can not phrase my
Day away from me

#25 Sickening Chickening

When my tie gets up
I feel tied down
Downed by my limits
Strapped to the ground

With my suit nice and fluffy
I feel chucked down
Chicken claws a bit stuffy
I'll be around buff and round

When my eyes light up
I feel a bit strange
My head is big and swollen
My future out of range

But it's not until I cluck
That I feel fully deranged
When all the hope just goes
And jumps from the plane

Without a parachute

#24 Regulat Genecy

If only words
Were sharp as swords
Then I could clear a way

Away from these hordes
Of evil warlords
And all decadent decay

The world is warm
Like a war this storm
Rages on all day

And I can't escape
I just drag my cape
Keep on walking astray

Letting the stars
Guide me

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