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#23(2) Tinimum

When we walk to the center
The center of the earth
The center of the whole

When we walk and we enter
Connect to the hearth
With body mind soul

When we talk to the vendor
The vendor of death
The vendor of goals

He draws chalklines to bend doors
Warp timespace for
Us to embrace cores

#23 Humanly

I resent to be
Who I am
The one who doesn't

The one who can't
Without soiling his
Own name

I depend on me
To stand
On this godforsaken

Where the pens are wheat
And we eat only meat
And the clear blue sky
Is banned

I would like to lend
You a hand
But I don't have one
To spare

I would like to pretend
I understand
But frankly I just don't

You can look at me
All you like!
You can whisper, and point -
And stare

But nothing of me
Will change
Because I have nothing
To fear

#22 Sleeping This Morning

When I wake up
Every day I
Take a minute to
Slow down

Then I wake up
Every day and
Lie a second on
Soft ground

Again I wake up
Turn a little to
Brush the sleep
Off from me

And I wake up
Yet again
Feeling re freshed
And free

And I woke up
As supposed to
At seven o
And zero zero

But then I lay there
A fallen hero
Until half
And until whole

So I wake up
With the sun!
Shining softly
Across my nun

And I wonder
What it is doing
Up so early
Up so early

#21 Cycle Of Strife

Things start
And all starts end
End where they start
Then start over again

At ends they depart
At starts they resend
Transcend from the stars
Abide by our bends

Day starts
Then night comes when
They end and they start
Then start over again

At ends torn apart
At starts they repent
Forms of endless art
Gifts from god sent

And for everyday that passes by
I'm one of the masses my
Rules the same as that other guy
Up in the sky them bluebirds fly

And for every year that passes by
I'm one of the facts of life
I stay silence strive and smile
Sing sometimes, lullabies

Sing for the moment, sing to reach in
To grasp ahold of that string so thin
The one that keeps me going, growing
Trying to prove that I'm more than you

I shout into the silence trying to defy
The clouds above my head that suppress my sky
I scream into the empty void uncontent with all my voice
It doesn't reach - it's inconsistent - though I know that they do listen

If they are up there staring down at me
Watching the cycle of those in need
Up there staring down at me flee
Watching what I watch, they see all I see

Still on a still day the cycle is in motion
All the time reminding, that we age every day
Still adrift this sinking ship, middle of the ocean
All the time remaining, throwing life away

#20 Check, Mate

King to K7
Rook to D9
Left tower to grim heaven
Bishop and Runner combined

Dame the pretty lady
Moves to square D
A counter by brave spadeshield
Two squares down in B

The queen hits hard where it hurts
And the tower starts eating dirt
King moves quick, foes get to work
Crawling out with swords drawn

They keep crawling till early dawn
Sprawling over the tiled mardue
Until the king steps away from his pawn
And now it's just them two

Lords of an unworthy land
Sentenced to a life not moving

#19 Red Earth

I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of this same old flow
Tired of the days that go
All the routines that I chose

All the foes I chose to swallow
Still my tummy feels so hollow
I need more friends so I can change
I need more sunshine by this range

The grass don't grow
The flowers don't bloom
The seeds don't sprout
Despite eternal gloom

The grass lies low
The flowers cranked head
The seeds hide below
The earth pale and red

I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of my growling ego
Tired of the upcoming efficiency
That at times takes a hold of me

And sometimes lets me go
And leaves me lost. Where? I don't know
It makes me think and it makes me smile
Or it leaves me confused, if just for a while

The grass ain't green
The flowers ain't fine
The moon don't glow
The sun don't shine

The grass lies down
The flowers softly sway
And the year goes round
In this plantation of decay

I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of this same old stutter
Tired of times never slow
To myself I dully mutter

I saw the skull in my window one night
I screamed inside and jumped back with fright
But in the morning the skull was still there
It looked at me with a calm blank stare

So now I can't even be afraid
When the spiders crawl on my marmalade
Now I don't even care to shout
When I see the demons that I let out

So now I can't even control
The depths of me, the helms of soul
And I still can't seem to grow
Opium blossoms in this thirsty soil

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