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#12(3) Raining Winter

Would you rather step up, or on my toes?
You have many friends, you pretend many foes.
Would you rather let up, or get close?
You have many spent, no offense to your rose.

Would you rather get up, or be Moses?
Live let and defend, rearrise life again.
I would rather be ended, than be those.
Those choices you pry, pry open like the sky.

Raining Winter.

#12(2) Mygrain

Don't tread on me
My sprouts so bleak
My arms are frail
My mass is weak

Don't step on me
The lines I keep
But we get down
We get pushed down

Don't sleep on me
I can't sleep at all
I rise with the sun
But with rain I fall

So easily
My leaflets complain
This season is full
Of reason and pain

#12 Seven Running

Seven days, my mind runs away
It leads me astray, to the depths of appraise
Seven weeks, my minds justice keeps
Track of all kosher, I'll cough like a soldier


Seven days, my mind runs in tune
The salutes and tributes and the rising full moon
Seven weeks, my sense of justice reeks
Lacks all eatable cheap, leaks like a chastise


Seven days, my mind roams in rivers
Sent collective substitutes sit and deliver lanterns
Seven weeks, ricochets bounce high at noon
The enemy tracks us down, in the shadows, just like a


Do I really have the resolution it takes to survive?
Do I have the hesitation it takes to stay alive?
Do I confide to the alienation it takes to defy?
Laws of gravity, laws of violence, and the riot


#11 Justif I

I laugh now
Since the world is born
I laugh now
Since I know to soar

Up in the sky
With the eagles
Riding the rivers
Air it flows

It flows over
It flows under
Shines like lightning
Strikes like thunder

I laugh now
Since the wisdom roars
I laugh now
Since I know what for

I live life
I strive to
Find a reason
To eat you

It flows on
It flows off
The smoke rises
From rivertops

Glorious birds
Of the night

#10(3) Invision

The world is cold if you're gray and old
The world is warm if you take it by storm
Just be bold and grab yourself ahold
Then scream aloud as if you were newborn

The world is chilly if you're lost alone
The world is cool if you have a home
So just be foolish and reach for your goal
Even if it may snap your fingers, or swallow you whole

#10(2) Rising Rift

Let the rift lift you up
Up over the mountain top
Up over the cliffs that drop
Up over the drifts that rock

Let the rift lift you up
High over the mountain edge
High over the fallen henge
High over the rising stones

Let the rift life you up
Into the sun in the sky
Into the clouds that pass by
Sit by the birds that there fly

All, and Alone

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