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#10 Bye My Disciple

So trained in the arts
Today he departs
On a new firm he starts
Forgets about me

I trained his bare heart
I paved his boulevard
I gave him his part
In this fine filmery

For fame and for wealth
He set out by himself
He left my dusty shelf
And forgot about me

Forgot everything else
Except the knowledge I pried
Upon his young soul
All I crammed there inside

I felt like a father
He was as my child
But it seems like my son
Has forgotten all of me

#9 Smallery

I quote a written
Quote I wrote
Two boxes of kittens
And loafs or notes

#8(4) Darkness

The night was dark
The day was bright
I think I saw
Think I saw light

It came from a circle
High up in the sky
But this circle vanished
As this day passed by

It threw upon us darkness
Behind us it crept
And it grew as the circle
Over the sky swept

And when it slowly vanished
Behind the worn out hills
The darkness that was banished
Crept out! And swallowed us all!

And there it is still, standing, demanding
Draining us of all hope.

#8(3) See The World

They try to fly and they all die
A million times
They tried and fried in chairs up high
A billion times

They try so hard yet lie in lard
A trillion times
They rise and slice their foes like ice
A zillion times

Yet they will never get nowhere
Get there when they all just stare
Stare ahead and let life pass
Waiting by the hourglass

Walk right past with hate to eye
Hate in their eyes they walk with pride
They don't slow down or step aside
They walk right on until they collide

With the eventual wall standing there tall
Blocking the free air making them fall
Yet they all stumble back up on their feet
And they don't ever, admit they've been beat

So they attack the wall again with all that they've got
Bash their fists so bloody and they all suffer a lot
And in the end them and their friends end up in the same spot
Where flames rise high and lives pass by and the weather is so hot

Some of the people miss the wall with just inches to spare
And they keep walking through their life with limits everywhere
But right in front of them it seems the road is always clear
Around the world they walk with words no human dares to bare

#8(2) There is Hope

I don't let the limits
Reach me
I don't let the powers
Bring me down

I always try to think
Life is peachy
Even when I'm nailed
To the ground

I don't let the borders
Set me
I don't let their big feet
Push me down

I always like to think
They can't reach me
Even when I'm nailed
To the ground

#8 The Flash

The flash was bright
It flashed all night
With all it's power
With all it's might

It shone so fierce
It shone so fine
It shone all day
It shone all time

Then when next day
Came into light
The glow had vanished
Seized to fight

The alien vessel
And its bright lamp
Had sunk down into
The swamp so damp

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