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#7 Lit

I light a candle
Every morning
Maybe because it glows
Maybe because it's warming?

It rests beside
My computer pride
And there it shines
It sheds its light.

As I type, and as I see,
I see the candle, shining at me.
I like the shine, I see it gleam,
I seem to mind my shining stream,

More than the screen, more than my work,
At time flames flutter, goes berserk.
I hear it beam and I see light stream
The fire screams, only in my dreams.

Only in my vivid, imagined, notions.
I see the fires, the flaming, oceans.
That rise upon the new dawn of man!
I wonder - when - I will understand.
The World

#6 Meeds Of Evil

You don't know me and you don't feel my pain
I know you've never tried to decipher my brain
But if you ever did all your tries would be in vain
Because I'm metaphorically and unclinically insane

You can't catch my vibes with a three foot pole
I hang them out to dry and they swallow skies whole
They follow drunken breezes wherever they may go
Roll on waves - form by storm - in darkness they glow

I speak in tongues so twisted there is no whole cause
In my world there are no limits - diminished are all laws
Sing in tones that you can't hear - my voice it won't reach your ear
I try to breath loudly - be focused - see clear

But something always breaks when all else fails
It might be time to rise and then set sail
If we are to flee the winds of evil
Weaving through the world

Sleeping in the meadows
Waiting for darkness
To be born

#5 WW3

All these friends we make
It is this wretched fate
Keeps us all awake too late
Due to the plans that flake

Down in our open sky
In the middle of the night
Just to slice snowflakes
With their sizable rakes

I don't care much about
The weaponry we spit out
I don't care much for
The soldiers knocking on my door

Spend my day on the floor
With the bullets floating over
Stay strong and get along
With the third worlds soldiers

my Friend

#4 Futile Futures

You appear like an image
Vivid vision of days
Still is yet unfinished
The wind blows it away

And all hope diminished
Glistens in shades of gray
Listening to the whispers
The voices and they say

"There is a time not suitable"
"There is a place so cold"
"And do not be deluded"
"The world is growing old"

"Slowly earth is withering"
"Is this what I've been told?"
"A prison full of little things"
"Things that slowly load"

We're up to our necks in chatter
We're up to our waists in water
We're up to our heads in matter
Of death, dedication and slaughter

I can no longer hear the laughter
That echo over fields of green
The world that we knew has been shattered
The world that we know is unseen

The future is uncalled for
It falls behind dark walls, the borders
The rest it rests in gods grim might
Away from our human humane sight

The past is a clear rearview
The present is as clear as air too
But the future is like a bank of mist
Still, it feels like I exist

#3 Mount Wisdom

The wiseman climbed to the top of the hill
He stood there long and he stood there still
He stood with his feet planted flat on the earth
It rained, it snowed yet he stood by his turf

The wiseman climbed to the top of the hill
Where the wiseman had climbed and where he stood still
And they both stood there with their feet on the ground
They stood there in silence, they stood without sound

Up this wise hill all the wisemen ventured
All out to gain more wisdom by this adventure
And they all stood there at the top of the hill
They stood and they stared and they stand there still

They don't need shelter and the don't need food
Once they climbed the mountain they all understood
So the wiseman stay there with their wisdom and will
They stand and they stare and they stand there still

#2 Rivers Run Rivers Free

Time is as endless as a river
But in rivers there are dams
Dams they block the river
And send shivers down a mans


I love the freedom rivers see
That they symbolize for you and me
Still people chose to act as such
And dam these rivers all too much

Damn them!

They stop the rivers endless flow
The make the world so gray and cold
I call them ogres, demons trolls
The people who freedom provokes

And I

I sit and stare up at the open sky
At the small birds that up there fly
And I think about how it would be
If they condammed the air too!

For you and me

I wouldn't like it
No not one bit!
So I've been thinking
This is it!


Please go out and blow them dams away
And let the rivers flow like they're supposed to
Maybe then the world will be a bit less cold and gray
And we could live the lives as we all chose to


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