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Hello, how are you doing
My name is Bob Axell
A new infamous rapper
Right now I'm eating an apple

I got my box on and I'm locked on
I'll be here for an hour or so
I'm empowered by dough it inspires my flow
I don't perspire cause it's cold

Right now it is winter
So I'm sitting indoors
I got a stationary here
So really, I stay in all year

And I got sites to run, lotta fun
Got a lotta studies that blow like a gun
And I thought about running a marathon
But I won't make it with the food I be on

I like eating
I like eating or sleeping
I'm a pescetarian
Not quite vegetarian or vegan

But I don't eat meat cause I like a cow
If you say holy cow I say wow
If you say holy smoke I blow rings
Cause I'm a big talent at a whole row of dope things

Got many many lines I'm revving up to bring
Game is crammed with so many many kings
Like Eminem I think, Yelawolf I know
All making dough on their flow that is dope doing shows

I won't be one of those
I think I'll stay online for some time
And drop a rhyme with a wacky beat
Let the ideas come and tackle me

Put it up for a download or hardback CD
But I won't be out on Maxi or EP
Cause I'm an artist of the new age you slaves
Can't stop me I'm not trapped I'm free

And right here I add a beat
So you speed-addicts don't fall back in sleep
What a shame that would be my new whack LP
And you zapping Zs

Give me some laughter please
I'm here to entertain you
I'm here to bring out that crazy
Out of that sane you

What's left to explain to you
That I did school that I paid my does
Did freelance design now I mind
My rhymes cause that's what I was made to do

They framed me too, in a nice big frame
Hope someday I'll have a nice big name
That people will know when they hear it said
So, on with the show for you, go to bed

I'm a...


I'm so high on dopamine I'm seeing green
But it don't matter if the sky don't cast a light
I'm so high on the world I'm like a satellite
I'm drifting through the clouds like it's my afterlife

And I bought a flashlight, to brighten dark times
I gotta glass jar, to capture star shine
I gotta laugh hard, to get through hard times
Cause happiness is so hard to master, right?

I Grow Everyday I Wake Up

Yo I woke up late today coasting through the tunnels where my fate rests fatal gray
I don't want to stay in the dark so I embark to a brighter adjacent cave
I don't know what I chase, maybe it's all just a phase before my grave
But why so serious, why so grave? I'm feeling a bit bitter but that's just my way

I am a bitter fool but I'm no crazy tool and I'm not lazy, no way I'll lose I'm not like you
I may not meet my deadlines but it's not cause I don't have the will
I'm chasing demons I got demons to kill

Every morning I wake up and I'm forming illusions
Casting my shadow in a storming confusion
Clouds run hither, ready to battle but I slither
Like the snake I am away like a ghastly critter

I'd rather spend my days holed in in my cage
Holding my own faith holy like a cold... snake


I was born once, torn once, scorned once reformed once
Recording rhymes till I've got sore lungs
For fun, for kicks, and for jumps
What for? I don't know if I'll get more runs

Just Sitting

I got things to do
So why am I holed up in my room
Just waiting for some thing to boom
I sit down and I think I'll move

It's thinkable it's so stupid
On the block I'm always the new kid
It won't stop till I go out and do it
Like Nike says, I'll watch my step

There aint nothing to it
I got new shoes I got to move
I got no excuse to be tubed now
I probably should get out of my room now

They say You Tube, and that's right I
Am outside now, under night sky
It took one day, and now light's off
But I'm better now than when I was

( Just sitting
Think a little thing and I drink a little gin
Just sitting
Waiting for the war just staring at a wall
Just sitting
Music in my mind and I wonder is it time
To spit it
Sitting on my chair maybe wait another year )

I got a future
And that's me so what about you sir?
Do you need a teacher or a tutor
To get you away from computers

It's a fool's verse
Maybe it's more like a fool's curse
We're YOLOing like the truth hurts
We're trolling more than the soup squad, new WADS

And I'm playing a little bit of Doom now
When I got things to do I zoom out
I delay every thing on my do list
As a last resort I use music


Don't really wanna make amends
I've been living with a fake sense
Fake in friends
I make no sense

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