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I'm Stronger Than This

I once lived a good life but it turned on me
And I'm no longer in bliss
Clench my fists cause I still exist
But at times I just wish that

Simple things should be simple
But they turn complex when I'm confronted I'm weak!
I stand up and I walk every day
But I can barely carry the pain I'm going cra-zy

It's tearing into my brain I'm not lazy
I want to make a life but life makes ME
Tired of sacrifice tired of acting nice
Tired of being tired, what I'm trailed for every day

I'm stronger than this

I used to wake up happy but now I can barely sleep
Once I sleep I sleep deep and I barely eat
And when I wake up I don't feel like I
Should really feel cause

I'm not free
I'm caged and what cages me... is - ME!

2015¤358 (Perceive In Dreams)

I don't want to be, the only one
Who sees my dreams, in the light, that I perceive my dreams... in.


Everyday is nothing but another time to wake up
And get out and rhyme and make up
Some new lines that wind to shake up the world
Wake up the world, do you Quake much?
I only Doom and I Wrack occasionally
Rack up points in the cracks

I've been playing Chaser, firing my laser
They got tons of weapons, lots o action

2015¤356 (Just A Bite)

Changing my outsight
I'm going outside to get a bite of ripe life!
Bitesize of white light, bite of bright light, bite the right size

Machine Time

How many times have I said I don't need to go to bed
I don't need to get no rest just so I can clear my head
Cause it's permanently clean yeah I work like a machine
I don't need to eat or sleep, and I don't need to dream
I go up at quarter five, always feel like I'm alive
Go to bed eleven thirty, when I golf I pitch a birdy
No time my wit aint working and when I close the curtains
The verse ends, that's all, I don't need no rehearsing
I'm bursting with ideas, and they are all right here
Up into my skull yeah it's a mess it's a nightmare
But I bite fear in the ass shove it off me and I'm clear
Walking on air and I'm on air and I'm aware of all that I'll...

2015¤354 (Blow Me)

So blow me home, oh sail in my wind
Blow me home, blow me, blow me, blow me home
Is it a crime
Is it a crime
Is it a crime
Is it a crime

It's a yell for help
But if you mean well yeah you've gotta help yourself
You can't trust in nobody else
Society tells you gotta aim for for the depth of wealth
And take care of your health, nobody'll do it for you
Take care of yourself so one day there may be more you's
To share of your wealth, and to take care of your health
That's life, and if you get a divorced than it's hell
I haven't had one, but I've had my head spun
I've had a white and a blue and a red tongue
And I've been glued to the bed when the doubt in my head
Boiled up and gave my migraines to cloud what I felt
I always dealt with the hardships but it took time
And I'm like "time's always taking a chunk of mine!"
So I write a line to show it's alright this time
Tell the world that life's a fight but it's fine I'm fighting mine
There aint no subliminal message in this text
Tomorrow may be gold or there may be only shit next
You won't always get what you expect like rich sex
Life will vex you perplex you it's a bitch and leave you stressed and messed

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