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I should have written this ages back but time it passed
Now I'm sitting here waiting for something that won't come
Do I feel dumb? Do I feel betrayed do I feel outplayed?
Of them none, I feel saved from the effort so

F all you fools you don't stall who take the first train
And vanish in a curtain of mist
Least all you fools don't fall again but can you climb up
I question my love for the world

Patrolling the outskirts of nowhere central
Think I got my ID on the lose I'm confused
Maybe they can identify me by dental
Meh, what's the use...


Are you scared?
You're just a little Chinese crook
Can't see clear?
Theres a mirror over there, look

Aint prepared?
Well guess what - I don't book

Cyberdevil Go

Everywhere I go I see Cyberdevil yo!
Snapping the stats, capping the hit-hats
Breaking the bats, cleaning up crip crap
Whats up with that, whats up with this mad
Madness. And when is the chat, radness

Arriving. But I'm still going, surviving,
Striving for all number ones!
Yeah. I'm still alive and jiving.
Getting my work done tons!

Everyday in many ways
Slaying foes in games I play
I'ma stop this without delay!

Nice Rhyme

It wouldn't get any worse with it, would it?
It's better with than without it.

2015¤349 (The Drop)

I'm in the mood for this stuff right now no need for snuff right now
My life was down but then I turned the upside round
Now it's topside bound
And I'm topping the top like I'm about to drop right down


I'm enraged, can't stop procrastinating
Oh man I hate this, I am what fate is
If I say that then I just have no place in
The world of today because choices make men

No mistaking the new world order
The free order, live hard and die... of boredom
I want to die with my sword drawn not as a small pawn
Mowing the grass on your lawn
Nothing wrong with mowing the grass I'm just sayin'
That's not the trash I'm playing

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