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Damn, Life!

Da... x4 Damn! Damn life
I'm a live this life, get the best impression
You're never gonna stop me man cause it's my one obsession
Stress are fish nets but you can't correct a jest lest
You're late to your lesson son, better keep on stressing
Life's a guessing game, better keep on guessing
Someone I don't move to this groove, move to next one?
Fuck shit with a BFG I'm on a wrong BMP
EMP blast and leave this ash resting peacefully


Hah, may I be a getting a bit daft in the picture
Sat in the water, I saw a ripple
I'm snapping tracks till my wrists hurt
But they snap right back in this verse
I've been on one

Why am I feeling like shit in the winter... why 2x
Dry... dry your eyes


Man I tried, I really tried to be a flow setter
But I can't do double time I can do better
When I rhyme it's like I'm on trial so I better let ya know
That I flow with power, damn right majestical

Hellova prowess I have when I shower these cowards
In good words like they're the biblical hours
It's ours this world, it's not turd of the week
It's not a turd


Rodents may be daft but I'm hoping I'm more of a cat
Ready to attack to be granted a pass
To the hall of the masters yet all of my last verse was a haul of disaster..
But I'll crawl from this fad and emerge in a grand world Where all is unanswered!

Nothing But A Dream

I'm flying up to the North
I'm a live like a dwarf
Burden on my back
In my hand there's a sword

I'll stick to the script
I don't need no divorce
I got power
I got force

Or, at least I'll get it when I reach the source
The deep forests of

Yeah, tomorrow I'm leaving
One assignment left
But I'm meaning

To get to it
Already started I stepped to it
Then I went to YouTube
And watched fight scenes then some music

To fire me up
I can't fire me up enough
Maybe a rhyme
Will let me rush

Into the text just dive in write wild
Write fine lines too Harvard style of reference
You call it research
It's pestillence

I want to give my views but
They want the facts right
But there are no facts
In this crap life

You say you see the truth
What if you lacked light
Then it would be no use
Cause there's nothing to be seen

Who says we aren't living nothing but a dream


I clicked the... random beat button! I'm loving this beat, who doesn't?
I want to make something leet like all I've made so far's something disgusting, a lunch you... don't want to summon I've...

Crunched and munched these breadcrumbs till they turned old!
Till my teeth fell off when they turned to burned stone
Bernstein you can't slow my roll

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