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World spins! But that don't change a thing
I'm living like I'm aging, thinking too far away again
Wish I was Asian, they seem so fucking perfect
A victim of relation, everyone on the Earth kid

EA - Challenge Everything

I wanna sing! You better bring all you wanna bring!
Bringing it won't change a thing, I'm in range of king!
The top player in the game is in! Cause I'm a gamer!
Been playing every day since ten!

Since I was ten I mean, sitting up nights to bluff sight
Living on the edge till I was stuck by a rough tide
Realized that I needed glasses it went too fast
I was stuck in the track like molasses and that's it

I had em for three years, four or five
I mourned my sight all the time they devoured my eyes
I was tormented day and night by migraines
But I was unchanged I played on my games

Then one day when I woke up with my head all shattered
I stayed in bed felt battered and realized what mattered
I wrote a long post about how I had to change
The next day I woke up feeling great... and I played some games

Another Step

I'm just annoyed
I'm out of my void
I try to avoid
All kind of trouble

You think you can play
Me like a toy
All I got is destroyed
I rise through the rubble

Quit or double now
Bet you don't want to bet
Bet you don't feel upset
Bet you don't feel regret
Just another step, another step


We knew too much now our coup blew up
We're all soup you youths can't even kill a rude flush

( We all live a lie get by and try to hide
Inside this night, isn't it time to slay the night?
Make way for light, ignite this fire and I will find a place in time
Rebuild our body around the base of this straining spine )

There is no truth in the universe, I find
The truth it hurts, rhymes don't, acute or curved!
Fly high in the sky and jump with a chute of words
Chew some tuna first do some Yoga brew some Yogi get it over with

For whatever way it's bearing, I'm nearing the clearing...


At least, I plane a new path on this atlas
A slash with my cutlass and that's a sliver of dead
A shivering red just slithering like quicksilver and led
Running down


I'd like to do so much!
But some days I'm just out touch
Like I can't keep up with my goals!
I stroll away, from flow and soul

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