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A short time on Earth,
Then Gaia, or Heaven, or Seven -
Three Hundred Sixty Five.

We live in fun times,
When it's fun to be alive,
And even on commuter trains -
Everyone has drive.

But that's what we obey,
But that's what we obey,

The winner writes the story,
The winner gets the glory,
And what's what we obey,

Linger No Longer

Linger on no longer,
Linger and grow stronger,
Linger like warmongers,
Stash away your hate,
And feed it so it grows,
And keep it in a cage,
And feed it till it's so big,
The cage around it breaks!
And it flows into the world, like a flood - like a plague!
And no one in this world can tame your rage - nobody stays.
No one's on your side, because no one here's alive.
It's the end of time, of the line, of your smile.
You realize with distaste, we do make mistakes.
But not all of us make our mistakes our rage.
And even if well-meant, there's no way to repent,
You pushed the pawn, you took your scorn and play.
And now there goes your world. Goes away.

We're Standing Still

I might as well write some poetry, cause I have time to kill!
Train just came to a stop, and you know I don't like standing still!
Some people are on the train tracks, man some people should just be killed,
And maybe they have no will to live and that's why they're standing still.

Life's too grand to spill though! I say so with hand or quill.
And I don't deal blow, I don't deal blows to any nose for a thrill.
My byproduct aint pills no you know I spill prose and I have no time to just chill those people with Netflix...
I question how they live!

Me I'm on a quest to live and yeah I'm a lot like them but -
I'm not being idle about it I'm going AWOL with my pen come on!!
And then, we ride on this train of thought until it makes no sense...
Were standing still.


Like a ghost!
Look out the window and you'll know you're toast!
I make the most of life hold me close, hold me close!
Tell me who I am: tell me but don't boast!
This is all for shows, this all for you, this is all for show:
I gotta call you know I gotta see your cards.
I've been so small I've been living under yards.
I had a terrible dream and I woke up hard -
Live hard and play hard! Go far like gay bars!
Oh lord. Thunder struck me down but didn't strike a chord.
Went to the lost and found but found no lost awards.
Let it blossom like a bottom popping warts - what is not to see?
See the dream until you need lobotomy.

But you don't need to feel a need to scream...
You don't need to see those demons, what you feel you mean?
You don't need to say your wills or testimonies till you die!
Still our world's alive and so am I.

Still the world's alive until it dies.
And if we're still alive, it's goodbye.

But if we all go down the drain, or fly around in outer space,
And flaunt about with our race, and seek to taste not death's embrace,
But something only Gods could claim: eternal life! The Doc's to blame...
Then I guess the world's OK. If we saved us, then so can they,

And then the world's alive and it's alright.
And now the future shines defiant bright.

Holy Goes Haiku

A little time it
Goes... but this is big time, BIG!
Holy ghosts they go.

Worst Poem Of The Year

I need to write a poem cause the day is almost done,
And while you've been there plowing I've been in here having fun,
Or sitting, just sitting, just watching something see -
Something like a movie, on someone's large TV.

And I get paid to do it - watching is my job,
Society pays me - it's like they're getting robbed,
The government throws cash into this program that they deem,
Necessary - to help those who can't stand but only lean,

I'm not complaining. I have my job and I'm happy,
The pay it isn't much and the terms of work are crappy,
But spending time at work doing things I wouldn't call - work at all,
Is not too bad, be it summer spring or fall. Or winter.

And winter. This winter. I spend it sitting indoors.
Running through my brain until my brain just starts to wonder,
What am I doing? Is this how I spend my days? In my cage?
No really I'm amazed. Worst poem here's a taste.

Of the year.

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