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Project 2016!

The New Year is here! And with it, my promised project of the year.

I pondered what to do for this year. I really pondered. I pondered and I pondered and my mind wandered.

I had a list of things I considered. Recipes. Pictures of my lunch. Poems. Lyrics, again? (Both new and old.) Recordings. Video recordings. Freestyles! Video freestyles? Flash uploads? (I have so many files still waiting to be added - more than enough to last 365 days.) Pictures. Photos. Artwork! Exercise goals!! One updated page of the site per day? Or how about a book, on which I'd write a small piece every day. The list goes on... well no, actually that's pretty much it. But I couldn't decide on any one of these many things, I didn't really feel like doing anything particular...

So I stopped pondering. I gave up. I went to bed. And today, I decided to draw a poem. It turned into more a drawing than a poem. Kind of pointless really. Artistic, maybe. Clever? Yeah! But without definite purpose.

And then it hit me: I'll do whatever I want this year! Whatever it takes for me to remain creative. One piece of creativity per day, for the rest of the year. That's the project.

So, let it climb! Draw your lines! Shun and wind! Let this diffuse wave of creativity build up and sweep away the decadent ideas that dwell in our minds! Give voice to the ideas that lurk deep down in your superficial soul! Open the cells of your cells in yourself and just: let it go.

Project 2016, is on the road.

Project 2016?!

What's that? Another yearly day-by-day project? More poems? More leftover lyricism? Maybe it'll be something different this time around? Something new, fresh and savorably surprising..?

Watch this space! Whatever it'll be, it starts: 2016.

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