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Project 2017!

After three years of daily poems, then lyrics, and at last a mesh of varying creative crafts (of which most turned out poems), I decided to slow the roll this year, and go for a weekly piece instead of a daily.

Falling behind on daily writings as the old year came to a close might have something to do with that. Writing every day does keep you going, but it gets tiring too. After a year of daily poetry I decided to post leftover bits and pieces back in 2015, so after last year's dailies I'm taking that route again. A break... but not really.

I want to keep going, just not all the time. Though it's fun to delve into different things I also want to focus on the one thing I really want to progress with. It's not poetry. Nor leftover lyrics. Nor art...

Well maybe it is. All of those. It's poetry - in lyrical form. It's audial artistry, but it's no leftovers: it's all new. It'll hopefully be an evolution and showcase of my lyrical abilities: in the form of a past forecast, or a vision for the future, or... something different entirely. In it's entirety. With a larger time frame for each, and no definite day on which to craft each piece, I hope the process becomes all the more inspiring.

Be it spoken word, or rap. Be it freestyle or pre-written cagestyle. Be it with or without a beating. With reverb or high-pass. On a voice recorder or microphone. By me or my ghost writer. Whichever it be: the plan is to keep honing my craft, rhyming regularly, toning my voice, and by the end of the year hopefully having put out at least a few bits of mastery amidst the mundane and regular rhyme and ramble.

I did have other considerations for what I might like to do with this year's project, not least the ones I considered last year, but hopefully there's many more years left before I'm out of time to fuel my creative vein with yearly projects such as this.

What else is there to say? Not much! Let's get this thing on the road! And stroll, or race against a sunset that glows like gold, till we're gray and old, and cold and bold, and sold our souls to be tolled in the cold-hearted cauldron this world controls... knowing there's a rise just beyond that fold. Oh, you know...

Project 2017! Is on a Go.

Project 2017?!

What's this? Another yearly day-by-day project? More poetry? Artistry? Maybe it'll be something different this time around? Something fresh, new and creatively enticing..?

Watch this place! Whatever the face of this stream, you'll see it: 2017.

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