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Fist Of Fury (1991)

Fist Of Fury (1991)

A mainlander comes to Hong Kong to find his cousin in this spinoff to the 1972 Bruce Lee classic.

The fight scenes may not be as polished as the Jet Li movie with the same name, or as authentic as the classic it's originally based upon, but the comedy's on another level! Re-occurring embarrassment and slapstick humor mixed in with a tale of vengeance and a fight to get places, a simple red thread that leads up to one final showdown and tragedy.

It's great. Don't let this one just live in the shadow of the former now. The fight scenes may be a bit more exaggerated but the choreography's as impressive as with any good HK movie flick. Better than average. Props Stephen Chow and Man Cheung and all the rest.

Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

5G Zombies (2020)

5G Zombies (2020)

The title says it all!

I love the theme, I love the symbolism and message, and the whirling hypnotic eyes and bit of Shungite advice weren't bad (not that Shungite water's enough to really keep you healthy) but the rest of it...

It's mostly just a collage of people ranting about 5G.

Almost like the director just asked people to freestyle on the theme from various individual locations, and then cut it all together, with a half-assed plot that overlaps at start and finish.

The idea's good but... such a crap movie.

Was hoping it'd be more on the level of Cell. If you haven't watched that it'd be better than seeing this. It might not have been made with the same intentions (I do applaud the intentions here) but you'll get it after all.

Technology: The potential for abuse is too high, and the health effects shouldn't be a compromise we don't mind making. We don't need 5G! Whether it turns us all to zombies or not, now's the time to stop it.

And never mind this movie.

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent

Assassinaut (2019)

Assassinaut (2019)

A group of teenagers get to meet the female president of the future on a space station orbiting a foreign but potentially inhabitable planet, shortly before the president is almost killed by a madman with a ticking time bomb inside him, and they all evacuate the ship in rescue pods, leaving the station to blow up with both madman and all hope of rescue; our cast stranded on this strange planet far from home.

That's mistake #1. The big one. The one that bothers me for the rest of the movie. Why didn't they just eject the bomb instead of themselves?

But of course it's this excuse of an initial premise that leads them into the strange territory within which the rest of the movie takes place. Into hostile territory, and darkness, as the teens are killed off by one by one, and their commanding officer gets taken over by an alien parasite.

There's a little hallucinogenic apple eating too, earlier on some dissecting a frog, some shooting an alien that in retrospect (I guess) was really a shot from the future...

It's not as confusing as it sounds, but a bit messy. Dark, too, did I mention?

They do build up a heavy kind of atmosphere, the filming's good, and it ends with maybe a subtle nod to... hidden agenda? I don't know what they meant there exactly but it's definitely something. Maybe something?

It's not a movie I'd watch again. In the end the incentive seems neither to be action nor meaning, nor love story, nor anything that really inspires me or opens my mind to new things, like I feel that maybe it's meant to.

It comes off feeling a bit self-censoring, a little off, and a little like they might've wanted to do a few different things with this but didn't do any particular one just right. Or maybe all it's meant to be is really, really abstract. And to seem like it might've been more than it was.

It's strange how when Asians do that I usually love it, yet this just feels just weird... props whomever was in the cigarette scene though. For some reason that one felt just perfect. And it's not a bad movie overall.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Cop & ½ (1993)

Cop & ½ (1993)

Burt Reynolds and a little black kid playing cop?

I feel like it follows on the Home Alone franchise somehow. Like it was meant to be a hit in the same vein but didn't quite make it.

I get conflicting impressions. It feels a bit too goofy sometimes, yet at other times oddly serious. Burt and the kid are a real contrast, not just color and size-wise but in all possible wises. Mainly they seem to focus on the contrast between the kid's cuteness and Burt's toughness, and for the most part that works well, but sometimes it just feels like an odd combo. Like: not real? Not sure.

Theoretically it seems like it'd work well, but that maybe they forced it, or rushed it, or just didn't go all the way with either action or comedy.

Or missed something fundamental in regards to character chemistry.

I enjoyed it but... missing something.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Move On

Feelin' like I better do this too.

Go get it!

No More Opera

Okay, that was the last straw.

Typed up a very satisfying PM response, was about to hit send but switched tabs real quick for some unknown and very unnecessary reason since I just felt a need to close that other one before I did (that'd probably be what they call OCD these days) and Opera crashed again.


Maybe seventh or eighth time the last three days.

It happens when I (I assume) am loading more content than my hardware can really handle - for example multiple YouTube videos or a large array of posts I need to edit.

Sometimes the browser boots up again with the tabs intact (but not any edits or responses I might have typed up before the crash), but sometimes nothing. Sometimes I need to both write and open things all over again.

And there's no easy 'open all recently closed tabs' alternative - at least not one that's available by default, so that's even more time spent going through sidebar history if I don't recall all I previously had open.

This new but very aggravating issue, along with how the browser still occasionally opens up tabs that just don't load - or rather now shows an elaborate error message on how the page wasn't available/couldn't be loaded, instead of loading endlessly as it did before - are the things that are ultimately making me swap browsers once again.

To Chrome. Alas. Might've been Chromium-based already but: Chrome.

I'm not a Google fan at this point, but unfortunately their browser is the only one that seems to function well enough on my current computer. I tried FireFox before, but it's too slow, so no dice. Gecko with current optimization won't do.

I've tried a few spin-off's too but lack of plugins and functionality and/or odd interface quirks had me skipping out pretty quick.

Instead of complicating things by plowing through a new selection of alternatives (Edge comes to mind - but that's Microsoft - same company that recently tried to so forcefully get users to upgrade to Windows 10 - and even more recently installed their new browser as a 'recommended system update' though it's really nothing other than bloatware if you actually have another - presumably better - browser installed - and most recently started aggressively blocking Flash - I won't forget these things you know) I'm going with the alternative one I have installed, and have previously only been using for work-related purpose, as it syncs up nicely between computers and lets me move between dues at home and office seamlessly.

FireFox does too of course but: those hardware issues.

Next step should hopefully be upgrading my computer, and so I'll be able to move back to my ideal choice, the one and only Mozilla masterpiece, but for now this is the way. The easy way. So all potential compromises considered: the only.

Opera: it was fun. For a moment. Alas you were complicated, your settings section wasn't ideal, your menu placement was somewhat confusing and I'm not a fan of the history/bookmarks/etc placement to the far left. Wish I could've changed you a bit more to my preference.

I do applaud the built-in VPN I never used. For all who do, it really is a big plus to you.


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