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Gluten Morgen. Gluten Tag.

I'm so TIRED... can't seem to get anything done today.

At least not at the pace I've been accustomed to the past couple weeks
or so.

I mean I did just finish work and I have been working - it hasn't been totally hopeless - I've persevered. Just not at optimal pace today. Not in tiptop form. Not with my utmost focus potential.

I know why though.

I ate gluten-filled tortillas yesterday - a full eight of them. They expired last year but that doesn't have anything to do with it. I took a capsule with enzymes to break down the gluten but that doesn't seem to matter either. Maybe it does help. I don't feel bloated. My stomach's OK, but at least I'm imagining that I do notice certain other gluten-related attributes and traits I'm not usually accustomed to equipping when in my glue-free state...

Like being tired.

Like man. Like really. Like I slept over eight hours, and I've felt pretty good the past week, and it wasn't that long ago I worked out now, but I'm still so tired!!! So unfocused and lethargic. What is going on y'all. Does a gym high only last so long? I'm definitely not at a loss of coffee today either.

I take this as irrefutable proof that even if your body can break down those gluten enzymes they just are not good for you! The white bread you eat's not worth it. Just look at it - all spongy and shit? So chewy and light?

Get some avocado. Go live your life.

It's A SUNDAY!!!

I've caught up with all my lectures this week - ones I'd recorded this winter but hadn't yet taken the time to view, and I'm almost caught up with my diary - from three months behind down to just one, and I've caught up on some much overdue email correspondence... unsubscribed from the daily Morning Brew newsletter too. No time for media, be it main or alternative stream. I'm working on being. Working on emceeing. Working on the green.

Also working at the gym (pronounce that like gee-eam).

Really zoning in on the fitness regime. And I wrote about my newly attained gym card recently. I worked out Thursday, and planned to do so Friday but was still feeling pretty pooped, planned to do so Saturday but was still pretty sore, then actually did so today and holy shit do I feel tired now! Had planned on simple cardio but the machine I'd planned on using was busy - and remained so for about half an hour - so I ran from device to device otherwise and was out of juice entirely when time finally came for the planned cardio session, but I did that too, with but half a banana for breakfast before this, first thing in the morning. A one hour work-out without pause then... is that normal?

I'm listening to a David Goggin's podcast right now so I can't complain, but it's taken me the full day to finally get control over my arms again, and on the lunch walk I started getting light-headed and wobbly. Feels like I might be overdoing this a bit. I should probably start nice and slow and ease my way into this new BUT THEN AGAIN!!!!

I'm getting in shape anyway, even if I probably won't be able to train for at least another two days after this. Slow but steady; intense when it counts...

On the blog I've updated the stats page with a few more categories/corrections, and added the 'most viewed posts' bit here too - previously in sidebar only.

Messed around with WP functions trying to get some 'oldest posts' and 'most popular post per year' statistics there too, but it seems those are more difficult than they should be. Something for a later time! A public visitor count's in the works too - a plugin I currently use should be developing such front-end functionality soon.

I've also managed to upgrade PHP versions! Whoop. Not all that way, but to reasonably updated tiers at least. Had to remove just a couple bits of code for that to work, attempted rewriting them first but realized I didn't really need 'em after all. But I need to get better at PHP. There may be other bits that aren't as non-essential. Seems like a common problem though: NG Logs is currently dealing with a similar issue.

In regard to NG the one and only @GRUB-LORD (who now goes by simply grubbb) put out a pretty slick hoverboard blade animation with one of my old audio loops this week. Much obliged! And with all the recent exercise I think I'm finally starting to get into the right headspace (and physical form - vocal capabilities have felt a little strained recently) to get to composing this one title track that's been on the backburner all too long as well...

Things are shaping up in life! I'm going and growing. Will I transcend what's known through this hole in the ozone? To the throne in the Wolf–Lundmark–Melotte? Blow up slow like Yo Gotti? I don't know, but like David Goggin's says you get peace when friend is foe. Now time to sleep and end this toll and I shall creep till I can leap and maybe reap some fender flubber till I'm 1337 just like no other. Many roads, many shows to see to know how flows a dope emcee and breath till undercovers seeth and boil asunder and I'll be a God of thunder and smite feeble minds with wonder like Ken Block with lots of rubber let us rock though not so shuttered we get seasick. Open blinds: see the sights and feel it.

It's a Sunday! One day. Just like a steal it's: a rest.

Worked out hard and now I feel no stress.

Last week.

When You Go To War With Yourself...

When you go to war with yourself, you find a lot of peace.

The Dust

I've had trouble charging my phone for some time now.

Thought the cable might be going bad - or the USB socket on the phone, and was about to switch to a new cable the other day for starters, but figured I'd try cleaning the socket with a toothbrush first to see if maybe the contact area was just dirty.

Soon went from toothbrush to toothpick, and started digging out bits of compactly layered dust from the bottom of that socket, and you won't believe how much dust there was there! Holy shit. Fragment after fragment of dust - each expanding drastically upon contact with the outside air when released from their tightly and incrementally - with each charge occasion - packed socket prison.

And the phone's charging fine now!

Better than I remember it ever charging before.

Was there dust already there when I first bought the phone? Did I somehow manage to press in a square centimeter or so with the charger the first time I used it?

Probably not, but apparently it really amounts. Even if you don't notice. And there's room for more residue than you'd believe. If the charger gets progressively all the more difficult to use, but just little by little, at such a slow pace there doesn't seem there's a reason for it...

Try clearing out that dust.

6 Anticipated Movie Sequels 2018 Aftermath

Just five years late with this follow-up... that's not so bad is it?

You can find my anticipation post for this year back here.

As for those movies...

Bad Boys For Life

This one was promised for 2018, but it came out in 2020, so good thing I'm late posting this huh? It was good. Worth-the-wait good. Maybe not-like-the-second-one good but... I enjoyed it. Watched it on the big screen too.

Review here.

M:I 6 - Mission Impossible

There still hasn't been a bad movie in the series, and the seventh is coming out this year! Can't wait. Watched this one on the big screen too and it was solid.

Review here.

The Purge: The Island

They changed the name on this one.

It was originally meant to read as the title above, but it turned into The First Purge instead, one dabbling in the details of how the purge first got started and what prompted such a drastic survival contest in the first place... I kept my expectations in check since there's only so much they can do with the same concept - and it shows - but still they did not disappoint!

Review here.

Avengers: Infinity War

Was this the heyday of Marvel movies or what? When the villain truly didn't compromise. When they had one with substance, too, who didn't abide by any cliché vengeance motif but truly wanted to save the world. I loved that about it. How this was a clash of forces that both fought for something worth fighting for, and both so desperately.

Watched this one in 3D, and I'm not sure that was the best choice, 3D seems to shrink the screen a bit, and mess with your perceptions more so than truly enhance the visuals, but it was GOOD.

Review here.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

This one came out a year late, 2019, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Still have not been disappointed by any one movie in this franchise either.

Review here.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Had already seen this one when I posted the anticipated sequels post, so no further comment here...


Bioåret 2020

That'd be: The Cinema Year 2020.

I missed this one too, so without further ado...



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