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Sometimes The Best Way To Come Back...

Sometimes the best way to come back to something you love is to walk away for a time.

Adding Commas To Numbers In PHP

Something it really took me a long time to learn!

It's applicable to existing code too, where you might want to alter the output of something that's already scripted, something I've been trying to do on this page for some time.

Good info. Worth a share.

Trying To Think Your Way Out Of Overthinking...

Trying to think your way out of overthinking is like trying to sniff your way out of a cocaine addiction.

Happy Safer Internet Day!

Happy Safer Internet Day

Just learned about this thing. Meant to post about it yesterday, as that was the day for it, but I was busy diagnosing faulty computer RAM and catching the second LOTR movie on new movie theater premiere - review to come.

But check your passwords y'all. If you haven't. Or whatever else it is they urge you to do on days like this. Be safe.

Apparently it's the 20th anniversary of this event this year too. And there is a bundle of resources for such I assume relevant Internet-related safeness here if you want to browse. 2,350 links at the time of writing.

I haven't. I feel sufficiently much like a pro at this point that I need not spend time on such things, but I probably should. The world changes; threats evolve; it probably would do me good...

They have live events in a bundle of countries when the day takes place too. Some that span a longer time; some you can catch up with after said day is done and over.

That's it y'all. For now it has passed but: maybe it was a blast huh?


Is ripped good, and jacked bad? It seems you can use both of these words to say that for example you have a proclivity for visible ab muscles, but if you're jacked up then... you're in bad shape.

I've seen multiple forms of these words and combinations used in movies recently, as to denote both being gravely injured and/or looking good, so I figured I'd get to the root of it all here. Quick Google...

Ripped, definition #3 (of 3):
Having well-defined or well-developed muscles; muscular.

Jacked, definition #2 (of 2):
(Of a person) having very well-developed muscles.

The source here being Oxford Languages. Merriam-Webster has similar definitions for both.

Jacked up, on the other hand, traces back to the primary definition for jacked, of being physically or mentally stimulated from the effects of a drug or stimulant. (Oxford Languages)

It's not official, but in common slang it thus means: Wrecked, messed up.
As you would be were you under the influence of drugs as they were said to influence you with continued usage.

There's no similar slang for ripped up, though literally it means the same.

So there. Words: jacket of all trades.

If You Fool Too Much...

If you fool too much you become fool.

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