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Resolutions 2023

I would've liked to start the New Year with a clean slate.

I always do, yet I realized early on I wouldn't be able to with this one. And so I think I've come to peace with that prospect a bit more than usual.

Life runs on.

It runs on regardless of if there is a new year or no. Or new week or no. Whatever phase of days you currently reside in, it moves on, so why treat any new day any different? It always comes with the same amount of potential for betterment and progress - even if a 'New Year' somehow still carries with it that illusion of MORE.

Maybe it's because we change our calendars.

Maybe it's because we get new diaries, and schedules, and routines, and that our new plans and ambitions also manifest themselves in new machinery we now rely on to carry us forward, like for example a brand new cellphone that'll allow us to be however many times more productive than we were before (I just bought one - a Samsung S10e - it boots fast, takes good pictures and fits my pocket - so far I love it), but really... shouldn't we slow down instead?

What's the point of letting ourselves be carried away on this wave of technological revolution, where on top it may look fine and futuristic, but below all the fascinating creatures we share this planet with are dying at our expense, and we leave behind this radical rainbow of newness a trail of scorched earth, plastics, pesticides, mountains of trash and bitterness?

I'd like to start this new year new, too... but I want to start with a newfound sense of consistency in regard to this newness I aim to find. I don't want the NEW year to end up like the old one - which though not bad, has just blown by, and once again I don't feel I managed anywhere near as much as I hoped I would.

I've watched a ton of movies though - and still have reviews in draft to last me half another year. So I definitely managed THAT resolution. To leave at least one review a day for the full duration of the year.

But how does that benefit me in the long run? Why did I think it would?

I imagine I set that as a resolution since I figured it'd allow me to finally get through the surplus of drafts I had lying around at the time. Instead I've just watched more, and I still have drafts lying around.

I am the type of person who doesn't like to leave anything with nothing.
So if I'm running out of reviews: I write ahead. I bunker up. I hunker down. I put on a film or two. Time or no time. But I also enjoy film, and I don't want that like to turn more into a chore, so no more.

I'll still be watching movies, mind you, but not by resolution. I'll watch movies when I want to watch a movie - that's all the commitment a pastime as such should require - even if these reviews do contribute to the wealth of content that now exists on this site, and make me feel at least a little productive in times I am otherwise not...

But I wasn't happy with my progress last year either. I rarely am.

I am happy I don't have a cold this Christmas. I don't have that as an excuse for my recent lack of progress site-wise, but I have had a freelance gig going on since the start of November that's been eating virtually all excess time I have, so this year I have an even better excuse! Win or lose it's: still excuses.

First thing's first, though this life doesn't always go how you choose it, you need to force yourself to stay congruent. Motivate yourself. Keep moving. So once again I'd like to remind myself, that no matter how much time I've left behind, for the future: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

That's what I will, and what you should do.

And so, resolutions! What this post is supposed to be all about:


This year I vowed to...


Rocket Santa

Merry Sleddin'!

The One Piece

I cannot wait for this! Even though still watching the regular show, that's been going since the late nineties... wonder how having two of these run in parallel will work. Even if the old one may be nearing an end point it seems they'll run alongside each other for at least a while.

I presume plenty of folks will tune into the new show - both old and new viewers - but what about the ongoing one?

Seems it'd be a bit discouraging to keep animating that when you know you're working double; that there'll hopefully eventually be a better version of what you're currently working on out there for the world to see. That all may eventually remember the franchise by. Your work lost and forgotten.

Super curious. Will this show last? Will the other? Will it end abruptly like the reboot of Hunter X Hunter? Will it be good...?

Can't wait to find out.

Lentil Christmas

Even got some sunshine today! :D Never mind the chips. Better pictures.

Merry Christmas!

Lentil Chips & Gentle Christmas

I got a delivery today, good food for the holidays! Though they delivered just two boxes, there were supposed to be three, and it seems I am missing seven bags of lentil chips on my order... hope they haven't lost that third box. I thought it'd deliver today too. What do. No chips. Cold brew.

Anyway I am free for the moment! We're taking a break from the design gig. For four days. I plan to spend this time scheduling movie reviews till the end of the year, and going through the ones I've already posted albeit with very rapid and non-impeccable revision the last month or so, get some much-required rest and refreshment and maybe celebrate some Christmas!!! We got snow. In droves. I plowed some this morning. In gloves. It's bright. It glows. Guest room? This shows:

23/12/2023 - Upper Guestroom Window

Also here's a pretty cool alternative Christmas decoration idea. If you still have analog shizzle in da house fo rizzle. Want to bet all my pretzel?

In other news I realized I just got my hundredth paycheck from my current employer before Christmas this year! That's pretty cool innit. Individual amounts may not be great but it all amounts. That's what counts. The Dracula's. That's what it's all about.

Also got a review of the games I've played this year on Steam - they're not many but apparently you can share that review. So there.

Here's last year.

I vowed to play more Venetica after I got back from summer but that's not happening is it. What happened to the time. What happened to the summer!

I have been playing some Advance Wars instead. Post PC. It's portable.

Ran through the first game in two nights, and so far the second one's proving both longer (with a bit unnecessarily much dialog and introduction on the campaign now comparing - the first one was moderate with all - both intros and endings) and more entertaining! And easy. And balanced.

It gets progressively more challenging as you go, and I just realized whilst typing this that I think I forgot you could opt for a more difficult campaign mode when you start a new campaign too, just need to hit the Select button. That feature wasn't only available in the DS one was it...

The second game's great anyhow.

The levels are memorable, and unique. The title's witty. The characters are charming - but also admirable and real when situations gets serious. The innovations are plentiful. The Neotanks are such a great addition - and that's the one addition.

It's enough. The levels provide the variation. Innovation gets a bit much in further games, compared to this one. It was so good. So balanced. So much text yeah but apart from that... such a great game. Still.

The UI's maybe the best part. Creative. Clean. Still in that design mind.

I'll be packing presents pretty much all day tomorrow but I do plan to play some more Advance Wars tonight! And then...

Merry Christmas y'all!

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