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Some strange kind of genius this! Almost better than the real thing, almost...

Don't Let Yesterday...

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

It's Saturday...

...and I'm sitting at the office.

Who would've thought huh? Work-shy as I may be when it comes to any kind of work where any and all monetary reward seems to incrementally benefit corporate giants and/or government beyond myself more so than myself, and thus for which all partial work-related gains make me feel like but a cog in the machine; like a slave to the man; like I'm making an effort just so somebody else can make an effort not to; thus am not generally a fan of occupations that require more effort than is necessary to but survive in this crazy time... I'm sitting at the office today!

On a weekend. With snow in droves outside.

But I am working with something I enjoy working with, around people I enjoy being around, and they have a killer coffee machine here that gives you cappuccino with real milk - and fresh-ground beans - so despite all tax and spend-related second-hand income charity this project may garner and thereby benefit the hateful entities out there that sway our ways somewhat already and probably aim to control the world entirely and ultimately enslave and/or kill us all (which seems to me in many ways synonymous) - all a part of that pickle of profiteering hierarchies I'd rather not support... I feel pretty good.

And what kind of work doesn't have such side-effects anyway? Unless you manage to live off the land entirely and avoid partaking in all this bureaucratic, technocratic; very non-democratic corporate nonsense: you'd best just choose a job you like, and play this game as best you can play it, until you play the players themselves, and become a player yourself - that which you used to loathe and anger at, cause such is the way of the world in this world we currently live in.

So anyway it's been a pretty hectic but fun twelve days here thus far.

We've worked both Saturday(s) and Sundays. Twelve-hour days initially. Things are calming down a bit now... I'll be on a train back to Bro tomorrow, there in time for a Father's Day afternoon and a work day and then back to this business once more!!! Till it's all done and over and the goal is closure.

Just typing this up to let y'all know life is pretty good these days. :)

Hella busy though all may be.

And profitable...? I don't know. Probably not if this level of work effort's lasting! I'm not getting paid hourly for this. It's a flat fee gig.

Maybe all is well after all.


Somehow even our potential future utopia seems dystopian to me... gigantic cityscapes with scrapers that rise towards the stars? Immortality? Humanity colonizing the galaxy? Being able to fully harness the energy of the stars...? I'm not sure these are truly good things after all...

These videos do be impressive though.

Off The Rails

So I'm still off! I'm off in Östersund. Off the trails. Offline - currently - as I type this, but shall reconnect soon as to post this. And schedule some reviews. And manage my Inktober shizzle, which is - contrary to what the lack of recent blogs or updates here may lead you to believe - still ongoing - and has been going all month - and may indeed be the causation for content otherwise being a bit lacking here...

On topic of that off the rails thing though: I ought have been back in Stockholm today.

I ought have had exactly ten days of home-studio quality Inktober collaboration finales lined up before we celebrate my big sis' B-Day/Halloween and I head off on my first big freelance gig ever (I got it!), but as often is the case things do not always go according to plan!

I got sick.

I managed the final harvest, I managed the as-tradition-also-entails yearly cottage visit with good buddy Andreas, I managed staying at the farm a few more days as the snow came falling down and I started feeling like I didn't have much reason to be there any longer, managed a couple hotel nights in Luleå along with a very informative EMF/RF course and a work day in Stockholm and one day with my nephew and co in Östersund the day after and the day after that I was stuck indoors!

My nephew was heading off on an important film-related project in a couple of days, and my big bro/co were heading off to Stockholm to take dad to Stockholm Open, and in lieu of all these important, planned and ongoing travel plans it seemed best we keep some distance. I got my big bro's apartment to myself, he left on Thursday, my nephew on Friday, and here I have thus been for the last three days now, resting up.

And today... may be the first day I actually feel relatively rested.

So I'm writing a bit. And keeping up with more than just the obligatory Inktober - for which verses currently sound a little nasal and off - but at least I don't yet have a cough...

Colds don't keep you home these days do they? Do people take days off for such a thing as as a regular, age-old virus?

I do, sometimes. Though not as much since my work days were cut down, and I realized why people feel they need all the hours they can potentially get, and thus don't take sick days even when they're sick, and risk spreading said sickness further, and eventually everyone getting sick, which I find is a bitch at times like this.

No consideration for your fellow traveler or neighbor these days.

But never mind that. Back to the rails.

So I caught the cold. I then had this apartment to myself - food and relevant amenities included - and I had a train at 6:04 AM yesterday that'd take me back to Stockholm if I wished it. But that'd mean I'd be traveling sick, and that I'd get home sick, while we had guests over, of which one is unusually susceptible to contagions.

How would you reason? Worth it? No factor? Mitigate risk somehow? Stay away and rest instead?

I chose the latter option since:

1. The train left at 6:04. Which means I'd have had to be up somewhere between 4-5 AM to take it. Which in my current state did not seem like an appealing nor healthy idea.
2. I've recently been looking at this car rental service, where you can get certain rides for free - one tank of gas included - between destinations said car rental service is looking to move cars between. And when I recently looked at said service listing of free cars they actually had more than one available from Östersund. Not to the ideal source-destination then, but close enough, and more might pop up...
3. Train tickets are relatively cheap and plentiful. So if #2 wasn't an option it'd not be that great an issue anyway.

Plus I was tired. And it was pretty nice to be by myself for a minute. So, I stayed.

I checked that free-rental-car-service thing yesterday and they had a car they wanted taken from Östersund to Stockholm Arlanda! I booked it. I'm leaving this Monday. That's the plan.

Still do have a cold, and I would possibly be better off if I stayed here longer, but I've work on Tuesday, it'd be cool to at least meet up with my big bro & Co in STHLM before they head back, and you're only really contagious the first three or four days or so with a common cold right? Monday's the sixth day. Should be alright.

Then I can finally get back to my Focusrite and Shure and maybe get some better collabos going before this Inktober tour is floored, for this year... hope my vocals stay resilient. So far the worst thing I've been getting is a somewhat sore throat if I overdo it. And a vocal tone that's not ideal.

Let's keep on going. Off the rails. Onto wheels. Wheels and meals *obscure Jackie Chan reference if you didn't know it*...

The Potentially Life-Altering And Contemplative Fictional Snus Convo

If you're wondering what Snus is:


Do you ever have random conversations in your mind? With yourself?

I took a quick nap just now. Felt my eyes growing tired - so I laid down in the bed for just a minute... and this random conversation started playing in my head.

Not an actual, historical conversation. A fictional one. That could have occurred.

I'm currently staying over at my big bro's apartment while he's away. I've been re-arranging spices and such on the kitchen shelves a bit. Along with the spices there's a small box of snus.

So in the conversation big bro asks if I want some snus.

I tell him no thanks, I don't do snus.

He says that I never have right?

I say no. I've never smoked, and I've never snusat. I've never done drugs either, and I'd rather never start.

He says something along the lines of: You only live once though.

I think back on my history with alcohol, which I have tried. And since I have tried alcohol - I tasted a few spirits and liquors and such whilst in high school - I've tried more. I'll have a glass of wine now and then. I have a few bottles I've been gifted by the company I work for. Occasionally when I've had the house to myself I've opened one, and spent the next week or so having a glass each day for dinner. Wine's nice. I've tried herbal liquors. My sister's a fan of Riga Balsam in particular - this thick and dark herbal brew from Latvia - so I have a bottle of that at home as well. I like the sweeter stuff too...

I've become intrigued by the craft of brewing beverages, both alcoholic and not, and so when I had a bit more money to spare I bought with me a couple of vodka bottles from Poland. They have a special kind there with one strand of Bison grass in it - and they had a pretty cool ceramic bottle with something akin to honey mead - which I've tasted earlier too. There's another Russian brand that's great. It's fermented, so it's healthy too. I haven't tried either of the two varieties I bought Poland yet though. They don't age, and I like collecting things...

Anyway I'm not an alcoholic. I drink rarely. I'm not addicted. I haven't bought any specific alcoholic brand or beverage more than once - but I am curious about ones I haven't tried before, and I don't mind drinking in moderation.

So that door's open. Once I opened that door it was open, and unless I do drink to the point I have problems, then I don't think that door will close

Yet I am proud that I have never smoked. Or done drugs - if you define that as the illegal substances you think of when you say that word. And snus, too, I'm proud I'm never even tasted.

I'm pretty sure I would be proud also if I've never even had a sip of anything alcoholic in my life.

Not because I consider it a particularly bad thing in moderation, but because it's not a necessity - because I don't see that the consumption thereof improves the quality of my life in any regard - but maybe more importantly because abstinence is a matter of conviction, and principle, something I find most people lack these days, less they have an innate or superficial reason for it. For example: religion.

But to abide by your own principles? Derived by mindful means; considerations as to what's good for you, and what benefits you, and what helps or doesn't help you live your best life? It seems rare.

So I'm proud of the positive principles I do uphold, and especially when others don't.

To have conviction without any form of indoctrination to force it upon you: That requires even more conviction.

And yet it's easy to maintain a conviction if you've never strayed away from it. So for example snus. I've never tried it, and thus I feel no need to. I've never eaten meat, so thus I feel no need to. I have had drinks, so thus my conviction falters there. I know drinks are no danger. There's the illusion.

I didn't get as stuck on this 'conviction' thing in my conversation though.

Big bro responded with something along the lines of how you don't truly live if you don't experience life, though. And how that comes with both the good and bad.

And I said yes, that's the thing isn't it! The duality of it all.

Live life fully, and experience as much as possible, and you'll probably end up reducing the span of life you have available to you.

Live carefully, and think ahead, and you'll probably live longer, but still may not experience as much.

Then again tomorrow is never guaranteed. So maybe you'll live recklessly and live a long life regardless. Or on the flipside maybe you'll plan for the future, and end up having your life cut short by events beyond your control.

Car crashes for example happen all the time.

If you do live life recklessly, and live long, and have a poor and unwell final few decades, you lose.

If you plan for the future, stay healthy and focused on longevity - and you die in a car crash, you lose.

So ultimately, is it just a matter of choosing which life you'd prefer? Are you truly a party person, who wants to try everything, and be out all the time, and experience as much as possible? Then maybe living recklessly and caring less for your health is worth it.

Am I a party person? I don't think so. Not that kind of party person.

Then again there is the matter of principle too, and conviction. If you have the conviction to live a healthy life, maybe you'll appreciate your life until it's over, regardless of the outcome.

If it is cut short you won't know it. If you live long you'll live well.

On the other hand you can only win at living recklessly if your life truly does get cut shorter, and if you truly enjoy it. And I don't see how I can.

I'm not that kind of person. It's not my nature.

So no thank you. No snus.

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