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Category 7: The End Of The World (2005)

Category 7: The End Of The World  (2005)

So I ended up watching this one anyway, and it was... about the same as the last one. It's another TV movie - or a mini-series if you like. 2 episodes.

The storm hunter is back, and I'm glad he made it through the last one unharmed, but the rest of the cast is all new. Or... most of them? I recognize a few other faces, but no names on the IMDB cast list. The plot this time deals with (apart from the Earth-ending storm) a kidnapping drama with a bunch of superficial kids.

There's a bit distracting a tone on religion with this one, and the storms don't look all that huge - maybe even smaller than they seemed in the previous movie (though the special effects are definitely better). Overall it was... good, but not really that exciting. With the previous the threat felt more perceptible somehow, this: just a sequel.

I said this was called Category 7: End of Days (2005) in the last review but apparently it was really Category 7: The End of the World. Just putting that in here in case someone's searching for the title and it doesn't show up!

I wouldn't recommend this one as anything more than a pastime, but if that is what you're looking to pass - and you really have no better title available to do so with, then by all means give it a shot.

 rated 2/5: decent

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Things are going down at NG today. :) If you have any idea what this is all about: get over there and celebrate! They're livestreaming too.

If you don't have any idea this is as good a day as any to get into and be active with the community. I recorded a quick verse and submitted an old collab entry for the occasion, so check those out too if you like. Wish time allowed something bigger but maybe next year... is what I say each year!

Happy Pico Day! I'm 'bout to sleep OK.

Nostrano & Petter

Remember the restaurant me and my colleagues had dinner at for our Christmas feast at work back in 2015? Unless you're an avid stalker you probably don't, but you can read the post about it here.

Skimming through Petter's (Sweden's probably most famous Swedish rapper - see this) videos I stumbled upon the clip above, and apparently his buddy cooks at the restaurant we visited! You'll get a glimpse of the restaurant itself as well as a backstage pass into the kitchen in Petter's Prosecco promo above.

A bottle of fine Prosecco was what we were given for Christmas too. Not Petter's brand, but a good kind nevertheless.

Not that all of this is relevant to most people - you might not even speak the video language, but I just wanted to share this little discovery.

It's coincidences like this that make life fun. Seeing things you recognize, knowing things other people wish to enlighten you of, or having been at a restaurant a celebrity you respect recommends. Good day.

The Spring Cleaning Dream

It's Spring CLeaning today!

I think I dreamt something about this too. It's been planned for a while, yet the one in charge of the planning within our little housing society hasn't called to a gathering, or requested anything particular from any particular person, so it's not certain there actually WILL be any spring cleaning at all...

That cautionary prospect was mirrored in my dream, but we were all there anyway. For a moment.

Next moment we're in a castle, and it's supposed to be a haunted place. There's a King there, but he doesn't say much. The castle overall is bright and airy, but there's a fear lingering in the air. Something's wrong. The inhabitants don't seem very happy with their surrounding. We're there as guests, and go through stone hallways and large rooms on our way to the table.

I follow a servant on a mission - to fetch something, and as we go through a dark wooden room, with carpets and somber paintings on the wall, candles on the mantles - typical rich-house decor - the lights start dimming. She gives me a mirror to use, a small pocket one, and though the room is suddenly entirely dark the mirror reflects a light that seems to chase something away.

We were headed for a balcony door, but for some reason we turn back and snake our way through the furniture and back into the colder - but brighter - castle walls within. I think we managed our mission, whichever it was.

I remember asking about the castle during our tour, but I don't remember the answers she gave me.

We explore some other areas too, and later on we're sitting at the dining room table with the KIng; having our meal. He laughs at first, and boasts about the food - which I'm not sure I can eat. Is it meat? Is it gluten? There's a dark leafy salad with something on it and I can't really remember what... in the dream I can't see it clearly either.

I'm polite anyway, but my sister really criticizes the food. I lecture her (she's my older sister so usually it's the other way around) on how we're having a meal with royalty and really ought to be behave better, but at first she won't have it. Then she explains she has a blasting headache and that's why she's acting like this - yet she's being unusually boisterous for someone with a headache. I'm skeptic.

She doesn't eat much, anyway, and neither do I. Mom and dad are there too, and they're behaving much better. It feels nostalgic.

Moments later a pirate ship arrives in the ocean outside - the large windows show a gigantic garden - mostly barren and uneven short-cut grass creeping up towards cliffs near the water - with some gigantic trees deeply rooted in the blanket of green.

The boat pulls up to shore and people start pouring out - and someone warns them they shouldn't be here. They're ready to party, but they don't know the castle doesn't welcome guests. There's something dark living within. They're not easily scared at first, but soon things start happening...

Moments later we're barricaded in a dusty house, in a completely different setting. I've been kidnapped, I think, but one of my friends seems to be a kidnapper. Or maybe he's just scared of the police.

When they come busting through the doors all of us come out with our hands up, but he's hid himself in an impossible place - within a wardrobe at the top of a staircase, where the door of the wardrobe faces the half-height door over the stairs, and the whole room is crammed with furniture, making it seem like there's really no space there to hide.

I call out to him, and he appears, and off we go. If I hadn't called I'm not sure they would have found him. I'm not sure why I called out either, but I know it'll work out for the best. We won't be arrested - we're just going with the police. The naivety of a dream.

And that's when I woke up.

Last Night's Dream

I dreamt I was involved in a prison break.

I'm not sure how it all started, but suddenly we were breaking out! It was me and two other guys - though I knew I wasn't the guy who I was in the dream.

In the beginning I think I was just a bystander. For some reason the prisoners were in our home, but as they continued their journey i switched places with one of them, until that guy was me.

It was strange, because only people who believed in the prisoners could see them. We were having tea with this old lady who was my character's grandma - not sure who she was, and though we could all see the prisoner, she couldn't. The police could, though. They almost caught them as they escaped through a gigantic yellow-tiled hall.

Them, not us? I'm a bystander again.

Moments later we were all on a pirate ship, and two guys in particular were in charge of the whole thing. One with a beard, and another... with an even greater beard. The leader looked a bit like Jack Sparrow's dad, and the other guy like your average tough guy. Like the lead singer in Bad Wolves.

Before this, one of the guys tried to escape with a girl... and something valuable. They drove away in a car - but crashed, and he was impaled in one eye with a tree branch, and she right through her torso. They ran out of the car and onward, trying to get away from each other, but succumbed to their injuries on something that seemed like a dusty hilltop - a bit like the border land in El Gringo. They talked a bit, and I think I might have been one of them... but I don't remember what they said.

Then they were back to the pirate ship; there to ask if they could be buried at sea. It was their right, and tradition.

Moments earlier I was on a school trip, with a bus that traversed the craziest roads! It rolled down one particular slope that reminded me of the first fall in Kålmården's new flagship rollercoaster last year: Wildfire.

I gasped for air at the descent... and I sat beside a girl on the bus who did the same. Because of this shared reaction to this temporary escape from gravity we started talking. The sights were beautiful btw - we looked out the window too, and really enjoyed them - even if the bus ran at the edges of ravines and all the most dangerous drops. There were no fences.

There was a guy too. Or two, maybe? We all became good friends, and later when the bus passed by our homes (in Bro) we all jumped off.

There were plenty of other people on the bus, but it turned out we all lived in the same area, and on a road that goes up a hill near my house we decided to have an obstacle course.

There was one particular wall of sand that pretty much ran vertically... and we decided to climb it! They had metal bars you could grab onto at the top, but it was frighteningly high and seemed to be easily collapsible.

I climbed like I had no fear of death though, and made it! And then it was time to go home, because the time was 23:11. One of the guys said he had to be home by six (a black guy), and I remember being happy someone else had worried parents, and also being surprised that it was the black guy.

I should have been surprised about the time, since it hadn't been long since the bus dropped us off - so there was no chance he'd have been able to match that time anyway.

I said something about how it'd be great if we could meet again - thinking we could go jogging. I have no idea if they liked jogging (I hate jogging - but in the dream I seemed to be in better shape), and we swapped addresses. Or more like: areas. I was the only one that really provided a street number, as I lived pretty much right by the place we were, and we sort of maybe decided to meet there again.

I had company of the girl on my way home, though, and it turns out she lived on the same street! We talked some more... and that's when I woke up. It was a good dream after all.

Last Last Night's Dream

I dreamt that I was picking up my cellphone - in a sleepy state, when the alarm rang. Confused. For a second or so I looked at my phone and wondered why it beeped like my alarm... and then I woke up.

In the dream I was visiting my buddy Nick somewhere in the Swedish archipelago (he actually lives in the UK), where they had a little house. It was a beautiful place, surrounded by a widespread belt of low-grounded green islands and shimmering dark water between them.

We'd just paddled there today, and were now pondering if I should take the (two hour) trip back, or stay for the night.

I asked if he'd expected I'd stay the night and honestly he hadn't, so I thought: alright, if the sun doesn't set too early - and I have GPS on my phone - then I might as well attempt the trip.

It was a scary prospect because the archipelago both is and looked like a maze from where we stood. Uninhabited islands stretched out around us in all directions, and considering it was 10 PM - the sun already low on the horizon, it was unreasonable to believe I'd make it back anyway before it had gone down entirely.

Not to mention we were both actually lying in our beds when we first discussed this. We were both tired. The room looked a bit like another buddy's old two-bed room out in Norrtälje, and the whole scenario reminded me of a visit to another buddy up in Överkalix. Somehow three of my best friends merged for this one occasion.

But it's a dream, so such things happen.

I never did learn if I was brave enough to face the unknown, and embark out into the waves on a trip back to civilization, or (the more realistic alternative) I stayed the night, and then gave it a try the next morning.

It seemed like he'd be staying a while, anyway, but I felt like I had a deadline to catch... somehow.

Earlier in the dream I remember being with my brother, and nephew, and I think we were in Östersund... but that part is all a haze at this point. The archipelago maze and confusing moment waking up with my in-dream cellphone - that's what I clearly remember.

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