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Musicalish #214

Go Royal - Swedish Fika. Give it a try if you haven't! It'll change the world! :) Looks like these guys have been doing this stuff a while now...


My Energetic Early Morning Next Door Neighbors

Saturday. 9:00. I'm sitting by the computer earlier than I'd planned, because my neighbors woke me up earlier than planned.

Maybe it was an hour ago. I'm not sure. I've been lying in bed for a while since then; trying to wake myself up. I stayed up late yesterday playing handheld Resident Evil Revelations, and thought I'd sleep in a bit now that the week ends, but no no, no chance. Shouts wake me up. Someone's angry next door. Some kid's trying to apiece their dad, but the dad won't have it. Maybe the dad woke up earlier than he wanted too.

The shouts quieten down, and then all that's left are footsteps, running around. Around and around. Waaay too many rounds. Like kids do. Our walls are pretty thin.

In my sleepy and somewhat aggravated state of mind I decide to go over to my neighbors, knock on their door and ask that they please stop yelling at their kids so early in the morning. It's a Saturday, our houses are interlinked, you can hear through the walls if someone's loud enough, and this has been going on for way too long already.

Not that I often wake up early Saturday morning because of these things, or stay up late playing Revelations, but it happens. It happens on weekends particularly, when both kids and parents are home and prone to get on each others nerves. At least it's always during day, not night.

So that's what I think, but a moment later I'm a bit more awake and I think it's not such a good idea after all. It seemed so wise in my waking state, but I don't want to get on my bad terms with the neighbors. Better just post a blog and rant about it a bit instead, and then maybe they'll read this, understand, and come to some grand realization.

They shouldn't be shouting at their kids anyway. Sometimes the kids shout back. Sometimes their dog starts barking. Sometimes someone starts crying. The kids take after their dad, and yell at each other, and at others, and aren't always as charming as kids should be. The mom yells too, sometimes. At the kids. And yet, when I see or speak to the dad outside he's always smiling, always happy to help; always the perfect front for a happy family. Maybe he's a psychopath.

Actually... maybe it's best they don't read this blog after all. To anyone who might feel like this applies to them: apologies for the possible offense, but you really shouldn't yell at your kids regardless. This is what happens when you wake someone too early in the morning.

Musicalish #213

Ain't all things bad the 13th!


Musicalish #212

So one of the concerts I went to this year was Linnea Henriksson's.

It's really not the type of music I usually listen to but... why not? And she didn't disappoint. She sounds better live than she does below, ergo... you know, I was positively surprised! I shall try artists outside my usual genres more often, and though her repertoire of videos doesn't do the live show justice, here's one of these post-concert posts in tribute to the artist anyway. Maybe there's some recent live footage floating around...


Perfect Is The Enemy...

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Musicalish #211

Found out about these guys just recently, searching for whomever made this, and look what I've been missing! Join the ride.


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