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Booty Swing

It just makes you want to dance! :D I mean: learn how to. The early nineteen-hundreds. Lost times. Civilized fun. I wonder what it would've been like to live back then.

The Cult Of The Crescent Moon

The Cult of the Crescent Moon, that's what I called them, when I met the queens daughter in the courtyard. I'd forgotten their real name. She sang in secret, a sad song, but I managed to get through the gates before they closed - the last door I had a chance to flee through, and found out she shared my fears, even if she had a mouth like theirs. They were becoming monsters.

Somehow I'd managed to get into the castle, and I thought I was safe, but when I started to defend one of my own I realized it wouldn't be all so easy. The queen decided to feed us until we threw up, so we would realize their mouths were better. There was little we could do but eat, but somehow I managed to leave the room.

Before the castle we had been walking up a hill, me and a bag guy I tagged along with - waiting to be picked up by an assistant that never came, but when we turned a corner, and the cult were preparing a dive down the side of the wall into the concrete below we knew it was too much. Headfirst into the concrete, and they cheered, like death was as much a game as life.

Before that I don't know what I was doing. It was a detective story, and this was my dream. More like... defective story. The Cult Of The Crescent Moon.

Random Conversation Between Two Strangers On The Train...

These two guys behind me just started talking, and I found their exchange of words somewhat amusing.

Guy 1 - Now - now you can stretch out!
*Guy 2 probably looking confused*
Guy 1 - I have short legs so... *laughs*
Guy 2 - Thanks.
Guy 1 - No worries.

That was all.

Musicalish #199

I usually avoid mainstream music, but thought I'd skim through Sweden's most popular to see how it's evolved (or not) this year. Aaand it's not bad! I like the vibe, though not sure about the evolution. Here's the selection though: more pop music than you'll probably ever get in one collective post on CDB again! Have some... popular music.


The Hunted (1995)

The Hunted (1995)

Christopher Lambert is a name you don't see all that much nowadays, but in his heyday he was all over the place! And he looks a bit like Chris Cornell too, come to think of it...

This movie's like a homage to all things Japanese. Old and new. The art of the sword, love, and bullet trains. Honor. Loyalty. Courage. It's the one American take on the whole phenomena of Asian culture in this era that I've seen that doesn't manage to mess it up, but actually brings in the American element to the Asian scene with humility. There's really no other way to do it properly.

That humble element in this case is Paul (Christopher Lambert), who on a business trip in Japan runs into Kirina (Joan Chen), who is killed, and he just so happens to see the face of her killer: a face belonging to the leader of a secret cult of Ninja: the Makoto.

He soon gets dragged into a century old blood feud between the Makoto and Takeda clans, and learns a bit about the sword on the way.

It might sound generic, but it introduces each element in the best way, and with actors such as John Lone and Yoshio Harada on the Japanese side there's no lack of great talent, neither in English nor in sword. They don't force the English though. Yoshio Harada gets plenty of speak-time in his native tongue, which makes for an unusually proper introduction.

It's bloody, it's stubborn and it's beautiful. It's a successful Japanese/American hybrid of the nineties, a real rarity, a bit like The Last Samurai... but not really. This was better. Japanese scenery. History. Violence. Love. Loyalty. Honor. Arrogance. It has every element it needs to properly bring a Westerner into the Eastern world, and I'm surprised I hadn't even heard of it before. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Blown Away (1994)

Blown Away (1994)

Could this have been the movie that inspired Speed? When the car chase came up at the end that thought came along with it, and apart from the explosive theme there are definitely some similarities.

In some ways it's almost better. They make the bombs look real, and with such characters as Jeff Bridges, Forest Whitaker and Tommy Lee Jones in the main cast you know it's going to be a big bang. Greatness in the making.

The story's this: An Irish bomber escapes from prison and targets a member of the Boston bomb squad. It's as simple a premise for an action movie you can get, but it's done well! With fiery explosions, tricks, traps, tension and turmoil amidst the intrigue. The characters carry the story, and you never get a chance to really relax, even if the pace isn't always noticeably hectic. It's a story that keeps you involved, and on edge, just waiting for the next thing. Plenty of emotion too. Thriller action.

I've never really understood why Tommy Lee Jones is such a renowned actor when he always seems the same to me no matter which movie he plays - he doesn't have the most convincing Irish accent either, but on the other hand I do like that particular personality of his, and most of the best actors seem to in some ways always be themselves... right? Well maybe not all, but he's one of those that do. One of the ones that live off their charisma and enthusiasm rather than their anonymity and versatility for different roles.

Conclusively? A solid action movie, without considerable depth, but otherwise all ingredients you'll need to have a real ball. A blast. It's the bomb. High-octane action. Fire in the whole movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
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