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As for the giveaway: it's over. I didn't tell you about it because... well, I wanted to win something myself. :P I didn't. Karma huh.

It's not like there aren't probably hundreds of fresh, random giveaways being held around the net each day that I don't know about, but this one felt special. I've been subscribed to this guy since... he was considerably below a million subs. 100k? 10k? Less? Remember the Songs To Wear Pants To era? Yeah. It's been a while.

This is the first artist-driven giveaway I've ever participated in, and I assume there were quite a bunch of other first-timers there as well. At 3 out of 108,036 entries I had a... 0,002776852160391% chance of winning. Slim, but not impossible! It's at least less than a tenth of his subscribers, considering each contestant could enter four times via different channels. Which means I had at least a 90% larger chance of winning than those who didn't participate... right? Statual math totally off? 100%? All participants had a 900% bigger chance? What am I saying?

I had to relearn how to equate what percent one number is of another number to get that answer btw. All the online calculators for this type of calculation just gave me 0.00%. My math skills... need updating.

Ah well, it was fun to participate! And it took considerably less time to do so than it took to write this post, which I do wonder why I'm posting. Maybe because it's a memorable occasion? A million subs! For a few fast years worth of frequent vlogging on random sound-related topics, all the while pouring out creative arts and projects with a mad musical passion - it's well-deserved. I'm still subscribed. Still one of the most inspiring channels on YT. I'm not even gonna link. He's easy to find.

If ever you wish to revisit the page this giveaway was on and ponder it's existential... ism? Or look at the prizes on offer, you may do so here. So, that's that.

Up, off and away, to the next giveaway... maybe Andrew's Two Million Subs Giveaway (in natural case lettering for proper emphasis; grammar)? It'll be a day to remember, and I'll be day two contender! See you then.

Enter Rover

Why I Like The PM System

Peace of mind. More like: write whenever you have a piece of mind to put out. Like authoring. When inspiration strikes. Unless of course the messages start to pile and you frown your smile, and the burden of timeliness buries you like a line.

That's all.

Banlieue 13: Ultimatum (2009)

Banlieue 13: Ultimatum (2009)

The sequel to Banlieue 13 was better than I remembered!

Back in the day I felt it didn't match up to the original at all, but compared to the remake... it's still in a whole other league.

Since the perils of their former adventure: not much has changed in the state of Leito (David Belle) and Damien (Cyril Raffaelli)'s lives. The former's still doing his best to tear down the walls around his neighborhood - from the inside, and the latter's doing his best to catch the criminals outside it. Lola? She's a lose end, as is K2 and his crew. But life in the ghetto's still as chaotic as ever, and though the gangs have it in a mutual choke hold, Leito now seems to be on good terms with all.

How did that happen? Wasn't he at war with the gangs? Lose ends.

This all changes when a new mystery villain enters the scene though, and threatens to not only tear down the walls of the district, but the entire district, and build up a new one in it's place. It's not the government this time, though both our main character's are quickly framed and find themselves on the wrong side of the law, battling both crooks and (both crooked and non) law enforcement alike, and eventually gathering together the big gangs in District 13 for one big raid on the capital.

They make a good team, and the movie adds in a few new; interesting characters for the final fight, though most of the action's still in the beginning phase of the movie. The hype for the final showdown quickly outgrows the actual showdown, and the plot overall... it just doesn't feel as well-planned as the previous. It feels like a sequel for the purpose of a sequel more than for the sake of being conclusive, because it´s really just the same thing once again- with a few new figures on both sides, and an even more endearing set of stunts, albeit with a more optimistic ending.

It's a good movie though, in retrospect. It doesn't have anything particularly new to it, but does bring back most good elements of the former successfully, and take them to a higher level. So as far as sequels go it does a pretty good job! It's no match to the original, but if you want more of the former: this is it. This and (the somewhat unwillingly mentioned combined remake) Brick Mansions.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Banlieue 13 (2004)

Banlieue 13 (2004)

My former favorite movie of all time... and I've never written a proper review for it! Time to right that horrible wrong.

I saw it again a few weeks ago, and confirmed that it's indeed still one of the best action movies I've ever seen. It doesn't just feature David Belle in the lead role (the founder of parkour), but the also-very-talented Cyril Raffaelli as his sidekick. The story is the same as in the remake, but including minor plot adjustments: everything is better in the original - from the soundtrack, to the scenography, to the flawless introduction, to the character relations, build-up, conclusion, choreography, everything. Here it feels real. It makes sense. The action's full steam all the way but never too much, and it manages - maybe because the stunts are real - to always seem believable.

There's not much more to say about this. Just watch it. If you liked the remake: watch this! If you don't want to watch both: watch this. If you've watched this one before and liked it: watch it again! It doesn't seem to ever get dull, or irrelevant, or outdated. The moral of the movie's maybe more important now than ever before, but even if all you want is some good action: this'll suffice. It's in French, but better watch the subbed version anyway, remake considering. It's still fantastic.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Naked (2017)

Naked (2017)

I really can't take Marlon Wayans seriously. This was a comedy, but it had its serious moments too, and I can't help wonder what it would've been like with someone else in the lead role. Overall Marlon does deliver though, and what a feelgood movie it was! Really. It's not bad at all.

The time-loop scenario should feel incredibly used by now, yet they keep devising new alternations to it! Good and bad. Fortunately this was one of the good ones.

It's a romantic comedy with a bit of action and plenty of awkward moments, though that whole 'Naked' thing feels overemphasized. Not that I feel there need be any more nudity than there was (especially when it's male nudity), but the movie was about so much more than that, and it's far from the most-used element in the big play. They could've as well called it The Elevator, or The Wedding, or better yet: something creative. Something that sums it up without focusing on sales and settling for a mediocre title that in no way tells you what the movie is really about.

The story is that of a guy who's about to wed his wife, but wakes up naked in an elevator the day of the wedding, and keeps getting sent back in time to that elevator each time the wedding bells toll, before he's able to fulfill his vows, or a whole lot of other things he realizes he needs to take care of before the grand event that he wasn't prepared for at all. It's divine intervention. A second chance. Though I'm happy they didn't somehow include God as a character, but left that part up to the viewer entirely.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the main character comes to terms with the magnitude of this event, and gets all kinds of other self-realizations along the way. Along with bouts of both comical and embarrassing misfortunes, of course.

Overall it was a good movie! An unusual, but appreciated spin-off to my usual action-antiques and rage. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad
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