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Friday The 13th O_O

Wonder if something finna happen today...

GOG Teleglitch Giveaway

...oh hey GOG's giving away Teleglitch for free! 48 hours now. Get it.

Musicalish #295

Got hope for music again! One old one here too, but have a listen to all! Lyricism, and vision, and wisdom to lift up your walls...


You Are Not Woke...

You are not woke, you are just sensitive and quick/easy to provoke.

The New Gmail Logo 2020

The New Gmail Logo 2020

Remember last time they changed this? The new one... it's going to take some getting used to.

Katana Shark

Katana Shark

@fredbearplaz doing free commissions right now! :) Go check him out.

And thanks again for this one!

Society Has Become So Fake...

Society has become so fake, that the Truth actually bothers people.

Resonates with a lot of my Inktober verses lately.

I'm still going strong with those! Have a listen on NG. Haven't yet had time to post them here. Also currently play-testing a game, and hopefully handing in some lyrics/voicing for two individual things I stumbled into. If you wonder what's keeping me so busy lately that I haven't watched a single movie so far this month, and probably won't the rest of it either...

Good times though. Inktober's a good kind of challenge.

Will catch up with everything else November.

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