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Musicalish #210

Or two! My favorite punk band of all time. Enjoy (and go to a concert if you're ever able, they're worth it)!


Musicalish #209

Did I mention I saw these guys live a while ago? Awesome concert. About time for a belated tribute post...


Musicalish #208

Aaand I'm all caught up! :D Have another 60-pack (it's not all Andrew Huang, this just felt like the optimal intro).


Honest Government Adverts

Here's their maybe best one yet. :)

I've been following this channel since the Rap News era, and though I wonder if they'll ever reach that pinnacle again... they've still got it! Entertainment that hopefully changes the world, one bit at a time.

The New Vademecum

It's still shit.

I started getting canker sores from it at first, They disappeared each time I stopped using it, so though they haven't reappeared this time around I draw that conclusion. This is particularly odd because it used to cure canker sores, but apparently some newly added ingredient(s) mess up that healing process.

I sent the company behind the product a friendly email inquiring about the changes, asking why they had done them, and telling them how many off-the-box alternative uses this traditional mouthwash used to have; hoping they might revert back... but they didn't even send an answer.

I've scoured the Internet looking for stores still selling the old version, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. Ebay and Amazon did have a couple each, but expensive! Especially with shipping.

So conclusively: the new Vademecum is still shit, the classic's high in demand, and Heskel and Schwarzkopf don't seem to care at all. That's two brands I've lost respect for completely. Avoid at all costs.




There it is! And there I was. And it was awesome.

Here's a first-person-view test run if you're interested, though of course the video doesn't do it full justice. That first fall the first time though... holy shit. O_O

Also Kålmården was great! Great sights! Strange, ferocious, fuzzy and overall awesome animals, an amazing dolphin show, three-flavored ice cream and a few bags of popcorn on the safari cableway (was all the food we had time for), a couple of other rides, and some last-minute climbing around one of the best playgrounds I've been to - obviously engineered towards a younger audience, but it held our weight well - before the train back home!

The morning train stalled due to signal errors at Stockholm Central Station (the recent renovation there doesn't seem to help much), and arrived fifty minutes after schedule, and we missed our bus, but caught up with a taxi (hopefully they'll reimburse that excess cost), and even before that we took an exciting detour during the morning commute to the train due to early morning construction work on the tracks that they apparently carry out each Sunday morning, before 8:59. Of course we had to go on a Sunday, at 7, and I found this out just a few minutes before we left, just checking to see if there were any traffic delays this particular morning. Standard practice. Good thing we'd decided on getting up a bit earlier just in case. It all started a bit wonkily, but...

We almost missed the train back as well, waiting at the train station, playing games and forgetting the time until we finally run out and see the train pull up... just as another freight train rolls by in front of us and halts our run during half a-very-nervous minute..... but we made it! And managed to eat a bit on the train, too. Also the locks worked.

It's been an intense but particularly awesome weekend, and Wildfire was a thrill to ride. Hope it won't be too long until the next trip!

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