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Musicalish #265

Beck. One crazy talented artist from California, who put on a great show with flashy lights, colors, screens with psychadelic shapes and forms and his awesome band between the roller coasters at Gröna lund a few weeks ago. He's sure changed with the times, but you may know him by this one...


Musicalish #264

Brian Fallon & The Howling Weather! These guys were pure awesome. Old rock. Sometimes almost country. Not the style I usually listen to but maybe I should! Have a hear, here. And to truly jive: catch them live.


Musicalish #263

Hurula. He was like a mixture between the iconic and mysterious Thåström, and the more folky but screachy Håkan Hellström. Hadn't heard him before but he put on a great show! So here come the videos...


Musicalish #262

Marylin Manson. This mister needs no introduction does he? I saw him live a while back too, and as is tradition: here's a little music video marathon featuring this rangely, rabid man... and true artist.


Musicalish #261

Hollywood Vampires. Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and a bunch of others (like Paul McCartney)! Truly a super band, and this is another one whose music I had the fortune of taking in live this year. Great show. They rocked with the audience. Official videos are hard to come by, but audio...


Blank YT Pages

Blank YT Page

Ever stumbled upon one of these? Blank YT pages. Usually they show an error to let you know what's up (or down), but sometimes...

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