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ink22 #26 doodle (the bowl)

the bowl


If you have no food... feast the eyes yeah?

ink22 #25 doodle (night terrace)

night terrace

Didn't turn out as I hoped this one. Had a good idea in mind but... not this day.

A terrace at night. A reflection and sight. Obstructed by blight and shrubbery...

ink22 #24 doodle (lightning hours)

lightning hours

For the force. The twentyfourth.

Start The Week With This

ink22 #23 doodle (the beast)

the beast

This might be the one I'm most proud of this year.

He's but a dog... but of the bog. A downright dweller, of something hellish. A keeper of gates. A greeter of fates. A demon awaits, and not on a leash... he is... the beast.

Don't Be An Idiot

Don't be an idiot, you'll only get it wrong once. Be smart. And always be grateful for life.

Not sure what this is saying really but it seems to be something good!

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