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Musicalish #239

A little more music, both old and new, starting with one I can't believe I'd missed! Tech N9ne at his pinnacle. Straight out the gate...


On The Pendel

I'm stuck at Stockholm City again.

No delay today. We're just waiting. Maybe we're early. Maybe there is a little delay after all...

I'm writing because I'm feeling like this trip was pretty useless, just like the last one. Commuting uses? Find new excuses.

I see some people working on the train. Laptops topping their laps. I overhear frivolous conversations about business deals, meetings, new cars - perks of the job. Some sound stressed out. Some unexpectedly chill. Some have trouble finding the right words. Some resort to common slang and repetition, like. Yet some are imperviously fluent; superfluous in the art of conversation. They bring up names and amounts as if they had photographic memory too. Maybe they do. I wonder how they do it.

I could read, or play a game, or do something that seems to serve some semblance of a purpose - I tried all of the above earlier, but lately I'm tired so I just close my eyes instead. Or look through windows and nearby posters. Hone my sight.... way too little.

I've lost sight of how to best use this spare time on the train somehow. Maybe because it became a routine. I just space out instead.

Did you know: 95% of the things we do each day are the same each day? Routines. And don't blame the pay. You scream: for greater gains. Your means: just rain away. You've seen: this great decay. Clouds... lifeless and gray. All fibers in me scream... for ice cream, but I won't sway. Away, grim thoughts, away! Gotta keep the streams at bay.

I'm sitting on the Pendel today.

They Pirated Their Own Video...

...and this is what happened! :D Wouldn't mind if more studios give this a try, though it definitely works best the first time. Props on an anti-piracy initiative well done!

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (2018)

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (2018)

Batman meets Jack the Ripper! And in a whole new time and place, old England in: The Victorian Age.

Never mind plotline inconsistencies. Imagine a different Batman, from a different time, and there you have it. It makes for interesting twists when characters you thought you knew turn out to be entirely different too, alternate timeline and all.

The story's well-paced but intense, with a script that's easy to follow yet does have a few surprises along the way. The animation's solid, as is the voice acting (mainly by Bruce Greenwood and Jennifer Carpenter). It's a refreshingly different viewpoint, a tale well told, and the only real flaw feels like an overall simplicity in sceneries and animation, as well as a few elements of the plot left untied at the end... and I don't mean Jack.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976)

The credits roll before the movie. Names I don't recognize. Music by John Carpenter... written by John Carpenter! There's a name I do recognize. Eighties vibe. Dark. Groovy. A set of characters sneaking onto the stage, a brick wall at their side...

The actipn's a bit toned down compared to the newer one, but in some ways it also feels more authentic. The crooks here are just as merciless as they were in the latter, with a twist: they're crooks. Well technically the big twist in in the new one, but watching these in reverse order as I am...

The story all starts at the old police station: Precinct 13, where our main character sergeant enters the scene and introduces himself. Nearby, a group of crooks shoot down a little girl, but the father chases them down and shoots one of them in desperation, then realizes what he's done and takes refuge in the police station, where everyone is now packing up and getting ready to move... and then the prisoner transport comes in.

The newer version of this movie might have been a bit better in a few areas, not least theatrics, but this one was impressive in its own way. There's a Bomb The Bass Megablast rhythm in the music. Sunshine. Rundown and dusty locales. Old cars. No-name characters all gathered inside a building fighting to stay alive, or get out of there. It shows you really don't need much to build something convincing, and yet the plot's not all linear either with people from all different walks of life coinciding at this one place and uniting in their one final stand. It ties together well.

I think the thing that really makes the menace so perceptible here is how you don't get to see anything from the criminal perspective. They are just there. Or they're not there, in which case the mood quickly gets even more brooding. They don't waste time on unnecessary justification speeches, they just start shooting, and then all is quiet. Silent but deadly.

I realize now that this is something I'm missing in a lot of newer movies, where they often over-explain things. They overact. They tangle themselves into a web of unnecessary dialog and clarification.

This may be budget but it's also free, and merciless! The good old American Seventies. I love the era, and this is one worthy contender from that time. It's one of Carpenter's earliest ones, on a budget, but not bad at all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Rio (2011)

Rio (2011)

From the makers of Ice Age, here's a story about a domesticated Blue Macaw who can't fly... who also happens to be the last male of his kind (fortunately this is a fictional movie), who grows up in a cage, but suddenly gets taken on a trip to Brazil to meet the last female of his kind. To procreate and save their race! Kinda awkward.

The meeting doesn't go that well at first, and in difference from Blu - who has a pretty good relationship with his owner, Jewel just wants to escape... and then they get kidnapped, and things get crazy.

Crazy in a good way, though! Amidst the majestic sceneries of Brazil, the monkeys, the nefarious Nigel and the bird smugglers, Blu and Jewel start bonding, all the while Linda (his owner) and Tulio (dedicated ornithologist) are on their tails... trails... sometimes to no avail. They're gone without a trace, just grace, in space... it's a tree-tied tale with trials and tribulations of the free wide gale! Will they prevail and be sweet like mates?

It's a real adventure. There's plenty of music - some with pretty witty wordplay, like this. Smooth animation. Great vibe. Great views. Very bird-like bird animation and characteristic voice acting too. Props to Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway,, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan and the rest! Lots of great talent behind the scenes, and what scenes there are too.

The plot almost feels copied from Open Season, but with birds instead of a bear, with an eternal bond instead of a buddy... well, there are similarities. Great movie either way.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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