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ink21 #25 doodle (to life / bars)

to life / bars


ink21 #24 doodle (washywashy)


All this stress wash it off of me. Was seemingly softer as a little kid but jostled knees. Got up and emceed a bit in third grade. You could say that I learned great. I had grade A and birthdays full of cake and cheers and smiles all on the surface. But time goes and the hurt takes over, slowly till you loath cake, your teeth pain and you can't sleep. The water feels like candy. My birthplace...

ink21 #23 doodle (greenscrow)


The environmentalists and their green screams? But only cowards go flee dreams.

ink21 #22 doodle (flameynyon)


Triss color. This power.

There Is No Need To Be Upset

ink21 #21 doodle (feeldz)


Ring around the rosy yo see? Okidoki go be nosy. Pinocchio be like:
Field this.

or Field trip.

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