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The New Yahoo

Yahoo Mail finally got a new design! Faster, nicer, and better in all ways.

Nothing to see here!


Last Updated 50 Weeks Ago

Last Updated 50 Weeks Ago

And that was last month so... this means... I haven't updated my FB profile in over a year?! Here's to another 52 weeks! :D

I wonder if they'll notify me again then.

Booty Swing

It just makes you want to dance! :D I mean: learn how to. The early nineteen-hundreds. Lost times. Civilized fun. I wonder what it would've been like to live back then.

The Cult Of The Crescent Moon

The Cult of the Crescent Moon, that's what I called them, when I met the queens daughter in the courtyard. I'd forgotten their real name. She sang in secret, a sad song, but I managed to get through the gates before they closed - the last door I had a chance to flee through, and found out she shared my fears, even if she had a mouth like theirs. They were becoming monsters.

Somehow I'd managed to get into the castle, and I thought I was safe, but when I started to defend one of my own I realized it wouldn't be all so easy. The queen decided to feed us until we threw up, so we would realize their mouths were better. There was little we could do but eat, but somehow I managed to leave the room.

Before the castle we had been walking up a hill, me and a bag guy I tagged along with - waiting to be picked up by an assistant that never came, but when we turned a corner, and the cult were preparing a dive down the side of the wall into the concrete below we knew it was too much. Headfirst into the concrete, and they cheered, like death was as much a game as life.

Before that I don't know what I was doing. It was a detective story, and this was my dream. More like... defective story. The Cult Of The Crescent Moon.

Random Conversation Between Two Strangers On The Train...

These two guys behind me just started talking, and I found their exchange of words somewhat amusing.

Guy 1 - Now - now you can stretch out!
*Guy 2 probably looking confused*
Guy 1 - I have short legs so... *laughs*
Guy 2 - Thanks.
Guy 1 - No worries.

That was all.

Musicalish #199

I usually avoid mainstream music, but thought I'd skim through Sweden's most popular to see how it's evolved (or not) this year. Aaand it's not bad! I like the vibe, though not sure about the evolution. Here's the selection though: more pop music than you'll probably ever get in one collective post on CDB again! Have some... popular music.


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