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I Wonder

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Snatched From Tradera

Passa på med detta Volvo familjepaket!

En snitsigt ljusblå Volvokombi 745 från 1989 till henne. Perfekt för färden till IKEA och handelsboden. Ungar, hundar och diverse shoppingkassar inhyses enkelt i det stora lastutrymmet. Då bränslemätaren är ur funktion blir man ej stressad över bensinpriset och den höga bränsleförbrukningen. Charmig spricka över merparten av framrutan. Då bilen redan är tillbulad vid höger bakdörr blir ej heller fickparkeringen ett orosmoment. I dom slitna däcken kan skönjas spår av dubb. Dörrhandtagen på vänster sida käckt på svaj, se bilder. Bilen startar och låter (normalt) och rullar både framåt och bakåt. Körförbud och extralysen ingår.

Till honom har vi en sportig sedan av 1988 års modell i champagne-beige. 18-åringens dröm och kepsfarbrorns ständige följeslagare, Volvo 240! För ett ökat luftinflöde till maskinrummet har grillen demonterats. Även en fördel då huvmekanismen brukar krångla och gå i baklås. Ger även full insyn till det fräcka signalhornet, som fungerar. Viss alg-blomning på akterpartiet och mögelhundar och små barn bör ej vistas i bagageutrymmet. Ej heller stora barn för den delen. Kan finnas reservhjul, dock oklart var. Bör starta med hjälp av övertalning, har tidigare gjort det, oklart när. Viss rost överallt. Vi bjuder även här på ett körförbud.

Dessa två bilar bör köpas av mycket händig familjefar med stor och insynsskyddad tomt. Tolerant maka/make även att rekommendera. Tveksamt om det går att någonsin få dom att rulla legalt på allmän väg, möjligtvis när det snöar i helvetet. Motorerna verkar dock vara i hyfsat skick.

745'an har rullat 60 000, servad på verkstad fram till ca 57 000, ifylld servicebok FINNS (är faktiskt sant)!

Tveka inte att ställa frågor, finns för mycket att säga om dessa bilar för att kunna skriva allt här.

Krav för att ge bud på denna auktion är att vinnande budgivare åtar sig att hämta bilarna senast 7 dagar efter avslutad auktion, och bilarna säljs i befintligt skick. Garanti kan tyvärr inte lämnas på något som helst sätt.

Hur bilarna hämtas är helt upp till köparen, kärra rekommenderas.

Swedish indeed, if you don't understand, you better not read. :) For all those who do, this is probably the best auction description I've seen so far, if people only wrote like this more often buying things online would be so much fun! :)

Undecisive Days

It feels like every time I have a lot of things I need to get done, I stop doing any of the things I need to doing, and devotedly dive into any other supreme projects I’ve been looking forward to working with for some time. Sometimes I create whole new concepts, spawn great creativationals that I wouldn’t ever have though of otherwise, but as all good things it comes with a downside. I don’t get what I should be doing done, so I should stop doing other things and start doing things I need to be doing. Like this blog, writing this blog is a waste of at the moment very valuable time. I have a website client waiting who's site I haven’t yet completed, schoolwork soon due and some site-related tasks I set up for myself at the spawn of fall in Northern Sweden. I spend more time by the computer than I spend outside... or sleeping, and the more time I spent trying to get things done, the slower I do things. Plain logic.

Exercise is needed to set the mind in motion, I don’t get enough of that, and I don’t get enough sleep, so, yeah, I should do things differently. I will be doing things a bit differently tonight, I won’t be working until late night when I really can’t get anything done at a valid pace at later hours of the day. Instead I’ll be leaving the computer at maybe about nine, working a little manually in my room, then playing Pokemon for a while until I go to sleep. Until then I’ll so USEFUL things on the computer. Instead of sorting seventy albums and browsing galleries in order to stack up my wallpaper directories and maybe reading the latest IT news and searching for “How to brush your teeth properly” when I already know how to but somewhere deep in mind hope to learn a new secret technique that will let me clean my teeth waaay better waaay faster than usual I’ll write a wishlist for this Christmas, post this blog, program a calculator in PHP (schoolwork) and if time remains, gather links for the coming special double Webox updates on CyberDB (falling a bit behind there, with some of the site-work I’ve been speaking about).

If you’re wondering about Pokemon, I did during this so far a bit indecisive week pick up my old copy of Pokemon Gold and start playing it again, this time with a serious dedication towards gathering all two hundred fifty Pokemon. I’m so dedicated I’ve been bidding on various Pokemon games online, bought a cheap link cable, will buy another GBC alternatively GBA console unless linking together my green GBC and purple GBA work good enough. I’ll trade Pokemon between my different games and this way finally achieve the greatest success of all within the games. And also, the Pokemon games are just so damn fun I feel like playing more. I’ve played through Yellow and Gold before (without getting all Pokemon though), so now I’ll try both of those two again, and, maybe I’ll try red as well, and blue, and green, and silver, and crystal, and emerald, and ruby, and those two new ones in which you play as Pokemon instead of trainers, they sound fun (damn, that’s a lot of them, specially seeing as just the two I’ve played took at least a total week nonstop to get through… without getting all Pokemon).

Eh, so what else have I done this week? I’ve watched the latest episodes of Anime I follow, added pictures for maybe a hundred series on my site, done some schoolwork, written in some writing from my notebooks of this summer, played out Quake 2, tried reinstalling Flash 8 again without plugins so I could open someone else's source-file for a Chess game and make one for Madness day…  without luck. I’ve been out walking a few times (way too little), made a big collage on my closet doors (will post a picture of that later, once I get a new camera), received the Golden Sun 2 game I bought by online bid (and realized the loading function didn’t work anymore, big SHIT), and eh, hmmm, I’ve been browsing through a lot of galleries, and many other open directories, searching for good scripts, reading web-comics, gathering together lists of links. Actually I’ve been doing a shitload of things this week, it’s just that I shouldn’t be doing this shitload of things, I should be doing another one. So, that’s all I have to say for now. Last week was great though, maybe a bit too effective, I typed in a whole notebook (just that a major accomplishment, usually takes at least a couple of months, I write a lot), and eh, did a lot of other things, but the week did pass way too fast. It’s been a blast.

On an unrelated sidenote, wth is wrong with my spellcheck?! Just read through this text and found 'notebbok' and 'bougt' and 'webcmics' with no red underlining, so pardon anything my robotic helper didn't find for me, leaving things like that intact would surely decrease my web cred by two hundred fifty points or something. ;) Happy days peoples.

Happy Madness!

The title conveys my message perfectly, no need for further speech. :)

Happy Madness

For those unknowing, the 22nd of September is Madness Day over at NG. Madness is a brutal yet unique and suspenseful series of nonstop action featuring little grey people with seemingly no arms and crosses where their facial features should be who know no other life than fighting. If you haven't seen it already, search for it over there.

Quake 2

This game is pretty addicting. I picked up the old disc a few days back and started playing once again, this time set on completing it (I got lost somewhere in the sewers last time I played it), and it went pretty well! I even found a secret room with credits, and beyond it a posse of foes in a spectacular pose. Thought I'd take a print screen and share it here, but wth, it didn't work so well, this is how it turned out.


And here's the credits.


You can see the outlines, but why the colors became this distorted beats me, it's not how it looks when playing, I can assure you that! If you feel like seeing the scenery with better image quality just download my save file at the bottom of this post. I saved about eight times on the last level, so you can enjoy all the moments it has to offer. The entrance, the weapon pick ups, the boss fight stage one, the boss fight stage two, the boss fight after the boss is dead, the secret room, the credits room, and the escape just before the outro movie starts playing. That's it.

I've always appreciated good FPSs, and it's no surprise that this one goes straight to my soul seeing as my old favorite Doom & Doom 2 were made by the same developers just a decade earlier. ID Software still manages to throw together games that revolutionize FPS as we know it for a while, and this one wasn't an exception. Quake 2 stayed in the store shelfs longer than any other game the year it was released, and the year after, and it stayed in stores long after that. Two official expansions were released for the game. I tried playing the first one after completion, but it won't run, gives me an 'Initialization Error'... I wonder what that is? Anyhow, it was fun as long as it lasted, and if you don't have anything against lesser quality graphics, it is highly recommended. My control config is included in the download above too btw, snap that in your folder to use the modern WASD keys and mouse to look around, as well as reasonable graphic and video settings instead of the outdated default. With all the options included, it seems like they were planning for the future, though.

Download “Quake 2 Savefile” – Downloaded 6 times – 419 KB


Oh my god! I made a blog!
What more can I, do with my time?
Maybe fish for cod, maybe cattle prod.
Maybe watch the sunshine, falling down.

Oh my god! I wrote some more!
Have I ever written this much before?
At least not in such poetical grace.
I bet you could read this poem for days!

For weeks, for months, for years on end!
No use in trying to not pretend,
That you don't like this poem so,
It will in your list of bookmarks go.

Now I leave the line at last
My little sublime rhyme stops again
Time is ticking down too fast
Until next time I write, my friend

So watch the grains of hourglass
And wait for me.

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