C:\ Welcome to CyberD!


Oh my god! I made a blog!
What more can I, do with my time?
Maybe fish for cod, maybe cattle prod.
Maybe watch the sunshine, falling down.

Oh my god! I wrote some more!
Have I ever written this much before?
At least not in such poetical grace.
I bet you could read this poem for days!

For weeks, for months, for years on end!
No use in trying to not pretend,
That you don't like this poem so,
It will in your list of bookmarks go.

Now I leave the line at last
My little sublime rhyme stops again
Time is ticking down too fast
Until next time I write, my friend

So watch the grains of hourglass
And wait for me.

HP Running Out

My Computer has been acting real strange since I came back. First thing I noticed was that the computer time went going wrong, didn't think much about it then, just double-clicked and set the time right. Next morning the time was still messed up, so I changed it again, this time a bit suspiciously. I doubt the time has ever gone wrong before. During this day I decided to connect one of my external drives, so I did, actually I connected two of them at the same time. Explorer froze. I plugged the drives back out again and everything returned to normal. I tried plugging in one drive at a time, but that didn't work either. I had to shut down a couple of programs I had running (so I basically had nothing other than explorer pumping on in the background) until they connected, just one at a time now. Since then the time has been wrong every morning. I think I have the cause figured out (after browsing the net some) - a battery is dead. Replacing it shouldn't be too hard following the posted instructions, but I've never opened up my computer, and I don't see much reason in doing so now either, I'll just put a tabletop clock on the desk beside the computer. There, problem solved, and onto the next one.

I've connected my external drives once in a while the past few days, and sometimes they don't show, sometimes they take at least 10 minutes to appear in 'My Computer' and sometimes my Internet connection just disappears on me. Even though the cables are delivering a nice 400 mbps according to the Control panel, and the modem seems to be working alright, and what else can it be? I think maybe it has something to do with the external drives, since Internet gives out on me only when I connect them. But I know the drives in say aren't faulty, so it must be explorer that somehow fucks things up. I don't have an anti-spyware installed at the moment, so I shall try a few, and see if something evil might be bugging somewhere on my PC. My AntiVirus(es) show no infections and the defrag, though long due, didn't change anything. I'm looking for a cheap computer at the moment, and I've found many, will chose one, pay for it, and drag it home. Then maybe I can start working as effectively as I should be without all this annoying moments happenin' all the time.

The 512MB RAM is bugging me too, new computer will have at least four times as much, and a hard drive twice as big at least, and I don't know jackshit about drivers and graphic/video/sound cards, but no doubt they'll be much better than the ones I have now. Looking forward to playing GTA 4 as well, I've been waiting long enough.

Oh, Summers Over!

I'm back in Stockholm as of yesterday, stayed up late yesterday catching up on Internetal doings during my three month away-stay, and today will be the same play. About 15 episodes of Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood & 07-Ghost to start with... and then the few last episodes of Ikkitousen: Guardian Angels and East of Eden, and the first ten episodes of Element Hunters, and the second Naruto Movie, and then I need to get started on my studies, and type in a bit more than three hundred poems written manually during my uncivilized adventures, some lyrics, and update my websites, and write a blog announcing my grand return on all sites and profiles currently managed, and I need to register a company name, and make a new CV, and order new business cards, and find a publisher for a couple of books. I called all my buddies to let them know I'm back, looked through the latest news on sites I frequent, checked out the latest scripts and mods for gmes/languages I've been interested in, and I've paid my bills, and deposited my EXP on the one RPG I still play (NG)... and tonight I'll reunite with my abandoned game of GTA VC, playing it through once again. Woo, it's a busy week I suppose.

So, right, I'm here now. Doesn't feel great to be back South, but I have many projects planned and those I do look forward to digging into. No other news worth mentioning atm, have a good week peoples!

(e) Short Report

Steppin' in for my last visit at the public library in Överklaix this summer today- if it can be called summer anymore. The weather at present time and location, Northern Norths of Sweden, is grey and watery. An impenetrable blanket of clouds pulling over the sky in constant, a greater contrast to a past day filled with warmth and sunshine, and temperatures measuring far greater amounts than any recent weather forecasts dared expect. Now the sudden fall is approaching, and cascades of yellow leaves blow across the road in the passing wind. The morning swim in our lake felt icy at least, and outside the thermometer measures 14C, mid day, about to chilliness.

I am unavoidably counting down the days until we leave, not of hopeful anticipation, but of deepening tragedy. The past two years I have spent roughly a fourth of all total time each year, three months, in these civilized areas of grandeuring wilderness. Earlier, with unavoidable school to take up all other time, a rough 1-2 months each year, ever since I was born. The two small estates up north have been in my parents care for 23 years. Now my parents are both retired and I am the binding link that both brings them here and back to the crowded overpopulated concrete jungles mounted in the opposite peak of land. On both greater good and gradual bad. We plan to move up, sometime. And I plan to move out, someday after that.

Inspiration always leaps at me like a flood-wave up here, and I spend my time as I differ come winter more outside than inside, even with the regular intervals of refreshing sleep counted in. I wake up early every morning, with sunshine in my eyeline and a strand of lake blue grand waiting outside the window. We have no computer, no television, no links to any form of brain-grinding entertainment. I hack up shrubbery and trees choking the surrounding green fields with a small axe, paint the various buildings at regular intervals, help scavenge the forest for the coming summers supply of burnable wood, mow the lawns, carry up water from the lake, help expand our small plantation, and rinse it of evil greenery when the time comes. I pick blueberries, cloud-berries, wild raspberries, strawberries and lingon-berries. I fish, swim, paddle, voyage out in the woods by foot or bike, jogg every other day, eat, bake, wake fires to life, read when the rain comes, write when my thoughts flow, socialize when people come to visit, play games when friends and siblings take out their time of vacation. It's a happy yearly era.

I've never spent a full winter up here. They say it's dark, but I'm still saddened by the journey away from this haven of motion as the darkness slowly strides into view. A second burst of summer awaits me in southern Sweden, and my studies, started roughly one week back. I'll be a bit after everyone else when I return, in exactly 11 days (we leave in 10, the trip by car takes a sleepover on way), just like last year. We're leaving earlier now though, and when we all live further up North this transition of life won't be so constant and defying of freedom as it is now. Anyhow, I've read maybe ten more books since my last blog, thick ones, kept me awake very late. Took a long trip by bike in an attempt to reach Överkalix through the maze of forest roads stretching out over green valleys and hills, last Sunday - and made it! I found a little village by a big lake in the middle of nowhere, and many roads leading to many places without any real destination. Of course I don't travel by maps, that would ruing the whole ideal, pah.

So, I'll be back to type in words and stuff and finally update my sleeping sites after this long vacancy the week after the next. Until then.

(d) Short Report

Hey hey hey, I'm back here, at the public library, with more unintentional news to fillout this barely occasional bloggatory summery. I tried buying a car, but two others made it before me, I read out the prophecies of Nostradamus this morning (translated), very interesting stuffage, I read Mice and Men yesterday, I read out around 25 books since my last librarical visit... since it's been raining impatiently for a few days past. The water is colder now and I fear I'll be transformed into a glistening iceblock if I stay in too long, despite no glaciers apparently floating around the lake yet. I've been out pucking about 10 liters blueberries, wild raspberries, cloud-berries, a liter strawberries each day from our own "plantations", and trees from our fields in a final attempt to rid it of all evil. Soon done with the left side. Time runs out, I leave. Bye buye.


In amount, now, this is legend.

UPD: What I mean is that the blog reached a hundred posts, for those less symbolic than I. ;)

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