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The world is just overflowing with webrelated creativity! Not strange since the Internetal revolution just recently reached it's peak, indecisive, I decided to throw together a list of sites I just recently visited on this topic that I probably won't be visiting again. They are however, mostly, great websites you might find something useful on. Lists like these usually come with 99 items, but my life has had a few ups and downs recently, so don't let the rotated numerical scare you awf. Enjoy!

  1. Arbent
    The art of being creative
  2. 3Fay
    The great tutorials and resources for php, javascript, ajax, dhtml, css, html, mysql, smarty and webdesigns
  3. Free Vectors
    The place to get free vector designs!
  4. Bit Box
    A little bit in a box.
  5. Color Burned
    Professional design resources.
  6. Abduzeedo
    Abducted by design.
  7. Web Designer Depot
    The webdesigner spot.
  8. Just Creative Design
    Graphica and Logo designer in Newcastle, Australia.
  9. Kanaly Design
    Fetch a piece of inspiration!
  10. Fudge Graphics
    For lovers.
  11. Vector Vault
    Your imagination is the combination.
  12. Hypeful
    Music. Culture. Oklahoma city.
  13. The Pixel Pusher
    A website for publishers and student publishers
  14. Vecteezy
    Stupid name. Cool vectors.
  15. Brusheezy
    Stupid name. Cool brushes.
  16. Tutorial Blog
    Helping you live and learn better.
  17. 100 Yen
    It's John Linley's website, isn't it?
  18. Marketing Tech Blog
    New media strategies and other marketing gems!
  19. Vector Portal
    Everything vector, Everything free.
  20. Photoshop Support
    Photoshop tutorials & Photoshop plugins.
  21. This is Star
    Artistic and Inspirational, with no slogan.
  22. Creative World
    Brisbane webdesign.
  23. 6th Republic
    Creative Liberation - Seattle, WA.
  24. Caneidia
    Simple and user friendly website design services.
  25. Activr
    Activated tech nervs.
  26. I am Khayyam
    The (mis)adventures of Khayyam Wakil
  27. CSS Globe
    Welcome to Css Globe, your daily source of css news.
  28. Templatica
    Handmade templates.
  29. Vandelay Designs
    Web design and development blog.
  30. Noupe
    Curiosity for finding New & Better.
  31. Six Revisions
    Web development and design information.
  32. Design Bump
    Popular links.
  33. Design Float
    Webdesign News & Tips.
  34. Design Mag
    Articles & Resources for designers.
  35. We Function
    Function Web Design & Development.
  36. Style Gala
    A publication about Webdesign & Standards.
  37. Design Flavr
    Daily Design & Visual Art Inspiration.
  38. Luxa
    Discover Photoshop.
  39. Design Snack
    The designers showcase that you control.
  40. Pinvoke
    Icons & Pixel fonts.
  41. Envato
    The creative ecosystem.
  42. PSD Tuts
    Spoofed photoshop tutorials.
  43. Audio Tuts
    Spoofed audio skills.
  44. Vector Tuts
    Spoofed vectors.
  45. CSS Tricks
    Title sais all!
  46. Ifoh Designs
    Hot of the Press!
  47. Fuel Your Creativity
    Getting creative.
  48. My Ink Blog
    A resource for all things graphic & webdesign.
  49. Elite By Design
    Webdesign & Photoshop Inspiration.
  50. Janko at Warp Speed
    Helps you build good looking and functional websites.
  51. Design Shard
    Design & Inspiration!
    Real word advice from working artists & designers.
    Drop Dead Designs.
    Spoofed Webskills.
    Great magazine I follow, with freebies and pieces of inspiration.
    Show off your programming skills.
    Easy upload, big files, fast servers.
    The rasturbator, creates gigantic rasters of all kinds of images.
    Imagine. Program. Share.
    A universal design approach to web usability.
    The blog on design and technology.
    Free vector cliparts.
    Design Tips, Freebies & Inspiration.
    Webdesign Resources.
    A different point of view of Design.
    Just 'nother portfolio ...

Friday 13th 2009



I learned a valuable lesson, in large. Earlier this week I searched for a cheap electric guitar to buy, and I found this model, the whole set, like this

The First Guitar Set

It cost 1000kr, and at the time it was definitely the best deal available. I planned out the travel route, would take roughly 50 minutes by means of public transportation, emailed the seller, it was alright with him, we planned a meet on Friday at 17. On Wednesday I received an email from him asking if I could come pick it up that day instead, since he couldn't make it on Friday, it was about 21:00 when I read the message, bit too late. I was a mad at him, so I searched for new ads, and found an even better offer, I found this one

The Second Set

It cost only 580kr, for the entire package, the guitar was made of pure wood instead of plastic, looked much better, it even had a receipt with a one year guarantee (a few months left on it) and the travel route was much easier! I called the seller Thursday, she told me a time I could come pick it up, but my foot was still pretty painful after the sprain so I asked if we could meet Friday instead. She said shed call me later that day to arrange a time the next, but if someone else made it before me she would be selling it, she didn't call, I called the day after, and it was sold. This is like the final blow in hesitational terms, if I ever find an offer this great again I'll be limping out of hospital beds to get to it, and I made myself the resolution of letting go of hesitation for the new year as well, doesn't seem to be going too goo. Anyhow, I found a nice new offer for the same product as prescribed above on a local cheap warehouse for 900KR, cheaper than the first offer, a bit more expensive than the next one, so it's nice and middly, will be going to take a look at it on Tuesday, no more waiting involved.

Fresh Febuary

The pox will be challenging himself this month, and I became inspired, so, so will I! For the sake of during one months time achieving maximum healthabitility I have, however, redesigned his charts over cannots, cans and musts for the month, a little. Seems like he is set on lowering intake concerning calorie and fat amount, whilst I'm sure the real retribution lies within artificial stimulants, conservatives and generally unhealthy elements within consumable foods. It has been proven that diets using fat as the center base cause people to lose weight on a not at all quicker but much longer lasting scale, and make them feel better, live longer, eat less. It is the artificial stimulants that try to replace this alcove of pure energy with nothingness that causes people to eat more, instead of eating right, thus gaining weight as they apply their psy. The diet fad that has been boiling on thanks to the bigger commerce will hopefully die down sometime soon. So anyhow, here's my plan, certain elements (such as smoking, getting drunk, eating meat, etc, have been removed for obvious reasons - I am already nonsmoker, drunkendrinker and pescetarian), and the must eats/drinks for each day is an unneeded element. I will however drink at least five cups of green tea each day, eat a chunk of 85% + cacao induced chocolate and eat five times each day, for easier routinability at the same time as I drink my cups of tea. Don't think I modified these charts just to make it easier for me, I'm simply modifying them to fit my own superheathly state of mind, wouldn't be much use to a challenge without anything earned from it. So here it goes...


- Soft drinks or Sugared beverages - Chips and other fried/salted snacks - Sugared Cereals
- Ice Cream - Candy (other than chocolate w/85% + cacao) - Cake :(
- Frozen premade foods - Fast food of all sorts - Pasta and Potatoes
- Mayonnaise or fatrich Sauces - Smoked food of any sort - White Sugar
- Eggs as main ingredients - Artificial Substitutes - Conservatives


- Vegetables - Fruits - Nuts/Seeds, unspiced
- Crustaceans
- Fish
- Fruit/Vegetable Juice
- Bread - Legumes - Yogurt
- Olive Oil (primarily)
- Condiments - Milk (oat or soy, primarily)
- Grains other than regular Wheat
- Spices - Many other thin things

Additionally, I'll be walking 1km each day + .5km for every day that passes by until the end of this month, exceptions being those days I am suddenly struck by temporary disease and unable to fullfill my goals. However, the daily walking quota will keep going up, and I am to make up for lost kilometers in full when I do get better. Failure to walk a total of 200 kilometers or more this month will result in a one week fast as punishment.

Other than the goals above, I will during this month be:

- Submitting at least one audio piece every day to the Newgrounds Audio Portal.
- Submitting at least one flash piece every day to the Newgrounds Flash Portal.
- Promoting my sisters company 1h every regular week day minimum (can be promoted in bulk hours).
- Reading one chapter of Newbie Driving Literature every week.
- Learning to play guitar/buying myself an electrical one.
- Starting jogging again at least three days each week.

- Can't write any more goals, even if I might like to, or I might not be able to keep them . .

Check, Mate!

One loss, and Six wins! I haven't had a serial shine this long since last time I didn't shave in fourteen years. Ooh yeah! :D

Merry Aftermath

Christmas was a nice holiday this year, as it always is. The best part of Christmas is the endless benevolence it brings with it, you give and you get. Up for show are my presents below. I wish I could say I got my camera fixed too, but unfortunately it seems it is beyond my terms of repair. Will have to get a new one. In the meantime,  my sisters camera is working just fine! Keep it going yo! Cheers to the New Year that two weeks ago appears!

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