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Gta Sa 100%

Yes! I finished the game! No, not just the missions, the entire thing. Collected all horseshoes, oysters, snapshots, did all sub-missions, everything. It took me 251 ingame days, which is 81 hours. Doesn't sound like much, it really doesn't, even though I've been playing the game for over a year now.

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Also, you can download my savefile below, if you like. It's not perfect, but it's 100% . . . so you'll see the hydra and the tank by CJs crib as well as a whole bunch of weapons in the houses. Oh, and I have a few millions dollars as well. :) I can keep playing GTA SA forever, but I don't feel like wasting time when I've completed the game, so I 've unistalled it already. Looking forward to the sequel, it sounds very promising. Word is that it will be as revolutionary after GTA SA as GTA 3 was after the original. Can't WAIT!

Download “Christmas Countdown 2009” – Downloaded 101 times – 107 B

Universal 2

An evil cold caught me and I was sick for a week, but I ate a few truck loads of garlic, so I'm OK! Unfortunately the cold caused me to miss one of my Japanese lessons, so I can only tell you about the one before and the one after that. The latter one taking place today. If you read the previous universal blog ( about 10 blogs back ) you'll know what a great start I had at the university. It just gets better. Read.

The week before last we were scheduled to watch a Japanese movie called "The women descends the stairs" ( or something similar ). Due to one of the teachers having suddenly disappeared there was no movie, and instead we were forced to listen to a lecture about the differences in Japanese and European social behavior ( still interesting stuff though ). Anyhow, today, teacher (1) apologized for having blamed teacher (2) for not being there, since teacher (1) had apparently received an email from teacher (2) but not had the patience to read through it and had just taken notice to the first sentence that stated something like "will be happy to supply the movie..." and then moved on to other email reading without seeing the "but I'm going to Italy next week, so it'll have to be some other time". LOL.

Today we were all set to watch Double Suicide, an old Japanese comedy/drama from 1969. The movie was present, and there was no trouble with the regional or computer settings, so the teachers started the movie and left. Then, about 20 minutes into the movie a screensaver kicks in and when a student goes up to the computer to mouse it away it turns out that the "teacher" has been logged out as well. Oh well. A few students ran out to catch up to the teachers and get them back to the classroom. It all worked out eventually and the movie was great, but I really am having trouble understanding how messy the university I'm attending to is. It's just like being back in highschool then. Not that I'm complaining about it, it's just amusing. :)

Next movie will be next week, lets see what happens then. On a title related note me and a new scripting buddy of mine are working on a neat game with the same name. It will be GREAT! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have my first great big test next week, so it's time for studies.


Riding High Bike

Driving on bridge cables is fun! And look, I found a parachute too!

On The Bridge


Great Date

The date was disastrous, despite our nice trip through the park on a stolen cop motorbike.

Nice Ride

Checkout my nice ride. Complete with 10x nitro and hydroulics.

Writing On The Wall

Scribbles on the wall...

Fire Proof

I'm hot! I'm on fire! But that doesn't matter, cause I completed all 12 levels of the Firetruck missions, so I can stand the heat. The quest for 100% on GTA SA is just getting started . . .

New Stuff And Jackie Chan

You can see yourself in the sidebar now, if you have a webcam plugged in, that is. Don't worry, noone else can see you, it's all local. As you can read about in the post below we've open a 3rd subserver for punBB hosting! YAY! A readme generator has also been uploaded. Try it out here. Both the Grenadier page and the Beck page have received code revisations and small nifty Valid HTML badges. Mirrors to all Beck episodes are being uploaded as we read and write. Revamped the logo and a few other sections of the site today . . . and I have a few more grand updates waiting, but they'll have to wait until the next newspost.

Watched "Armour of God" yesterday, featuring Jackie Chan. He's even directed the movie himself. It's a movie mostly known as the movie that Jackie Chan almost died in - which you can follow the process of as the aftercreditary texts roll by. Unfortunately this movie isn't that widely known at all. Maybe the reason being the terrible English dubbing? It has to be. Other then that it's a great movie, filled with action, humor and amazing martial arts. I highly recommend it!

UPD: Link gone.


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UPD: Service down, link down.

Roam In Rome

The sun rises high
In our dull gray sky
Far away in the distance
Black birds fly

Stray rays of sunlight
Fight their way through my curtain
And my dim eyes
Start hurting

To my grim surprise
It's time to start working
Run to the train
In vein berserking

Fate has insisted
So it seems like I missed it
Caught in a blizzard

Ah, well that was a random ending, wasn't it? Am working on getting together a poetry collection on my website. Seems like the things I make most of I post the last of, lmao . . .

Btw, poem content is purely fictional, I made it to the train in good time this morning, and have done so all past traingoing days this year. :P

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