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Oh Hopes, Holed In Folding

I think about significance at times, over a great deal of the projects I start, and the projects others start, and the lives the people surround me are living. And I wonder, are they achieving anything? Will this give me anything of meaning? Like this month of daily blog-posting, sure, at the moment I feel like typing in a blog, but I don't always, I could very well skip a day or two without further ado, but deceiving principles I put up for myself is not something I do too fondly. If I set myself in for a challenge I'd rather complete it, no matter how useless it seems to be when on the verge of beginning it always gives me a boost of joy when completed. Or maybe it's more like just a burst of relief that the challenge I so boldly plucked upon me is finally over and I won't have to do any of that useless shit I contused myself on being sincere to at the abhorrent start of things.

Either way, it feels like if I give up on one task at hand everything else in demand also falls apart. The fragile balance everything is a part in, the chain of events that in all cases lead either upwards or downwards, in straight lines of varied degrees, but always straight. Everything is connected, all choices rely upon each other in forming the personality that people hold, it's how it is. Hmm, Happy Easter!! btw. :P

The Word Meh

^ I don't like it. It's a modern emotion phrased ever so often online, but it pins upon my soul a phase of disgust and uncontrol. It signifies laziness, lack of motivation, disruption of will, carelessness, disregard, low morale, divergence of dignity, and all else that dismembers the sail and lets slice of life fail. It's core, it's pronunciation, everything about it repulses me. And to think I used to use the world myself but a few years ago, new to the world of wonders online. Never more.

Don't Flimmer

Whatever you need, you can get it. Online, offline, anywhere. Objects, emotions, lifestyles, devotions, notions, commotion, ignorance, just the ocean, remains free, free to be as it wants to.

Looking Backing

My life is full of ups and downs
It does rotate, spins round and round
It feels like it's going faster now
Than it ever did before

At times I wish it would slow down
And give me the chance to stand on ground
Retrieve the balance I had back when
I could be a kid again


Independent on your religious views, be you atheist (as I am, to a certain degree), Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, EtcEtc, throw your religion aside for a while into the closest compost dumpster, for I have a theoretical question for you. If Jesus existed, now, nearby, in physical form, how Holy would he be to you? I asked myself this, don't think I'd think much differently of him than of most other people in my surrounding. His healing talents no longer go unrivaled, not only by religious figures, his kindness seems in stories to match those of my good old friend Christopher whom I unfortunately lost touch with. Seeing him walk on water might change my mind, maybe, thought it's not a trick magicians haven't been able to pull of in video format either. I don't think he'd have the same impact in forming a religion today as he would have, and had, back in his time, the brutal homecoming he eventually came to wouldn't be allowed, and if he did crumble down and die it would probably pass unnoticed.

It is an interesting concept though I stumbled upon in mind, go ahead and send me your views if you have any.

Philosophy Suffice

I remember way back when I was still in school, speaking with a teacher of mine, I happened to mention my lack of realitive configure and musty interest in fiction and philosophy. He asked me who's works I studied, which theories indulged me, and threw over a few quotes from famous deviants residing in a century past. It bothers me that even when it comes to philosophy the founders still bind us, unabling us to set the borders free and think in new terms of turmoil, always making our way back to the ancient riddles, questioning the questions people always have questioned, fascinated by their answers, devouring the knowledge they attained, without claiming ourselves a place in creativity. I read the definition for philosophy once, it made me think a little, and since then it was a concept I fell deep into, without resign on research, I set myself on a new quest for wonders.

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