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Random Poetry

I could come up with nothing to post
I ate bread today yesterday I ate toast
I don't mean to brag since I don't like to boast
And if it aint open then I guess its CLOSED.

Heres an mp3 from the beats of Bleach
Don't you dare hotlink and don't you dare leech
A blood leech killed this dude on a beach
While he was soaking in the sun so sweet!

The words I write in rhymeful fiddle
Like an M&M or a bright green skiddle
A rhyme above and another in the middle
Cuddle together in a puddle in rainy weather

Crossroads In English

Been working on some crossword puzzles as a small project for English class now. If you'd like a challenge click the links below and print them out. I made answer sheets too, for all the desperate crossword puzzle master solver wannabes. :P

If you see any spelling mistakes please tell me before I hand this in tomorrow morning. ;)

UPD: Links outdated; removed, stuff now in stuff.

2038 BUG

The year of 2038 poses a great threat to the computer world, today.

A new bug called the 2038 bug or the Friday 13th Bug has appeared, it is similar to the Y2K bug , but this time the possible disaster will occur in the year 2038. O_o

The year-2038 bug is similar to the Y2K bug in that it involves a time wrap not handled by programmers. In the case of Y2K, many older machines did not store the century digits of dates, hence the year 2000 and the year 1900 would appear the same.
Of course we now know that the prevalence of computers that would fail because of this error was greatly exaggerated by the media. Computer scientists were generally aware that most machines would continue operating as usual through the century turnover, with the worst result being an incorrect date. This prediction withstood through to the new millennium. Effected systems were tested and corrected in time, although the correction and verification of those systems was monumentally expensive.
There are however several other problems with date handling on machines in the world today. Some are less prevalent than others, but it is true that almost all computers suffer from one critical limitation. Most programs use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to work out their dates. Simply, UTC is the number of seconds elapsed since Jan 1 1970. A recent milestone was Sep 9 2001, where this value wrapped from 999'999'999 seconds to 1'000'000'000 seconds. Very few programs anywhere store time as a 9 digit number, and therefore this was not a problem.
Modern computers use a standard 4 byte integer for this second count. This is 31 bits, storing a value of 231. The remaining bit is the sign. This means that when the second count reaches 2147483647, it will wrap to -2147483648.
The precise date of this occurrence is Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038. At this time, a machine prone to this bug will show the time Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901, hence it is possible that the media will call this The Friday 13th Bug.

See the official 2038 Bug Site.

Massive Update

CyberDyze received 53,407 hits in December and 136,015 hits last month!!! I thought I'd double the amount again this month, putting up a goal of 300000+ Hits. Even though this month is 3 days shorter, lol. :D

To start gaining some publicity I added 13GB and Dave's Daily to the 'Great Sites' section, go visit them and get us some fame at the same time! ;)

In other news, a major update has taken place. Instead of adding all the information here you can view it on the updates page, also available from the main page. To summarize it both the Dome and the main sections have been upgraded, tons of bugs have been fixed, tons of mods and plugins have been added, over 200 lines of code have been deleted to make the site a little faster and the previously dead music section has been revived, now with daily updates and an improved music player.

Have a great day! :)

Piracy Design Project

Today I finally made my long-awaited comeback to jujitsu! :D

Under the few months I had to stay home, including the Christmas vacation, I've gained about 6 kilos! O_o Despite that I still feel like I'm in a much better shape than before, maybe since I actually decided to work out every day for the past week now. Also, weight is a great advantage when wrestling... I just sit on my opponent and they give up! ;) So I have to keep eating... and exercising. That's the sumo wrestlers way of combat, although I have no intention of gaining that much weight, lol.

Now for a minor news announcement involving my Graphical Design course in school. Our latest project was to make the layout for a 2 (A4) page article. Also adding/drawing pictures for it. I came up with the brilliant idea to put up the project on my site, and design it as a web page (with no working links though). The article within the layout is also written by me, so I can take all the credit! :) The small pictures are drawn by me, the big skull is from pirates of the Caribbean (which I modified a little), and then there's also a photo that I have no idea where I got it from. Check it out!

The article is about piracy BTW, and can also be found in the library. It fully expresses my opinions and thoughts about it.

Hu-vah-uu-ahh! (Good night in Finnish)


The site has been running a bit slow lately. At first I thought it was the server that was slow, but after browsing around a little I realized that only the main section took ages to load. I deleted a couple of slowness factors in the code today, so everything should be going much (or at least a little) quicker! ;) The people online script has been very buggy too, so it is removed until further notice.

Also, I added a Swedish library! Where there will be Swedish literature! This might be of use for all Swedish people (maybe I shouldn't post this in English, lol). Have a nice night!

UPD: Swedish library removed due to lack of time as of April 2007.

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