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This post goes to him, a hero of ancient times, prescriber of peace and decency. Today is his day, so Happy Birthday Ghandi! You didn't live long but you will live on. Artwork by Alex.


Little blog post on the current ups and downs of life.

The Ups


The Downs



Currently on a chair.

I didn't not move a muscle as I previously stated. Fate happened and my buddy Andreas called right after the walk at 11, so I cycled over and we played a game of Monopoly (he won, again, AAARGH), then I cycled back home. I received two decorative cups and a jar of chocolate spread though, for reason without name, and I ate half of the chocolate with todays dinner, pancakes. Between Monopoly and Dinner I programmed some, and after dinner I programmed some.

Now I just finished my first web-design assignment (deadline passed already) and handed it in. If you're interested in what I'm doing you can view my university website right here, on which I'll be uploading all assignments for the teachers to view. The first of available projects is a calculator I wittily titled 'Miniräkan Räknar' which translates roughly too 'Minishrimp Counts'. It doesn't sound very witty in English, does it? In Swedish it's a whole different story though, seeing as Mini Shrimp in Swedish  is Miniräka (in Swedish related words are bundled together to form separate words) and calculator in Swedish is Miniräknare. So, Miniräka & Miniräknare, you can't miss the similarity there, and it goes even further in meaning. Anyway, I was just about to hand in the assignment when a script error occurred on my university server, so it seems like I won't get this thing in today anyway. Instead I'll finish assignment number two (creation of SQL-database-related-script of choice) this nice night and upload them both tomorrow, and then I'll just have one university course to catch up on through the day that comes.

Speaking of tomorrow, my Monopoly game should be arriving, and I have a scheduled appointment of Monopoly play with my buddy Andreas as well, as soon as I can fetch the game from the post office.  Now, goodnight.


I'm not moving a muscle until I get these g-d-m- studies done. Except, long walk at 11.

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