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A new puzzle/arcade game is out at Kenney. Marblet is its name, a nice ambient and highly addictive runthrough. Twenty levels, played through today, so here are the passwords collected for each and everyone. If you don't have anything better to do than playing through it yourself, see if you can beat my highscore, hehe, enjoy!


Game Passwords

02 - easyno
03 - third
04 - roller
05 - spark
06 - zappa
07 - magic
08 - marble
09 - glide
10 - tenyay
11 - dare
12 - snake
13 - greed
14 - omgwtf
15 - choice
16 - maze
17 - twist
18 - rundmc (favorite)
19 - spin
20 - final

Congratulations! You finished the game!
Score: 9949

Gmail Saving My Mail

About a week or two ago Google introduced a brand new feature into their already perfected email system, an undo button, one I had previously needed and thought I probably would never need to use again. I realized how wrong I was when I today, just this morning, deleted about 40 important emails instead of archiving them, woah, what a relief! Once again gMail saves the day yay.

Lucky Klucking

So, what happened TODAY?

- Egghunting
- Egghiding
- Eggpainting
- Eggeating
- <chocolate>Eggeating</chocolate>
- Moving myself to Movies
- Hourlong Powerwalk
- Stuff

Hope yall had a nice easter people. ;)

I Know

That you have no idea what I'm thinking about. Psyche.

Happy Easter!

It's Easter, so why are you here!? Not even I'm here right now, I typed this blog in yesterday and postponed it a few hours, get out and celebrate, regardless of faith or religion. Let the good times skip stones.

Dream Host Forever

Woohoo, happy Birthday Dreamhost! My heart was filled with content, yet in my mind the phrase "Aw shit, am I too late? Only 30 accounts left? Have I missed it? But did I really need it?" I was relieved when I realized that, no, I didn't. I already have an account for less than two thirds of the price and more space and bandwidth than I can use up myself, so , I suppose everything's alright. But it would have been cool, ya know, unlimited space and stuff, oooh...

Btw, in case you're already sliding on your slippers heading over to claim this cause, don't bother, I typed in the blog above many months back but somehow never posted it and it was lost in my maze of text files until today. Behold the gold of old. :P

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