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What Makes The Blog

So I've been thinking about what makes a good blog. It's not the content, obviously, since good content never really gets much attention. By good content I mean a blog with a lot of text, that the author of the blog actually wrote, consistently diving down into unpatternized arrays of thought, and only images included that the author of the blog actually took (with camera, not from someone else) or made. I'm not speaking about good and bad in terms of righteousness, but in terms of time/effort taken to produce, or units of creativity/difference. The worse the content is, the more attention a blog gets. Anything that's been posted before. Anything that takes but a second to copy and paste. Anything that with time and repeated distribution has become a normality.

It seems we human beings are very simple minded, and normal, we stay in flocks, but it's in our nature, and it's a frequency in our roll of blogs. In modern society there is a group to represent everyone, and then there are the people who don't chose to be represented by any other groups, the rebels. They build a group of their own. Additionally, there are the people who don't fit into any existing groups, who have due to previously unique patterns of life and personal development gained a separate identity no other individual is endowed with. All the groups feed on each other, like the Earth, the cycle of blogging. The individuals without groups to fit, however, either create their own base of interest, or, never gain any acknowledgment or understanding at all.

A wise me once thought:

When it comes to blogging, a thousand words doesn't mean a thing, yet a picture seems to sing.

In fact, pictures always lead the way, words don't. Quick statistical research goes to show that on most open community websites where blogs are included in the common interface, pictures are the preferred types of media in contentual concern. People take a quick look at a picture and judge the post by it's cover. People don't like going undercover. Digging down into the soil below and thinking about what was written. Thoughts seldom gain followers, events by people with acknowledged creativity do. The comment system on blogs is an equal share, authors appreciate comments as they tell them that they are being appreciated, and commenteers gain appreciation from having their comments displayed on a page. This, giving concieval to spam, a less appreciated by blog authors self-serving term of appreciation.

With ideals like this, the blogging sphere becomes unbalanced. Authors lose interest, groups close, the cycle of blogging stops. Yet the number of blogs continues to increase, the wedge of appreciation doesn't keep up with the space between the door, and in due time the door can blow shut, without anything to stand in it's way. That's the way.



I felt like drawing without knowing what I felt like drawing. This is what came up upon my canvas this time.

Duty Calls

Duty Calls

Good Times

Hehe, been going through old folders, sorting files. Once in a while I find a screenshot like this one here, this one taken at I hold all records of posts per day, reviews per day, blogs per day, comments per day & submissions per day over there. Though time now doesn't allow me to be even a hundredth as active as I would have liked to. Shame.

Good Times

THE-Day Passed

GARGH. Didn't get my license, so I'm not in the super-happy mood I was hoping for today. I did get an old grumpy guardian though to join me and evaluate my driving skills, which weren't topnotch due to certain nervousity factors and a new previously untried vehicle to take the test with. I was especially careful to be careful because it seemed like an obviosity. No speeds past the limits, slowdowns whenever possible and frequent cast of eyes towards all available mirrors and outside locations. We drove through varied areas and passed by various obstacles, and everything went seemingly fine. I received short abrupt directions on when to turn and where to go, and eventually we ended up back at the start of journeys. I was then given the horrifying news.

The reasons I didn't pass:

- I drove too slow on the freeway.
Apparently staying as close to the limit as possible is an unwritten law, despite there being two lanes for different speeds, and despite many different vehicle types allowed on yet not allowed to drive any higher than what I did and less (around 85-90 km/h, limit is 110, trucks aren't allowed to go over 90, trailers limit is 80). It seems like a pretty unbelievable reason to me, but their word is law...

- I geared down one level before the freeway Exit... order to glide through the sharp curve as smoothly and economically as possible. Conceptual eco-driving, something my driving school teacher gave me valuable lessons in, but which apparently have no cause or effect on freeways.

- I changed lanes one time too many.
I mean, literally, that I switched one lane that I didn't need to switch. No laws broken, no traffical flow harmed, WTF is wrong with that?!

- I used the brakes too often
Must admit the drive was a bit choppy at times, but it shouldn't have been choppy beyond reasonable choppiness. I paid special attention to all possible circumstances where harm could have been done to individuals and other vehicles and controlled my speed with this as reason. The brakes were also much more sensitive on this car then the one I've grown accustomed to, 25 minutes isn't enough time to fully adjust.

Other than this, everything went smoothly, so he told me as well. Still, the reasons above were apparently enough to fail my trust. Society now seems senseless and corrupt, and a retry is a must, in about two weeks or so. I'm thinking they just flunk people randomly to stay in business, but there's not much more to do about it, I am now valuable experiences enrichened. Hope I get better luck with company next time...

Today Is THE-Day

Driving for my license in roughly an hour, and I can't seem to focus much on any of the things I'm trying to work on during the long long loooong wait until my time to come, so I thought I'd write a blog instead. Wish they'd schedule these things mornings only so I could get it over with and spend less time on more tasks at hand... that's the way it was with my test of Theory yesterday (passed that, results 61/65, the threshold for passing being 52, it is a good result). It's a different thing with theory and practical usage though. Yesterday I had room for mistakes, time left over to go back and correct any questions I might have done wrong (didn't, though) but today I won't have any space for error. One missed sign and chances I flunk align... and I usually do at least something wrong when I'm out driving. Not as many mistakes as the experienced drivers around me do, forgetting to flash their lights when switching lanes, driving at least 10km/h too fast mostly everywhere, but they make their mistakes by choice, they don't need to drive perfectly anymore, and therein lies the difference.

So anyhow, keep positive comments in mind and let the vibes flow so I pass fine slow. Now off I go.

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