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One Piece Direct Downloads

ADC will now be uploading all One Piece episodes for direct download! So look here all anime fans. Click here for more info.

Why this is good great amazing incredible revolutionary news :
- No more waiting for torrents to be completed
- Fast FTP downloads
- Updated Daily

UPD: Link gone. Why? ACD fansubs are gone.

The Sunshine Rabi

Heres a little pet to accompany you on your searches. I call him "The Sunshine Rabi". Microsoft came up with the genius idea ( well, it was probably someone else that gave the idea to them ) of making a version of the classical windowish search pet online, which users could easily customize and save to their liking. Click on the link and you'll be able to navigate on to the creation of your own pet. There are plenty of features to chose from! Now heres a picture of mine :

The Sunshine Rabi

Link :


I was inspired! So here is a new poetic presentation from the cyberish devil.


Is there a greater reason,
For the change of season,
The sunrays slowly reaching,
Into the dark horizon,

Everythings in motion,
Sun hides behind the ocean,
An hour later until summer,
When it never dives down under,

I saw the leaves falling,
But no snowflakes this year,
The winters been a dark one,
No sun reaches down here,

Every day passed,
We all covered in fear,
Litten up by cyberspace,
Plenty of time to prepare,

Now it feels like spring,
Sun shines on everything,
I hop and jump and sing,
In the sunny setting,

Is there a greater treason,
Then stopping times flow,
Time just flies away,
Yet the hours don't go,

And now vacations over,
It feels great to finally breath,
After all this harsh work,
Take it easy and let it be . . .

Peaceful Poetry by me . . .

Gift 3

And then it's time to throw, for the 3rd time in a row! Another great gift at yo! So here you go! Everything follows the flow! I still havn't had time to fix all the errors in the flashlab, but I will be sure to let you know when I do. Just stay tuned! ;)

WoWBB - It's yet another translation. Language - Swedish. Author - Cyberdevil. This one has taken me the longest time to translate out of everything I have translated so far, I wasn't expecting this since the lines of "code" in the language files was a lot less than the other forums ( such as imperialBB ), but the lines were much much longer. I was halfways through this about a month ago, but since translations are so boring I took a break and finished it today. Enjoy. :P

( )

Templates - I added a templates section under "Resources"! So far I have made a couple of basic but nice looking templates and am currently working on an exact clone of the style (!). If you're in the process of making a NG fansite or similar, this will fit nicely. Look forward to that.

( )

Wallpaper 2 - Well, I have soooooo many wallpapers I like that I couldn't help but upload a second pack of wallpapers to the gallery, hehe. Didn't I say I would start only uploading my own stuff to the site this year? Well, literally these are remotly related to me, lmao. Here you go, I hope you like them too!

( now in FTPDB )

Have a great day,

Gift 2

I'm back With another pile of presents for you to enjoy and toy with.

Btw, I caught a cold. My entire family is sick now so I guess it's only righteous that I be too. It's probably because I've been staying up all nights watching movies that my immune system stops working, he. Well - early bedtime today I s'pose. Added "Add site to Favorites" and "Set as Homepage" links at the top of the page today, which work exactly as the same says, try them out. ;) Also created a couple of new styles (you can view them on the styles page), they're still a little buggy, but they work. Updated the design and stuff pages too.

Aaaand, I created a small ad-rotating script ( that is now active at the top of all pages ). If you click the "Your ad here?" ad, you will be taken to an updated advertisement application page with new pricing. You don't even have to pay for ads, you can post! And with the new ad-rotating scripts adding new ads just takes a few seconds, it's a piece of cake. Also fixed the archives so they only display 3 news items per page instead of all 129 ( takes time to load ) and fixed errors on the crew page and fixed errors on yesterdays PSP section. Well, that's not all I've been doing today. Here's the rest of it :

Flashlab - The flashlab is back up! It has been down for a few months... Why? - you wonder? I deleted the wordpress installation and was going to make my own layout for it... but didn't. The "403 Forbidden" error displayed when trying to access the section has notified me of this once in a while and it's about time I get it fixed. All previous flash displayed was lost, but I recovered most of them from backups. Have a look at the old and new artworks and experiments in the labs. Click on the titles to open the flash in a new window. Below the application there's a download link to get the flash and if the source code is available there's a link for that too. There are still a few bugs left to fix, but tomorrow it will be working smoothly again.

(Flashlab removed as of Jan 2007)

Games - We got more! 100 brand new games have been added today! Just keep growing.

(You know the link ;)

Freestyles - I'm a hardcore gangster rapper now. Orly? Just go check out my 3 great brand new freestyles. ^_^ You can't imagine how hard it is to improvise, well, just try it yourself. These were lots of fun to make, hehe. Listen and learn.

( )

I'll see you sooner or later,
G'night, Cyber


Like I said, it's a new year!
We're just full of surprises for you!
It's not one gift I have to give today, it's 3 of them! Before I tell you about the trilogy of additions I would like to announce something though. During the last 2 months of 2006 we broke the barrier of 1K unique visitors per day!!
We're getting big now! Why is this? And how can we get even bigger? Well, I'm hoping you can help answer the first question, I'd be happy if you posted a short comment on why you think the site is growing. I need the thoughts of other people than just me to keep everything going in the right direction.

The second question remains, and as an answer I will be using apache mod rewrite to make all the sites pages more search-engine friendly. Google ( and buddies ) don't seem to like pages being shown as "index.php?dyze=page" . . . so I will try getting pages to be seen as /page/name.htm instead . . . should be nicer. It's amazing we've grown this much with almost no help from the search-engines!! ^_^

Ok, now for the list of additions. We'll start with the new logo and background. I thought it was time for a change, so here you go. It's still a Christmas theme though, since it is officially Christmas still . . . although it does feel like it's over already. A huge amount of pages have also been updated, actually I'm pretty sure I have updated every single page on the main site ( that is, pages with the ?dyze=page extension. ). More info, updates and a few images here and there have been added here and there . . . and are being uploaded as we speak . . . err, read/write. I've tried my best not to delete anything. Ok, on to the new stuff :

Games - 100 brand new games have been added to the "Games" section. All kinds : puzzles, racing, action, adult, etc. Have fun. ;) Remember that we still have the biggest collection of flash games on the internet ( well, apart from NewGrounds ). Theres not much info or previews, but there's a lot to play.

( )

PSP - Well, since NewGrounds has one I thought we might as well get one too . . . a PSP section that is. We have 24 wallpapers and a list of links to useful guides on how to do stuff with your PSP.

( )

Wallpapers - I added a bunch ( 99 ) of wallpapers ( not mine ) to the gallery. I'll repeat that they are not mine, they are merely a collection of wallpapers that I like, that used to be available on 4chan, but are no more. Link follows.

( UPDATE - Seems like my gallery script doesn't show more than 9 folders, so I added a second gallery and added some other stuff too. Here you go, new link below. )

( Moved to FTPDB )

Have a nice day!

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