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Grand 2009


And then it appeared! Bam! And then it was there! Buff! And now for some mildly poetical stuff and partly party:

The new year appeared
Have a tear in my eye
Hey the new year is here
Let us fly to the sky

Where the fire flowers bloom
And the dust floats around
And it falls until morning
And it falls to the ground

There's a stench in the air
Far away yet so near
I think I like it
And the sky no more clear

It looks just like before
But I know there is more
I know that something is different
The new year is here for

My 19th time! Finally, Happy New Year! In all hopes that it will be the best one yet, one we will most definitely never forget, and treasure for the rest of our leisurable lifes! ;)


I had goals last year, and my visions never decrease. Here's what I believe I can achieve, hope, and want to do. Challenges I've set for me:

  • Stop hesitating
  • Stay in good shape
  • Write one poem for each day of the year
  • Reach 20,000 Posts/Reviews at NG
  • Earn at least twice as much money on my websites as I spend on them
  • Save up 100K SEK

May they all come true like good dreams do, a second salute rises here!


Time to invision my visions for the years, for all to view and hear, at least all those whom are here. ;) I think the new year will be: normal, different, disappointing, regretful, routined, opportunistic, warmer in summer, colder in winter, freer, poorer in resources, richer in knowledge, more organized and with a balanced generally slower but totally much more efficient working flow. All hopes to the new year, a third salute!


I didn't get my exiting zombie novel published in time for Christmas, but who cares, there's always a next year! And for those who DO want to buy my stuff, I have, for this grand occasion, opened up my very own web shop, featuring clothing, handmade originalities & of course, lots o literate masterpieces (all that will be up, sometime, this January)! As you know, I haven't published any books yet, but there are currently two that you can already pre-order as I type them onto my PC and fix the amazingly large amount of unfactual data, garbage grammar and typographical typos. Go go go, shopping!! Or at least take a look at what I'm selling, pretty please? And to everyone, Happy new year, for the 4th time!


Last year I posted weekly summarizations of my life, this year I'll try something different, monthly projects, each with a specific theme. I start out with JukeBox January, a month in which I will be submitting at one jukebox, in flash, featuring artists from the New Grounds AP to the New Grounds FP, every day! I was planning to call this month Jackshit January, since this whole event might be just as useless as an empty box of cookies, but since there are two more months starting with J I decided to save the word. Who knows, I might need it. :) I have ideas for all eleven remaining months too, but I'll hold on to them for a while, some may not make it, and my plans will definitely change with change. You can keep an eye on the flashes that arrive on my NG page, or on the newly opened up JB (stands of JukeBox) section on CDB! Happy new year, for the 5th time!


I don't always wake up with visions, or inspiration flowing fresh in rivers as I dress, but I did decide that despite this B side, I would write one poem for each day of this new year! Poetry without specified length or genre, all to be put inside a book when 2009 is over. You can pre-order it already, if you like, and the poems will be posted daily to this new public blog opened up exclusively for "Project 2009". Some poems will be better than others, some days as well, but regardless of how much of a masterpiece (or not) this work turns out to be in the end, it will be different challenge to work on. :) Happy new year, for the 6th time!

Anime Reason

Anime Reason Banner

Do you watch anime? If so, why do you watch anime? If not, why don't you watch anime? If so, why don't you do watch anime? If not, why do you don't do watch anime? If so, why don't you do do don't watch anime you? I made a website to find this out, will be posting it to a few forums here and there in January, and I hope a fair amount of people navigate their way there to post their insights in the animatter too! You can find the website right here. Did a diddy deal of planning before uploading, so it's fully workable and I don't have any future features planned. If you do though, I don't mind getting a few ideas by mail. Let me know if I spelled something wrong or left a secret easter egg somewhere *hint hint* or something. ;)

UPD: Site is down, link directs to a mirror now.


I don't like them. They twist your senses of reality and perception as they capture you in their vivid acid grasp. They force you to notice all the flaws you physically display, if you are a gentle and self-criticizing individual that is, as supposed to be. They waste time, they take up space, they amaze us, they change our ways. I never stop viewing their optically illustrated illusions with amazement, and still all they are are plates of glass and metal paint, but believe me, if I had my own house there would be no space for mirrors and no need to see myself. If I felt like it I could stare at the water for a while, see myself wave back at me, peace, the fish swiftly swimming through my by wind crooked cranium. Such is our existence.

Some Times

They say time heals all injuries, but time can cause so much as well. Time can lend you your heavens, and time can fetch you all your hells. They say time heals all minorities, the majority of time is for sale. Time can forsake you when you need it most, yet time is what will let you prevail. There have been times when I had no time. To raise my fury and shout in wrath, or lean back and relax in a steaming bath, or lie and rest, or open my eyes and laugh, or smile at the sky so blue and vast. Some times go fast, some times go slow, sometimes we don't know where the good times go. There have been many times, and there are many still ahead, so I'll keep striving to find, the good times before I'm dead.


Don't feel like talking
Don't feel like walking

I don't feel like sitting
And doing nothing

Eye them in silence
The crowns of violence

Up on the Internet
Because I'm tired and . . .
The sky

Is grey

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