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The Mighty Net #5

Welcome to yet another short edition of The Mighty Net! This time giving you links to some of the most useful community-related websites. Keep reading . . .

I found a site I doubt you've been to before, even though it has existed on the net for now almost nine years and peacefully co-existed with all the other great communities out there, it's name is

- What The Fuck . COM

It's a site with text, lots of it, userfull interaction and new ideas. No porn, no incest, no gross pictures, nothing that you'd expect, just a peaceful place of scribbles and brainstorming. So go take a look if you havn't already! Another community, with a similar name, but a different kind of content is

- What The Fawk . COM

This is a site packed with random forms of flashy and comical entertainment. It's a more unprofessional site than the previous, for a younger generation, with a different style and different less quality-based themes. Nevertheless, it's still filled with entertainment. Need more like this? Take a look at

- Smosh . COM

A site that used to be the nets second largest flash portal, but is now, after a server crash about a year ago, instead a place for two normal dudes and their abnormal filmographies. Lots of entertainment, if you share the same humor as I do, and a community with lots of users as well. More entertainment? Why not take a look at

- Odd Todd . COM


- Geocities . COM / Kill Town


- Toon In . COM


- So many other sites filled with random entertainment

Back to the communities, a site where you can talk about whatever is

- Talk Whatever . COM

It's a nice community covering just about all subjects of conversation you could think of. It's not a community as big as you'd think, the users are friendly, and there is plenty of activity despite the less frequent posts. It's not your typical pile of spam, but a place for more serious discussion. Talking about communities, if you want to start your own, I would have told you to visit

- BBGrounds . COM

. . . but since I shut down that service a long time ago, I'll instead give you the link to:

- Forumer . COM

A place where you can easily start your own forum in just a few seconds. Don't start planning big though. If you want a community ala talk whatever or newgrounds, you'll have to get your own hosting. If you're greedy and don't want to waste money on paid hosting, why not visit

- Free Webhosting Talk . COM

You'll find lots of advice here, and offers, and a place to post requests for custom plans. Best of all? It's all free. The problem with free hosts is that they tend to disappear after a while, either due to too much expenses or the owners simply getting bored and changing hobbies. Most free hosts are driven by immature teenagers with a lot of interest and dedication, but just not enough money or knowledge about how hosting works. Still, there are a few high quality free hosts that stay alive for longer than expected. Take a chance if you want to save money, just remember to back up constantly. If you however don't mind finding a good paid host instead, take a look at

- Webhosting Talk . COM

That's all for now, hope some of the links were of interest. :P Until next edition of The Mighty Net

Week 5

Another occasionally opportunity filled week has arrived! I've mostly been looking around for jobs and signing up at various places on the Internet were I think I see cash-related chances. Those being auction sites, ad services, forum posting services, forums, etc. I'm also getting ready to launch a new business-related site, which I suppose most people here at newgrounds will be interested in, so look forward to that in a month or two. :P It's about making money on the net, and I hope to make a lot of money from referrals and ads on the site itself, both admin and visitor will profit. :) I've gotten all my diverse license preparation papers ready as well, and I'll be starting my practices soon. Other than that I've been watching a shit load of movies, updating my movie list, staying active at the communities I occasionally visit, working on my music, working on my site, reading two books (both finished now) and exercising regularly. My buddy Bear came over on Friday as well, and we watched a few movies and went for a walk. Also, pizza.

Other important announcements? None that I can think of at the moment, I'll see you next week!


Now that's what I'm talking about. Real screencap, no modification. :) Bigger version here.


UPD: Whoops, resized the full version of the picture, so it's the same size. :(

Cybedevilian Design

Need something done? I can do it. Post requests in the comments or send me a PM or an email to (email removed, contact me here). If you need something small like a logo, a few site images, help with a certain script, etc, I can do that for free. For larger projects I work at a pace of $10/hour.

What I do

- Static or Dynamic websites
- Flash Animations
- Soundtracks
- Voice Acting
- Site Graphics
- Site Layouts
- PHP Scripts
- Translations
- Brand names/slogans
- Vectors
- Lyrics

Programs I work with

- Photoshop CS2
- Adobe Illustrator
- Maromedia Flash 9
- Fireworks Fireworks
- Macromedia Dreamweaver
- Macromedia Flash 8
- Fruity Loop Studios 4
- Dance Ejay 7
- Hiphop Ejay 6
- Techno Ejay 4
- Audacity
- Wordpad
- Filezilla

Programming Languages I use


I Design Whatever

The Mighty Net #4

It's the new era. Television and the Internet have bonded and many great channels filled with entertainment are rising into this world. This is one of them, but you should also take a look at

- My Digital Share . Com

Not satisfied with the above? There are plenty alternatives for you to see. A YouTube like clone that has been constantly growing for a while now is

- Daily Motion . COM

Btw, I think I haven't mentioned anything about the one website that started this FLV online madness. You probably all know it, but if you don't, then you must go take a look at

- You Tube . COM

Need something even more simple? With a name that you can remember and type in just a few seconds? Well go take a look at

- Gooba . COM

The only downside to this website is their slow servers and semi-crappy layout, but you'll get over it after a while. Another nice website filled with entertaining videos is

- SnotR . COM

This is a side project mininova, the torrent giant, have been working on for a while. It is two things that YouTube and the other cloned giants won't ever be - fast, and simple. All the videos are approved by admins, but no matter, you can submit your own, and there are thousands to watch. More added daily. Tired of Dump, Gecko, Putfile, CrapVille and all the other tiny spammish entertainment portals? Then this is for you. Only quality, and lots, lots, of quality.

Feel like download a few videos from any of the big sites were media only arrives in streamed packages? Not possible? Of course it is, try this nifty video downloader script at

- Javimoya . COM / youtube_en.php

And if their server goes down you can always search for more at

- Google . COM

That's all for now, until next edition of The Mighty Net

Week 4

Another semi-progressive week. Other than me posting blog-posts like a madman over at newgrounds I haven't been doing much important work. I've been looking around for amusing jobs, writing comments/reviews/poems, watching movies (an average of 1-2 movies per day) and doing a fair amount of exercise daily. I don't look any better than previously, but I feel much better, not as stiff as earlier, my bodily connections don't crack every morning and I'm slowly getting stronger... so if I keep this up I'll be in great shape in a month or two. I've been combining exercise with movie watching, so at least that's a step towards efficiency. Standing on a balance board lifting weights, doing squats, boxing and stretching during the movie, then doing sit-ups and push-ups during the breaks (positions from which I can't see the TV screen, hehe). It works good. I read somewhere that it's easier to concentrate when in movement too, and it definitely seems that way. Don't know if it's just my imagination or if I really do remember more of the movies than I used to.

Anyhow, the snow has melted and the sun is shining fiercely, and that makes me happy. The world seems like such a warmer place. I've been going out for long walks each day too, across the barren golf course in progress, to the birdwatchers tower and back. About jobs, I've been thinking about working as a web-designer or translator, if I can get a job within those sectors. Preferably in a position that allows me to work at home, but I'll probably have to chose something from an alternative genre with more choices. I'm getting together the papers I need to start driving for my license, and me and my dad are going on a course next week, which is obligatory here in Sweden to start driving. Seems like just another way for the state to earn money, but whatever, the license last a whole lifetime so these expenses now don't matter much at all.

Hmm... what else... that's about it. I've read out two books as well, and played a shitload of Worms World Party. Ever since I started creating my own levels I've been hooked, bad habit, I shall break free today and spend next week without play okay. I'll post a few levels here when I finish them. Oh, and I was to my cousin Davids house on Friday, ate great snacks played games until I couldn't relax, we sat in the sofa like stiff artifacts, with wax in our ears and power to the max. Blasting around in cars and jet-packs. The End.

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