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Happy Birthday Frans!

Happy Birthday Frans

Link Update 3

It's that time of the year again! Yeah yeah, I know it should be that time of month instead, but as you all hopefully know I'm much too much of a busy man to manage the links page more than a ten to twenty times every decade or so. I worked a few hours gathering links this time, so I hope you'll be happy, heh. Couldn't fit in all the sites I've browsed through and liked since the last update in my available updating timespan, but they'll be added too, sometime, later. Here's the record for this one.

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File Upload

Game Developers



Week 11

Been doings lots o things this week. Posting posts at specified forums for minimum pay, writing blogs like there was no tomorrow (who knows, maybe there isn't), handing out commercial magazines to 290 different households for small cash, driving my dads expensive SAAB 95 Combi constantly fearing that my premature knowledges on driving it will somehow cause me to unexpectedly swerve off the road, among other things. We've been out twice, and the second time it went much better. No neck-breaking slowdowns, no hacky startups, no stress. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this. :) Next step will be the bigger roads then, interacting with "real" traffic. I have my next professional driving lesson on Wednesday.

Moving on. This week went great, excluding a one-days burst of total lack of motivation, on which I managed to work for about two hours in the morning and then just play WWP and watch porn the rest of the day... and movies... and play a little Advanced Wars. I felt like shit too. Why? Well it might have had something to do with the extreme exercise I went through the day before, running around with 290 magazines, up and down stairs, in and out of buildings, back and fourth across random roads looking to find the right path. After that I had a driving lesson, and then I went for a long walk with my mom. To finish the day I sat by my loyal PC for four hours scribbling like a maniac. It's probably one of the most effective days I've had in a long time, the only downside to it being the day after, with sore muscles, creativational lack and burning eyes. The highly efficient day was Wednesday so the day I felt like shit was Thursday, obviously. On Tuesday I managed to get a whole lot of computer related work done and on Monday/Friday I was out in town handing out brochures with my sister, for her company, also doing some intense running up and down random stairwells, but it was fun. We talked, we walked, we ate good food.

I wrote this post up until right NOW on Friday night, so forgive me if the writing style slightly changes according to my mood. This weekend nothing much happened though, so the mood-change won't affect such a big percentage of this weekly blog-post. I was out driving with my dad again, I worked a little at my computer, I read a book, I watched a few movies, I rested a lot, restoring power for the coming week. :) And now I finished this post, so there, EN :D

Oh btw, play low yo.

Newgrounds Down

March fourteen was a legendary day. It seems that it didn't matter much that my computer failed me early morning and didn't want to start for the two hours I had before having to travel by train to the inner-city and trudge around with my sister (we had a great time though). When I came home my dad had been desperately trying to start the computer as well, without results, going to such drastic counterattacks as to move the suitcase standing beside the box in case that would have any effect. It didn't, however, and it was only when I finally sat down myself and calmly stared at the blank screen that the green blinking light stopped blinking and the power-button functions were restored. Turned out though that newgrounds was down this very moment. I tried with two different browsers four times I think within set intervals of time, but no matter what i did the site would not appear upon my screen. I would not know the reasons of this downtime until the next day and I feared that I'd have nightmares on all the possible traumas my account could have gone through, such as post loss, blog loss, stat loss, or maybe even a complete loss of user profile! I didn't have any nightmares though, and after a few rounds of Advanced Wars I slept peacefully through the night. And the very next morning the explanation came to me like a bat out of hell, as soon as I started my computer. It went smoothly this day, without any power-troubles or malfunctions what-so-ever!

Never forget Mar 14-15 2008, the first NG downtime in months :) On a side-note, site is still down, I'll be here waiting...


So, I've been buying a few knifes lately, additions to my previously tiny collection consisting of a crappy wallsword and a pocketknife (excluded below). Here they are, all nicely lined up, with crappy image quality due to lack of unartificial light. :) I'm looking forward to an additional Machete, a Malaysian sword and a few smaller knifes dropping into my mailbox the coming few days, but now I'm off for a short one week vacation to Ă–stersund, where I shall be spending some time with my brother having various forms of fun. While I'm GONE (though of course I'll be here to collect my EXP, etc), here's the picture for you to view.


The Great Big Gigantic Cyber Update

Welcome Welcome! To the long-lost addition of compiled CyberD updates I should have been posting separately for the past 5 months and a half... and more. The way it is is as following. I've been at Newgrounds, and I've been outside, and I've occasionally started ravaging through the CyberD files to get everything organized and updated, but never gotten very far before another unrelated task takes up my time. I went through the blogs today, putting together a list of all blogs written the past few years, so I thought I might as well clear up a few things I've posted about previously and then never posted about again. Or things I've never posted before, but probably should post about. Here we go. In alphabetical order, too:

The cyberD sub-server one has changed appearance! Instead of a fancy intro page it's now just a normal directory, with easy access to all websites - and admin panel. Want a website hosted? No problem, look here. (no more hosting, link removed)

9999 Anime Wallpapers
They're not just anime wallpapers anymore, there's all kinds of them. Cars, people, nature, digital, food, favorites, etc. And it's not just 9999 either, just the anime wallpapers number well over 10,000 . . . and I haven't even bothered counting the rest. Wondering where they are? I'm not telling you, happy searching ;)

ADC Fansubs
A group that used to sub One Piece has now disappeared. I posted a few blogs about them when they sunk down, helping them rise again. I don't watch their subs anymore though, I switched at the end of last year and I now watch Vegapunk instead. Update your mind.

Link removed, I won the game. :)
Keep reading for more info.

We have a new friend! Can you guess which one? It's the one that hasn't been there before, in the side-menu to the right. A few of the old buddies have been removed too, due to their sites having expired.

Contact Form
Woo! It's fixed! Send me emails, emails, emails

A long time ago, last year, I spoke of putting together a small ecard section here at Never going to happen. Why? No time and motivational lack. If you need ecards, there are plenty of other websites you'll find them at, so don't mourn this updational loss! There's plenty of new stuff arriving.

Remember my cyborg? My revolutionary invention that posted weekly updates about stat-related issues? Well I took her down. It's an unnecessary server-load consuming resource, and besides, if I recall right I remember one of my new years resolutions LAST year being to not focus on the stats anymore? So that's the way it is, no more stats, I'm probably the only person who found our enormous visiting numbers interesting anyway. :P

PayPal, E-Gold, MoneyBookers or AlterPay. All of these online payment alternatives, as well as international bank transfers, they'll all be available Wednesday as well. Give me as much as you like. :)

Fileshare is gone, and I know I posted a post about it as well, so stop the constant stream of screaming constraints! If you need a place to host your pics, here. It's been around for a while now. Don't confuse it with this.

Will be updated Wednesday, with all my music players, and other things. Here, on this site, instead of NG.

Free TV
I posted a blog-post about free TVs a while back, as a little prank to get people link-clicking and then having me eat their brains. Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? It's a simple online game, in which you get a link that you can give to people. Everyone who clicks the links gets referred to a page telling them their brain has been eaten by Cyberdevil the zombie, and the eaten brains around counted. Anyhow, point is, I won. Turns out that after you reach a thousand the clicks stop being counted, so that's the end to that.

You remember that? It's still there, but there's no link to it on the site, and I won't be posting about it ever again. Nor will I be updating it online, I don't have the space. Use the search if you're curious, shhh.

A random page for entertainmental values only, inspired by my post on the NG blog with the same name.

I started CyberDoze at the beginning of last year, offering free hosting on a server I was provided with for free. The service I used shutdown, so I moved to another server and kept hosting the community for a few months until I shut down the whole thing. I started BBgrounds at the end of last year, offering free forum hosting on a separate web-host. They limited my account settings and caused the scripts to malfunction, so I moved them to my other server and they didn't work at all. Therefore, I shut that down. Needless to say we don't have one of the best reputations when it comes to reliability, even though we like to claim so, but there are a few additional offers about free hosting on this site lingering around the blog, and just so you know, they're still valid. We offer both free and paid hosting now, which you'll find more information about in the updated 'Web' section. I added some links to it on the front-page as well, so people will find it easier. This site has been around for about five years now. I would never take down my main site, and the scripts I have here have worked for many years now, so you can rest assured that it won't be disappearing anytime soon. Your site is safe with us! Visit the web section for more info.

Link Dump
A few people have emailed me about how the linkdump is getting filled with more and more SPAM, but no worries, it's just an example for the script you can download and use on your own site, so go ahead, spam it as much as you like! ;)

Links Update
The last update was... hmm... four months ago? Needless to say, it's time for a new one. On Wednesday next week it will be done!

I haven't been scripting for months now, and probably won't be making any new ones for months to come. All the current scripts work fine though, without known bugs or vulnerabilities, so no worries.

Snail Story
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, it has everything you could possibly wish for! Take a look, and remember the link, this is the only place I'll post it. ;)

This is another service I now offer at the site. For about two years now I've been translating various simple PHP scripts from English to Swedish. They're all available for download on the site, and just so you know, you can contact me if you need any translations between those two languages. If it's a big project, I'm cheap. If it's a small project, I'm free.

There, I think that's about everything that needs explaining. :P Don't expect any big updates on this site anytime soon, if you read my weekly posts you know how busy I am, heh. I'll just be organizing the structure and squirming around below the currently semi-crappy code fixing things... oh, and a big addon to the games section will be coming this coming week as well. Have a nice day peoples!

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