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woot! Vacation! Well, my vacation is done, so it's time to post a post with all the updates I've been working on during this time. Don't you just hate gigantic news posts like this one? Well, that's fully understandable! There is probably so much reading involved in this that it takes half an hour to get through. Nonetheless, I haven't posted anything during my vacation so I have to tell you what's going on. There won't be many news posts for some time now either, I have a strict schedule to follow and multiple projects I'm working on. I also started playing Pokemon Gold recently, and I'm addicted. You may laugh as much as you like, but it really is a great great game. Am thinking of getting Emerald and Ruby as soon as I finish it. Anyhow, I've watched TV. That's basically all I've had time for during this one week . . . and play Pokemon . . . and then work a little on my websites of course. I usually don't spend more than one or two hours per week in front of the box on normal weeks, but this week is an exception . . . and I was planning on playing some WoW, but there is no time left now, as always. I had a short day long vacation last weekend. We took a ride to Dalsland and back ( 10 hour drive total ). It was nice, and it was during the long car-ride when I first got addicted to Pokemon, hehe. I was at Big Bears house this Friday and had a great time, my cousin David came and visited on Thursday and we raced for about 8 hours. Btw, a few movies I highly recommend : 300, Smokin Aces, Eragon, Blood Diamond, Black Mask and Gothica. My sister has very different opinions on 300 though, and after much angry discussion we came to the conclusion that females don't tend to like the movie as much as guys do. Ok, now lets talk about all the achievements I've made . . .

Have you seen Grenadier? It's an anime . . . a very good one. So, if (1) you like anime and (2) you havn't seen it, you should. :P I was originally just planning on updating the long-lost holical website when I decided to make a new fansite for this short 12-episode anime that I love. This is, to my knowledge, the first Grenadier fansite created. I did a quick search on google without any results, so I assume it is the only ( big ) grenadier fansite available. You'll find episode summaries, screens, characters, the soundtrack, episode downloads and more right here. I recommend using the direct downloads instead of the torrents, as their popularity is slowly decreasing. It took me 3 days to upload all the episodes btw, luckily I'll be getting a 14x better connection after summer, the current one slows me down so. Btw, if you could possibly mirror the files, let me know. My bandwidth has it's limitations. Click here to see the site.

A simple, fast and easily navigated layout is what I'm aiming at for cyberdyze. I figured out that grey, white, orange and blue are a good color combination, even for the colorblind. They fit together nicely and give the site a professional yet simple look. Text sized 14 is the perfect choice for readability when there is a mediocre amount of information involved. A table with a width of 800 pixels is good for everyone, as over 90% of the Internet population has a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher. Aligning it in the center will give it focus, and having a white background will let people focus on the content instead. The Arial font is the font of choice as it is simple, readable, and used on most websites around the net. Also, almost everyone has the font installed on their computers. Second choice is Verdana, which is extremely similar, and also just as common. The banners above the news posts are to be stopped, as they are spotted before the text itself is and don't have any relation to the text at hand. They also make the site load slower and give the layout unnecessary color. Relevant and simple images will be provided within the post itself instead. A sidemenu to the right is the best choice as right is the direction of choice for most English speaking countries, as this site is directed towards.

Links are in blue since the color blue is usually associated with links, and are underlined when hovered over to give them a more dynamic feel and also to further prove that they are indeed, links. The smiles on the site are smooth, friendly and simple. There is no flash in the layout, as some people don't have flash installed. All images have a low file size to let that page load quickly and all stylish is put in the CSS. All images used in the layout are copyright 2007. There, the site is perfect now. Might you be interested in a design yourself? Take a look at, my newly redesigned website for graphical design and programming services. I offer extremely cheap prices compared to most webdesigners, and have many years of experience. I can work on a tight schedule and complete assignments quickly and efficiently. You can see what my clients say about me, soon. I'm working on a custom-made CMS for a photo studio in Jakosberg atm, everything is proceeding smoothly . . .

Unlike me, maybe you have a lot of time to waste? Browse around the updated and reorganized stuff page. I have added my templates, emoticons and userbars. If you're looking for more emoticons, avatars or fonts, check out the brand new Resource Database. We boast over 10,000 unique emoticons. ^_^ Soon avatars and fonts in the same gigantic amounts.

Artwork, is life. the new is a masterpiece. Browse through this years best 99 pieces of creativity, or view the archives. is back to the way it used to be, a simple links page for the entire network. We have a newsletter too, as soon as someone signs up for it. has been simplified to only include anime related stuff related to me, so go see it. I should also add that all these sites mentioned have been moved over to the same server, the one where is hosted. Why? is history, it's goin down in less than a month. Yet another free webhost thrown away due to lack of time and profit. It was a good host too, with generous resources offered and a good community. I even have over 500 posts there, lmao. Hate losing my stats . . . anyhow, I had a choice between cloaking the URLs and making it look like all sites were seperate, but since I like being able to press CTRL + R without switching back to the main page or changing sites with the domain name remaining in the adress bar, I chose to simply point the domains to their real locations. Keep using the domains though, they're short and simple. Well, tomorrow school starts again, so I have to get some sleep now. Buenos Noches!

Oh, and I've been trashing through old un-finished news posts that never happened. If you'd like to see what the site could have been like if they did happen, read the additional info. ;)


April April

I assure you that the new layout and the sites reloaded code is no joke, I completely forgot to post some foolish tool to fool you this year, as I almost always do, and it seems I posted the post on the worst possible day, lmao. April fools passed without me knowing about it. Some other big companies, both commercial and non-commercial, took advantage of this day though. Here are a few of my favorites.

Google TiSP - Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines ( view additional info for instructions on how to install TiSP ). Looks a bit fake, it does, but it's funny. :P

Gmail Paper - Tired of viewing your email online? You can now get it sent to you, for free. There are no limits to the ammount, all costs are paid for by advertisements written on the back of the paper. Picture attachments are included on photo paper. I actualy fell for this one . . . lmao . . .

Newgrounds - The new layout, beta. Lots of features included, read the frontpage newspost for more info. This was a much more realistic joke than the previous years of "NumaNuma Grounds" and "Bought by MacDonalds", hehe.

Dattebayo also changed their slogan to "Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC. We take April 1st seriously.". No trolls or fakesubs from this year, amazingly, seems like they're telling the truth. Have fun fooling around! :P


Real For

What? New layout? Again? This time it's a complete site redesign. Really. When the site first came to be I used to find it fun updating and adding stuff, but now it's becoming a dull chore. Everythings a systematic task. Have gotten into the habbit of piling crate upon crate ontop of the other without checking whats inside them. Results, it's hard to find whatever you want to find, and the entire structure will get too big and eventually collapse. This isn't only about the content, it's also the code. So therefore I'm remaking things now. There has also been a great big bunch of pictures, movies, etc . . . that I havn't made. Even though that gets us bigger than all our competitors and we win a great victory, it doesn't do much good for either reputation of profit. Without a secret server hideout deep underground in the Nevada desert we would probably get either shut down or charged great wads of dollar signs. So changes arrise!

All graphical parts of the layout are exclusive cyberdyze content, made in Illustrator and Fireworks. After the fall I'm building everything back up again, leaving the pillars that still stand stable. I hope you like the new look, it's all based on simplicity, and should also now be compatible with all big browsers in current use. Added a "random word" script at the top of the page. Used to have one on the old site, and it was fun, so it be back. More changes will be appearing eventually. As they years go and times flow. Yo.

Would you like to learn how to make a preloader btw? In 5 simple steps? Search the blog for 5s. ;)

CyberDoze UPD

Added a massive update for the masses at Link us buttons and links to the rest of the network, as well as about a hundred new artworks for this year. Take a look.


Clear blue is the sky,
The daylight passes by,
I sit inside and dream,
Forever it may seem,

The minutes they are countless,
Like sandgrains on the beach,
When I am all but working,
With fewer goals to reach,

I cough up blood and apples,
For breakfast that I ate,
The clerk comes to my bed,
To hand me another plate,

My soul cries my heart aches,
From a dream my mind awakes,
Simple fever is all it takes,
For total outbreak.

Short poem by the Cyberdevil


The world is awakening! It's getting warmer! The ice at the end of the world keeps melting causing the waterlevel to rise a few millimeters each year. I'm sick. It's a really bad time to catch a cold, so much work to do . . . but theres nothing that can be done now except eat gigantic amounts of garlic, drink large quantities tea and rest. Visit twittermap, a land for twitter critters. I vote and wish for Asia, but most people seem to think GTA 4 will take place in Europe. 8 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds until the trailer will be released. Count the seconds, here.

Wicko disappeared, and ADC-Heaven are, once again, looking for new translators and staff. I'm hoping they find some, quick, I wish to see the latest 10 One Piece episodes, subbed, in a near future. Dattebayo just released their 2nd feedback forum! YEAH! A computer that can run 5 hours with just one deciliter methane has been invented and cars can now be driven by air! No joke. A Russian genius is also researching how to store up to 450GB of data on a simple piece of paper!

phpBB is back! With a new fabulous layout. ThePirateBay are giving a diploma to the king of Sweden. Buysealand hasn't been updated since the 1st of Febuary. Twitter is getting bigger and bigger and . . . slower. They know it too. Banthis are still not finished with their redesign. The new episode of WeedS has still not started. The newest episode of Bleach is still not out. Episode 301 of One Piece has been released RAW. I stayed at Big Bears house last weekend, slept over 2 nights. Showered for hours in their amazing sauna shower and watched a dussin movies ( Devils Advocate, Spaceballs, Boys of Brazil, Blade Runner, Periode 1, Immortal, etc ). They have great food. I dedicate this entire paragraph to Bear.

The new CyberDoze is up! Now a yearly dozage of 99 quality artworks from all around the net. Feel free to submit your own masterpieces, or somebody elses. If your wondering why I removed the old forum it's because I hate forums, or because I'm busy enough at other places. Chose your pick. A little more than 100 games have also been added to the games section, and your really missing out on some of the strangest news in the world. I'm working on a bunch of sweet flash projects atm, and they will probably never be finished, but maybe they will. Anyhow. All this brought to you unlive, at cyberdyze. Have a happy days everytwo. Really.

UPD: Links gone.

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