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Apologies for the recent hour and a half of downtime, place all blame on our host. The cause is unknown, but the site is back up. In other news I finally found a good webhosting offer and will be switching webhosts in the end of April. Preparations for the move are being made ( saving money, lmao ). GTA4 is coming out in about 230 days, can't wait. Eagerly awaiting screenshots, trailers and all possible info. Lots of schoolwork atm, therefore not many recent site updates. There, 2 weeks summarized in a few sentences, hehe. Seen about 20 movies too, beat NFS UnderGround and am going to stay at Big Bears house for the weekend. Have a nice day/Bob

Slight Changes

Made a few layout changes today. Added some padding to the main content box, shifted colors in the side menu, added a "back to the top" link at the bottom of all pages and remixed the logo a little. New font and pictures. More great news is that Dyze and CyberDoze will be up/ready the 29th ( in two days ). Vista sure has some sweet wallpapers, go, download. Iv'e spent the first two days of my vacation reviewing as many submissions as possible at retrogade before running out of comments ( taking over the #3 top reviewer spot tommorrow ) and watching tons of anime/movies. Watched G.I. Jane, Transporter, Transporter 2, Borat and all 26 eps of Samurai 7. Highly reccomend you go see all of those, they're all great. I'll be going to "town" tommorrow morning, early, and be getting back at 14. Have a nice night! :P

UPD: Links removed, content down.


I'm Free! For a week I now have endless time on my hands. The weekend before this week starts is almost over now, and it seems like these 2 short days have lasted for more than I expected, but when I say that I have a weeks vacation it still sounds so short. Now I have 5 days to do everything I havn't had the time to do earlier. So many projects I'm working on at the moment . . . A GTA SA Stunt Video, Adding content to my websites, transferring all my old hand-written scribbles to my computer, catching up with the #1 reviewers at NG and RG, Studies. So much to do, so many movies to watch, games to play, sleep to sleep . . . and sleeping takes up more time than you expect you know. I really can't get any more stressed than I will be now, haha. Anyway, happy days still. I'm off to play some oldskool playstation one now. It's been a long time since I played Croc 2 and I actually cleared a previously unbeatable level on my first try. I must be getting better. I'll be seeing you around!




Buried Alive

Buried Alive

Castle Red

Castle Red



Would you like to create your own tiny city? Head over to and get started! There are 3 themes to chose from : a futuristic atmosphere, a small town place (as above) and a medieval age of kings and castles. Drag and drop the pieces to form your mini-civilization and then either upload it your blog/site, save it, or send it as an e-card. Why? No reason, but it's entertaining none the less! If you make anything great, send it to me and I'll add it to the soon arriving cities page. Enjoy! ;)


Happy Valentine! <3 And happy Birthday Dad! :D May you all have the greatest day so far this week, today! UnLyrical, WonPeace and CyberDyze have been redesigned, you like? ^_^ In all honesty I just threw together the new CyberDyze design in a few hours, but I like it, so it will stay for a while. I missed the sidemenu, therefore it's back again. I had spent loads of time porting everything to the new dyze domain, but that work was all a waste of time ( since I won't be moving cyberdyze to dyze ). I feel like I have to move at least some of the content from cyberdyze to dyze now, to make it worth it. I added some new content to WonPeace btw, so go take a look. Also, CyberDoze is back up! It's unfinished and bugging, but I just couldn't wait to upload it, hehe.

If you find any bugs anyhwere, tell me about them. I'll be uploading the new Dyze and CyberD before the week is over. Have a great day!


After semi-constant brainstorming over how and what and whatever the new site and moreover I then concluded and came to the simple decision that I won't be changing domains after all. All my flash animations, all my scripts, everything . . . they all have scribbled in somewhere, so it will remain. Thus I get a new dilemma, what will I be doing with the other domains now that I won't be splitting the site into minimal pieces to minimalize the megalistical server resource load? Heres the plan(s), and the slogans for all the different domains ( slogans = very important ). CyberDB will contain the blog, the unimportant stuff, and all the links. The slogan will still be "The CyberDevils Domain". The services, will be moved to CyberD, which will now have the slogan "Share the resources". Dyze will have the slogan "The CyberDevils playground" and will feature my flash, art, design, scripts and projects. CyberDoze will merely redirect to the upcoming cyberdyze BBS ( yes, I know I said I wouldn't have any more forums, but as long as our host doesn't blow up then this new script is secure as canned tuna . . . it's homemade, that's why, and it also saves everything using textfiles btw, just like my CMS ). Oh, and it won't have a slogan - since it just redirects to the BBS. The other 2 domains will remain the same, slogans and all. I have new layouts finished for all sites except cyberdyze, which is the last piece of the puzzle that I am currently working on. Soon, soon, it will all be finished and ready to load up.

In other news, I got myself a neat Twitter profile. See it here : (link removed). A small box notifying you on my current doings will be implemented in the new layout. ^_^

UPD: Twitter hacked, so that link is a no-no!

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