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You might have read earlier that I have been planning to move the site(s) to a new server. I recieved a great deal for sponsored webhosting by a speedy free webhost, I've been busy preparing for the server change, then I went to see whats new at their forums and it turns out the site is for sale! Holy shit, I just have no luck at all when it comes to free-webhosting. Or maybe it's really true, that free webhosts just aren't very reliable. I thought I could at least find one that was. Anyway, I hope the new owner will be open for deals, otherwise I'll just keep on looking. I have a few other possible sponsors if I'm in urgent need of an account.

You might think it's strange that I'm moving from a paid host, but it's really hard to find a paid host that offers all the features I need. First of all, I want to be able to host all my sites on one account, without having to transfer the domains to the new webhost or change nameservers, free webhosts allow you to do this, paid hosts don't. If you can find an exception, with a decent price ( which is between 1 - 10$ per month ) please help me find it ( in other words, post a comment about it ). The only negative thing about most free webhosts is that they either have filesize limits, or extremly low bandwidth per month, some don't though - I have found tons, but none of them seem to be able to stay in bussiness. Let me see, hosts I have been with that dissapeared : cankoo, two1nine, freehostcpanel, hosting4posting, freehostingspace . . . My current paid host is overselling too, so their servers are getting slower and slower. I need something fast, reliable, with at least 10GB space. I know great paid hosts with cheap prices that offer somewhere between 40GB to as much as 2TB space and tons of other features, but they just don't have what I need when it comes to domain names!!

Anyway, lets see how everything goes. I have a 4GB reseller atm, that I am temporarily hosting all my smaller sites on, but I'll keep searching for the perfect solution. Goodnight now.


After unofficially testing Microsofts newest piece of hardware, Windows Vista. I got to be one of the first people to officially test it in Sweden. Me and my buddy Big Bear went to the Microsoft offices in Kista for a series of demonstrations. The Microsoft personnel were seemingly more in amount than the people who actually visited the place. Probably because 1.) In half a day/one night it switched over from fall to winter and it's now -13C in the sun, the ground coated with a thick white layer of snow 2.) The main entrance to the building was not the right entrance to the building, the real entrance being around the corner away from public viewability 3.) Sunday.

Anyway, we eventually found the entrance and when inside we got to play a little XBox 360, eat vegetarian hotdogs, Browse around on the Internet with a 100MB connection, check out Vistas all great new features and get ourselves a pair of T-Shirts with MSN emoticons, keychains, pencils and a pocketful of candy. Oh, and did I mention all of this was free? Microsoft seems to have way to much income, but if it's for events like this all their products are sold then maybe I'll even buy their new operating system, hehe. Hmm, so for my thoughts on their new operating system? They sure managed to brainwash me, I think it's great, but I'll stay with XP until this computer expires and I get a new one. Btw, if you search for XP Black you'll find a real treasure. ;)

In other news, 4 new artfilled boxes have been added to, lookit. Sorry for the lack of recent site updates, when the next post is posted it will be a big one, I promise you that. :)
Oh, and check out Big Bears blog about this.

Lets Count To A Million!

Lets count to a million, and lets get there quickly! It's all in the comments people. Shout. Drag the upper left corner of the comments box into your browser address bar and bookmark the page, visit frequently and contribute to the counting! This is fun!!

UPD: The post has been ported from the old engine, but I can't be bothered porting over all these comments one by one, even if they never really reached a million, lmao, I'll post a picture of the comments instead, it's long:

The Whole Commentary



I hate forums. Either I screw up or my host screws up, either way they all end up disappearing. Heres the stats :

CyberDyze Forum #1 - Reached about 10 members and 100 posts before I removed it, accidentally, while trying to fix some errors after installing my first phpBB mod. In the instructions it clearly said "Backup before installing". Did I backup first? Ofcourse not.

CyberDyze Forum #2 - Didn't even reach as far as the first forum did before I tried installing the cash mod without backing up all data. Do I learn from my mistakes? Never!

CyberDyze Forum #3 - This forum reached further than all the rest! Approximately 30 users signed up and a few hundred posts were posted before, BLAM, I wiped out the entire database during a routine error. Do I still not learn from my mistakes? Probably.

CyberDyze Forum #4 - Yet another attempt at the perfect forum! I really worked on this one, copied and pasted tons of information from the, added tons of pictures, soundtracks, etc. Dedicated everything to anime! We reached almost 100 users and a few thousand posts before it went up in smoke, all due to error. Will I learn from my mistakes in the future? Unlikely.

CyberDyze Forum #5 - The reason this one disappeared was amazingly, not my fault! The site was hacked. This all due to a vulnerability in one of my forum mods. So you see why I hate forums? After this I lost the motivation to work on my site for a while, but continued after the summer.

UnLyrical Forum #1 - I got the crazy idea of making a lyrics database. So I copied all lyrics from ( 10s of thousands ). Then, accidentally, I deleted them all. This is where i finally decided to always backup my databases.

CyberDoze #1 - I took a trip into the world of free hosting, signed up for a free reseller and created a forum dedicated to the spreading of free hosting accounts through forum competitions and sponsoring. It worked out very well, and the hosting accounts are still there. We reached about 50 users and over 1000 posts before, this time, our webhost screwed us! Deleted our account suddenly without any notification at all! And no good reason either. The sites hosted there are still down, this is the only site up in existence of the cyberd network.

CyberDyze Support Forum #1 - Yay,l still up! :)

Ironically, the only forum that's lasted all this time is my first free forum that I created at proboards before I even had my own site. It's not active anymore, and I have forgotten my password as well, but even though it wasn't even a professional forum solution twas the best forum I've had. So it's final, no more forums for CyberDyze! I do, however, have plans on opening up a forum hosting service - but that's all for the future. I'd also like to take this time to mention that yes, all other sites are currently down, but they will not be down much longer. We are moving to new reliable servers, even the main site. We've probably lost all reliability when it comes to uptime and all that, but things will change eventually.

End Of Free Hosting

It's the end of all hosting! We offer. New and interesting free hosts such as, and are arriving to the Internet. Free hosting is reaching a new era where the limitations are less and the features are more. As in the great world of piracy where the borders between what you buy and steal are minor the lines between free and paid hosting are starting to dissolve. The more that is offered for smaller prices the more buyers and the more income, eventually. That's how it's starting to work! Hosts cannot survive with high prices and small hosting accounts anymore, the bigger the better - and not only that, but reliability and speed is starting to play an even bigger role than before! The size of our hard drives, servers and facilities are greater than before, so the opportunaties within hosting are getting grander and greater. Ad revenue can now generate all the income needed to run a free host! The more dedicated you are, the more you get for your work. It's a time of quality where limits are needless. After the introduction of hosts will have to change the way they work if they do not want to run out of business, so except a great deal of surprises and good deals from now on.

We need not offer hosting anymore now that there are better alternatives out there, all of you who will have to move your accounts, is the one we reccomend most. They have good support, good servers, good stats, good plans and nice people. All webhosting accounts at will remain until Febuary 1st, after that they're gone, so backup and leave ASAP!
Thats all, to the future.

A Nation Of Piracy

The great bittorrent tracker are going to buy their own nation, with the help of generous donators and future citizens of the first copyright-free country in the world! This place is called Sealand, a small island that used to belong to some rich important person, who is now planning on selling. You will find more info at : . Join the forums and discuss how the country shall be ruled! Happy days.

UPD: Project seems to be dead. Wonder what happened to all that money?

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