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The New DatPiff

The New DatPiff

It's been this way for a while now. Like a year. Or two.

I hope they don't end up falling off - like so many a site before it - when they decide to take things to the next level and get all too ambitious about a change in design, potentially losing the userbase in the wait that it takes for the new to come to fruition, or alienating them with a new one they might not like, that doesn't turn out as awesome as the wait time seems to promise. Hopefully there's not something else behind this, like copyright issues; they weren't really intended to change at all...

The old site was good. I'm hesitantly hopeful and expectant though.
Will be cool to see what this morphs into next, if it does! I hope it does.

Hope it launches before visitor counts and hype dies down too much.

GOG Savings

GOG Savings

GOG y'all. Been a while since I last posted about one of their campaigns... I can't keep up with 'em! I have too many games. They're too good!!!

For some reason I saved this screencap a while back though so why not share and promo them a bit more now, with these so very tempting but equally misleading spend and saving ratios...

I mean I did still spend 11,48 USD. Almost feels like I made a profit instead.

Copter Insania 3

That game still is pretty addicting! And it runs with Ruffle now, well after the supposed death of Flash.

Twenty years before Flappy Bird we had this, and it's still just as addictive...



Aquaman X3

Aquaman X3

Did I ever tell you the story about how I ended up watching the same movie a full three times at the cinema, even though I wasn't necessarily that big a fan of it, and actually found it somewhat sub-par compared to the prequel? No? Though it did grow on me with each subsequent going...

Well that's a story for another time. :)

The other double? That too.

The Transaction SPAM

The Transaction SPAM

Had an interesting surge of SPAM emails a while back.

Very many senders, and very similar formatting and theme, and quite a few of them went right through Gmail's SPAM filter! Seems a temporary lapse in Google's filter learning what's a real email or no, maybe on some service out there this is actually what a real transaction looks like...

The opened ones in the screencap above are the ones that got through.

The Flash Forward Battle Rap Scrap

Kwing VS Cyberdevil!

What blog category does this fit into hmm? Might need to make a new one for games and animation and what-not, for forms in which mediums and classifications combine...

The game's out anyhow!

The one I've worked with @Kwing on for a good 2-3 months this Spring, up till this Wednesday night. Stressful days and plights.

If you like mindless brawlers or battle raps, or the longevity and awesomeness and unlikely continued preservation of that one medium we know as Flash you can give it a play here. It's a contender in the Flash Forward Jam this year. Though I don't expect it to be in the finals there it's fun to see it included; it was a fun project to work on too.

Had planned a few more features personally, a few more medals, a bit more detail with the animations too, but they really take considerably more time than you might expect them to - especially if you go overboard with shadows and non-duplicating artifacts and effects, as I tend to do, and should probably start considering not doing when the focus may be more so motion and mechanics than visual style...

I ponder also if including a somewhat battle-irrelevant Slalomancers ad right after the victory screen really works in favor of moving this thing up the rankings, but we shall see huh. It's a cool game too, I tried it out during the dev phase. It didn't sell too well post the two year development span it took to make it unfortunately, as you may be aware have you heard the verses by this here observer wordsmith... hope it does in time.

I'm thinking if time allows I might attempt to tweak this game a bit further sometime too, and add in all the additional - but not really necessary - stuff it would've been cool to have had in here already. Toggleable difficulty levels come to mind also, which wouldn't be impossible to add in even without additional code... and jumps - we omitted those last minute.

I've learned quite a bit during the development process of this project.

For the first couple weeks we had time for mutual code development calls and breakdowns too, which was enlightening, Kwing's a good teacher. Towards the end of the WIP cycle there wasn't time to spare on even communication sometimes, been a hectic last few weeks...

But we managed; the game is out today! Link here. Playable for all who'd like to, and hearable too here for all who'd like to hear a mic feud. #psyched dude.

Props @Kwing on bringing me into this thing! And into the unconventional art of battle rap with it, which I've contemplated trying with others, but never expected to run into the realm of along with a pro like so...

It's quite the show.

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