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Got a new commission yesterday, a @Sharpytown take on my alias/that classic DOOM critter y'all already know. :) Thank ya! Go check her out if you want some done, prices do be affordable.

Clean version here.

Once You Understand The Way Broadly...

Once you understand the way broadly you can see it in all things.

Somewhat paraphrased, possibly.

Heard this via a podcast. At the time it seemed like the wisest thing ever.

Posting this I see that it may require further context for the meaning to truly bridge the void of understanding. Think life. The way. Obstacles. Mastery. Hardship. Highways. Lanes. Sunsets. The curvature of Earth.

Actually just go listen to some podcasts and you'll get this better.

No Time No

Time, yes.

Only then can you be timeless.

Metal Construction

No comment.


Talk Sense To A Fool...

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

Fortunately only sensible people around these parts.

If You Don't Read The Newspaper...

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do, you're misinformed.

Though technically I'm quoting @S3C now...

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