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Engine, The

In the past 3 weeks I have been working heavily on the new site engine, for over a hundred hours in total, seriously, I'll repeat that. Over 100 hours. The basic structure is made from a tutorial at the NG BBS. In the tutorial posts were to be saved in a mySQL DB though, and there was no support for categories. To make the script use text files instead of saving stuff in the DB and adding category support was the hardest part. Adding support for users seemed like an impossible task in the beginning too, but after a week of hard work I managed to figure out how to do it. I am now very proud to present the finished product! My very own complete CMS system! <3

Now, enjoy the new engine! Ride on through the night! [zZz]

Also, you better register to enjoy all the features CyberDyze has to offer! The community (forums, and a lot more) will be up after the summer, and the current user system will be integrated with the forums.

And I'm sorry for the delay, moving all the pages to the new engine are taking longer than I expected. ;)

NOTE! There are thousands of bugs and most of the pages are unfinished. All remaining pages and sections will be moved over tomorrow. This is a beta after all, and Im going to change the logo too, the current one looks terrible...

If you want to learn more about the engine, read the additional info.



Altogether CyberDyze now has 222 comments. XD It deserves its own post, it does.

The Diminish Of Yet Another Free Webhost

Does all bad news come in trilogies? Well, here is the last part, hopefuly., the best free hosting provider ever, is giving up. Here is the finalizing statement :

Hey Everybody,

I have really worked hard for the last 6 months on Hspace, however, even though this was supposed to be a partnership, it quickly turned into a one man job. It is very hard administrating everything, and I have got in enough legal trouble. I am facing copyright infrigment, once more, and therefore I decided to pull the plug. The domain belongs to zac, and whatever he would like to do with it, is what he pleases.

For me, I have been hired by Enervate Gaming, a large gaming company in the United States and I will be working alongside with them. I am sorry for letting all of you down, but its bound to happen.

Execpt to see a 404 warnings in the next couple of days. I am giving you all 48 hours to backup your stuff.

Stay in touch though - moe88 ( - -


This was my posting stats before the site went down :

Welcome Cyberdevil!
HSP: 110.00
Posts: 54
Directory: Server 2
Size: 1/1000 MB

For information on the services they provided, view the additional info.


The Diminish of A Free Webhost has had enough, they quit. As is said in the email:

we had to stop our service, so please download your data to upload it to another hoster ;-(
we are very sorry, but we could not finance this service any more.

benjamin lochmann

This kind of sucks since I just signed up for their services, how ironic. :P Luckily other good free web hosts still remain for me to use instead.

It's 666

Today it's 06 06 06, one of the 12 legendary symmetrical dates of this millennium, also the national day of Sweden! And guess what I have, a migraine. I was planning to launch the new engine today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I managed to register a few new domain names though. Now I'm going to try to sleep, goodnight.

Looking For A Good FREE webhost?

Heres a different deal than the usual. You get 1 GB Space, 10GB Bandwidth and unlimited SQL, FTP and other features. FREE! There's no catch. It's a very new site, hosting info is in the forums. Please use my referral link if you sign up, thanks. ^_^

UPD: Site dead, link removed.

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